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Beat Me at Quoting Movies? Inconceivable!


Apr 29, 2018
To play, you have to correctly reply to the last persons quote with the name of the movie it's from (double points if you can also name the character who said it) - wait for them to confirm it - and then offer a quote of your own. It can be either obvious or fairly obscure, but not something like "I don't know" where you could claim it was from almost any movie.

To start us off:

"Stacy, did Fredrica ever mention a James Gumb or a Jamie Gumb? What about a John Grant?"
"I lost my hand! I lost my bride! JOHNNY has his hand! JOHNNY has his bride!"
Had to look it up, I'm a nineties baby.
Moonstruck. And sorry I didn't answer it prior, I see the rules now. Now...

"You can't handle the Truth!"

**edited for clarity and continuity
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