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⫸STICKY⫷ Australian Drug Discussion Introduction and Directory

Divine Moments

Bluelight Crew
Dec 28, 2009
This thread serves as an introduction to the Australian Drug Discussion Forum. Our aim is that it will act not only as a helpful starting point for new posters, but also as a directory of important threads for regular users. Please let us know what you think, give feedback, and suggest any changes (including threads to add to the directory).

Australian Drug Discussion (AusDD), despite its name, is an inclusive forum for drug discussion in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. It's a popular and diverse forum, with many topics discussed, though. Some threads relate specifically to the drug scene and laws in the area, and others are more general discussions for those who want a local perspective. We ask that you please adhere to our Guidelines and respect other forum users at all times.

There is a subforum for Pill Info Requests, and for non drug-related discussion check out Australian Social & Events. Below you can find a list of important and popular threads - we will do our best to keep this list updated (let us know if it isn't!).

Thread Directory:


Before starting a thread, please search Bluelight for a similar thread or a thread which answers your question. If you see a post that is inappropriate or against our guidelines, please report it by clicking the button at the top right of the post. Feel free to contact any of the moderators for further questions.

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Happy Bluelighting :)
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