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Heroin Are there any successful heroin chippers out there?

Hi Swims dad got addicted to heroin 17 years ago always smoked it off foil it has ruined a lot of lives etc but Ill skip this.

Swim has tried codeine and tramadol but he wont be doing tramadol again because in his opinion it is shit but codeine is nice when he takes codeine (very occasionally) he wonders what heroin would feel like and has considered trying it but would rather not if such a strong person like his dad could get addicted then what would that mean for him? swim was wondering if their are any chippers who have been doing heroin recreationally and not got addicted and they have managed this for a long time?

Swim has a few question as well as the above question for heroin chippers
1.whats you roa?
2.how does the high feel?
3.have you experienced increase tolerance?
4.and have you ever had any craving of any kind?

Thanks in advance

Ps. I wasn't sure exactly where to post this so sorry if I posted it in the wrong area.

Also how would you compare a heroin high to a codeine high?

I used to bang it but now I stick to tooting it.

Feels like complete bliss but nothing like shooting it.

After my first shot my tolerance sky rocketed.

Yes, but no I like heroin because there's no fiending, don't get me wrong you can get addicted. But it's nothing like crack crack is so addicting so fast and heroin is kind of slow but more agonizing

I 'chipped' morphine, oxycodone et al for four years without becoming dependant. Then I went to uni, fell in love, fell out of love, told myself I'd best stay clear of opiates until mentally back to normal. Of course I rationalised my way round that precaution, three months later I went to stay at a friends where no opiates could be found, woke up on my second day there...my first thought of the morning was that i'd contracted some horrible illness, the second thought was 'I need to get home to get high'....Ah.

Even if you are capable of chipping for years, it ony takes a slight down turn in day to day fortunes to bring the wolf to the door.

Best of look OP, you'll probably need it.
Weird how you can be puking but also feeling the most amazing you ever have felt.

yeah, I yakked in a parking lot on more than one occasion when I first started. Funniest thing I ever seen was driving down into Philly behind this car full of four white kids who all were smoking cigs and suddenly at a red light the back left door opens real quick and the kid just blows chunks all over the street in somewhat heavy traffic, looks back at me, sees me laughing at him, and just heaves one more time before littering his cig pack and slamming the door.

three vomit nicknames in one post? it's going to be a good week
Chipper, yes. Successful? Fuck no.

ROA: IV usually.
Tolerance: Skyrockets after 1 shot due to years of addiction.

The high is still great, it always is. It was better before maintenance with buprenorphine for 6 years though.

Been through my fair share of withdrawals and years of addiction. Now I use occasionally. Still use too much and get withdrawals every now and then.

I am using opiates every other month at the moment.
I am an occasional user of H. I've been hooked before and had the worst withdrawal ever. 2 weeks of sheer hell, (but I won't go into it as I'm sure your aware of how bad it is). After doing a detox and being completely clean, I got a little depressed and missed the buzz it used to give me. Kind of like an ex in an old relationship where you only remember the good times.

I was just like you are now, wondering if I could use it just to chip at and take occasionally. I now do this and take H once every fortnight. The reason it's once a fortnight isn't because I have fantastic self control, but that its when I get paid!! See, the hit off H when you have a low to zero tolerance (like yourself and myself(, is so good that its all I want to spend my spare cash on. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not seeking extra money to pay for my habit, it's a healthy recreational usage I've got going. But if I had more money, like if I had my hands on cash everyday, I don't know whether I could resist the temptation and I'd end up hooked again.
1.whats you roa?
2.how does the high feel?
3.have you experienced increase tolerance?
4.and have you ever had any craving of any kind?

I've always had a good bit of self control, if not flat-out self-discipline. I'm 25 and have been going on and off for about 3.5 years. I personally find it manageable only when I'm using it as a night cap to some sort of accomplishment or with a nice event: got an essay published, finished a project, first day of summer and my roommates are out of town, etc. Don't do it when you're bored. Don't buy enough to have a stockpile. Don't buy as soon as you run out. on't surround yourself with it. Don't have a guy (depend on street dealers, their unreliability is a blessing with this stuff). And don't do it when you get depressed, keep it for the days where you have a reason to treat yourself. It is a luxury and should be treated as such.
And I don't even like stims or powdered cocaine to begin with, yet I craved that, and did way more dumb, suicidal shit than I ever did with dope. (And it takes enjoying vomiting to a whole new level....)

True, stimulants make you much more suicidal than opiates. Even in withdrawal you're too weak and lethargic to even think of organising such a thing, plus you're still relatively sane. Though I know many kill themselves when they feel they can't take the dopegame anymore, but that is more of a rational decision.

Stimulants are something different - not to mention stimulant psychosis and the comedowns from them. It puts your fight-and-flight instinct into high gear and can amplify your level of fear and aggression a hundrefold. It's pretty much life going through an extreme crisis in real life (the kind you would naturally only have to endure a few times in a lifetime).

Too many times can wear you out and the desperate need to escape and get to safety can easily lead to suicidal urges. Benzo withdrawal does pretty much the same thing.
Only 1-3% of users.. realistically can ship without having a lot of problems...

For sure.. avoid it at all costs... there are people out there that can succesfully chip.. but do you wanna take the chance... that your the person who has no luck w/ chipping at all, and ends up addicted as fuck? nope.
How many threads like this are there? It's futile....if you're at the point that you're wondering if you're gonna be a able to "chip" on heroin, you're probably gonna get your answer!

needles definitely speed up the process quite a bit I would say!
Pretty much everyone who's an addict starts off as a chipper.....and there's not many chipper's that are exposed to dope on a regular basis that stay chippers for very long...

People who use heroin and know dealers are generally very segregated secretive people....If you happen to know someone involved in that world that can always acquire heroin but you're not directly involved yourself...that's really the only recipe for a chipper that I've seen....If you're in the thick of it with your own dealers and buying it every week, you're pretty much all done....
GanjaCat, I used to be a heroin addict and got clean around 5 years ago, so I def was not a chipper. But I tried my hardest! I just liked it way too much.....

I know one other person who (during the year that I knew her) was a successful chipper. I have no idea how she is doing now, so I cannot say how things ended up. I also know hundreds and hundreds of other opiate users, and every single one of them either had an addiction, or stopped using completely before addiction took hold.

Most likely, you will either love it and get hooked, or not like it and not get hooked. So purely from a logical point of view, it makes zero sense to try (since the only sure way not to get hooked is to not enjoy it, in which trying it would do you no good.)

But if you do like it, it is very hard to control. The addiction takes hold so quickly, and before you know it, you may find yourself using because not using will leave you feeling a little empty. And then you are using to avoid withdrawal. When it does happen, it happens so quickly....

The problem with willpower is that while it is possible to use to avoid addiction, it will leave you miserable. All you will think about is the next time you are able to use, and everything else will become boring, and annoying. Only a matter of time before the fuckits overpower the willpower.

Be honest with yourself, and make an educated decision. Heroin is serious fucking businesses. There will be exceptions no doubt; there always are. But they be the minority.

I like this response, especially the part about the willpower. Never done heroin but have done enough opioids lightly long enough to know. Once you realize how much you like it your eyes are opened. The whole idea of chipping means it is some sort of regular fixation in your life. So chances are when you do decide you love it you will feel a little bit empty without it, that is one way chipping slips to regular use. Any sort of physical tolerance, when you feel that mild withdrawal, even just slightly feeling like shit, and you learn that some dope will erase it, that's another good way for it to go from chipping to addicted. Oh and if it is easy and cheap to get, that's another scary factor. Then something as simple as a bad day at the office and then you come home to find your cat got ran over, justification of a little bender and it can be all over, general consensus is that full-blown addiction is just around the corner from chipping....

In my personal experience I guess I have been "chipping" for maybe 7 years...consisting of primarily hydrocodone, with other things here and there but never heroin. I always wanted to try it, not afraid of the needle (more afraid of impurities/unknown dose/risk of arrest). After reading this thread, and knowing how much I love a good opioid buzz, sometimes I wonder if I should be thanking God I haven't crossed it. I could say my "chipping" pattern mainly owes itself to availability, if I had a serious amount of some pure pharmaceutical "you name it" good opioid, I know what would happen. I would start off with the best of intentions haha....
=Ganjcat;11605442Also how would you compare a heroin high to a codeine high?

Codeine is like being happy driving bumper cars, heroin is like hopping into a 250mph Indy Car.

I have not seen anyone successfully chip heroin, the only successes are the ones that cannot or will not maintain any kind of dealer connect or hang around other users, and then they have no choice except to not use, only because they can't get it. and those that hate opiates. If left up to the individual, chances are you're going to hop into that F1 and crash, crash hard, and it's going to be very ugly. There are plenty of things harder than concrete: OD, death, prison time, etc.

If codeine gets your rocks off, then don't even think about heroin, or any of the more powerful opiates. and dont think you can control it either; your own arrogance could easily kill you.
possible but not probable. especially when you inevitably start using during stressful times or when depressed. it'll turn into your best friend, hottest lover, and therapist that you feel gives you support and comfort.

it's hard to limit yourself, especially in the moments of weakness we all feel.

i was successful for years until i wasn't then i had to kick myself in the ass and delete numbers and shit. i can limit myself now to oxys here and there, but only because i hit the wall and fucked stuff up pretty bad.

if i had to give a number i'd say 0.01% chance of success on a long enough timeline.

hey, stranger things have happened, who knows? maybe you can be strict and maybe you have more control than anyone else, but don't bs yourself and really come to understand what you're using it for if you want any chance of getting off easy.

i never stole or did anything shady, but i racked up some debt and disappointed a lot of good people that used to be in my life. it sucks and i've come to understand what limits are and why they matter now, but it's harder when you're in it than you can imagine now.

starts off like $40 every other weekend or whatever. then every few days, then its everyday and even if it isnt you're only torturing yourself between doses. then you give in or re-evaluate. best of luck, and by all means experiment and enjoy life, but know what it's all about and i assure you there's no light at the end of that tunnel. well maybe a bright one you can walk toward for eternal rest.

people say don't ever IV, great advice. but what they really are saying is don't bother using. i know it's counter-HR but, really, is the heroin worth it outside of the spike? just saying, most people graduate to that level quickly anyway, its not harmful to be real.

i dont know you, but i know human nature and how hard this world is on all of us all the time. it seems like a great emergenct exit when you're faced with distress. thing is, it's human nature to take the easy way out, if you see any chance you will use to cope, and not like a vacation or a treat; you're doomed. but even if you "control it" you'll just be counting the days til your next "treat" and that's no way to live. generally, most of us are saying, "you're gonna have a bad time" a lot of us have gone into it with the best intentions, and either failed outright or made it out with "varying" degrees of success. i wish you the best and urge you to use the utmost caution going forward. sorry i was so long!
Oh yea, the much-boasted will-power.

I think this is true for all hard drugs, but especially opiates. Meaning even if you have the willpower to keep it from ruining your life, your life will still be full of cravings, depression, boredom, emptiness and general malaise with serious feelings of pointlessness - so how successful can it really be?

On a practical level, maybe, but not emotionally. No way around this, in my opinion.
1.whats you roa?
2.how does the high feel?
3.have you experienced increase tolerance?
4.and have you ever had any craving of any kind?
Also how would you compare a heroin high to a codeine high?

1. Regularly, smoked. Sometimes plugged. I have injected it but haven't done so for a while.
2. From smoking, usually a bit disappointing, but nevertheless mellow and carefree - euphoric if I smoke enough, but I usually don't because I find it tastes like ass. Plugging is stronger, with often noticeable euphoria present. The rush from injecting it is as euphoric as any of the 70+ drugs I've ever taken via any ROA.
3. Yes, very rapidly.
4. Not really. I've felt like "I could do some heroin now" but never a 'craving' in the sense that I felt I specifically needed that... Or in response to having recently been on it.

The heroin high is intensely more euphoric, heavier, longer-lasting and all-around better than codeine. Codeine is very itchy and nauseating without coming close to the levels of sedation or euphoria, and at lower doses is so subtle you have to really focus to feel it.

I've been chipping for about a year now and do it maybe 1-2 times a month on average, and buy less than a gram. Never used for more than 3 straight days, I think; after 2 days I usually start to feel quite sick of it and want to stop.