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best melatonin dosage?


Aug 1, 2005
I've been taking melatonin for almost a year now (its been prescribed to me 5mg every evening) and mostly what I have noticed is placebo (I also take 400mg queatiapine for sleep)
I've read that smaller dose of melatonin is better than larger one so I've tested 2,5mg then 5mg and now I take 20mg because I think it is the right dosage but I cant really tell what it does.
Is it true that it is better to take 0,5 or 1mg of melatonin than 20mg?
What should I really feel with melatonin? I do get crazier dreams when I take higher dosage
lower is better
you can find it in dosages starting at 300µg
i'd suggest starting with anything from 600µg to 1mg.
Try up to 3mg but if that doesn't help or do anything for you then don't bother taking any more.

For some people its just not effective. no one can tell if you will or will not get crazier dreams.
At higher doses, it is useful for stuff such as: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Melatonin#Gallbladder_stones

At lower doses, <--1mg It's useful for insomnia.
You don't need loads of melatonin, it dont work like that.

Also Refrain from bright screens etc before bed time.

That is a program that i use, and it basically automatically dims the brightness on your monitor.
This helps to prevent the monitor emitting such a strong 'Bluelight' which may stop our brain/sleep hormones from working correctly, (Example: natural production of melatonin)
NP, that's what we're here for

If 1mg isn't helping you sleep, you could try 1.5 or even up to 3mg. Its not going to hurt you, you aren't going to OD or have any adverse effects but there's also increasingly small effects as you keep bumping up the dosage so if you take 3mg and still feel nothing then just give it up. Melatonin isn't a drug you can catch a buzz from or anything like that, it could potentially help you fall asleep and for some people it enhances dreams but that's about it so don't go crazy with it or anything.
^What other posters have said. There's no real need to go above 1mg, less is more. I've used melatonin for years now (it's quite helpful if you use stimulants, not only does it help reset the sleep schedule but it apparently has anti-oxidant properties as well) and I can tell you that taking 1mg does the exact same thing as taking 9mg.