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Nostalgia Best of Bluelight Fresh Contributions 2022

Hey folks,

So we've come to the realization that our Best of Bluelight forum could use some fresh contributions. We haven't had anything added to it in quite some time.

So we want to hear from you.

Have you ever read a thread and just thought, wow, this one's classic, we should hold onto it? Well now's your chance. In the comments below, please link some of your favorite recent threads that you think should be memorialized in Bluelight lore forevermore.

Looking forward to seeing what ideas all you beautiful BLers have to offer. Let us know what you think! At a later time we will probably hold a poll of our top contributions to see what ultimately gets in.
It's bc this place isn't what it used do be. There's a number of reasons for this, but it boils down to bad drugs and a retarded generation of screen addicted narcissists otherwise known as "kids these days"
Just idiots talking anything to feel anything it's hard, you can't trust d deallers any more unless thay take it but that still lie for the cash. I knew a lot of ppl would take the L if thay weren't great to not kill ppl but now 🤷......

If tweakers can take a piss on Best of BL, then junkies should also have their piss of the story. I don't know if supersonic and Vivanse member are still around, but we should all raise our glasses and solute their deep dive into the abyss of their own piss.

This one is a true classic. I hope that ss89 is in a better situation now. But this is golden... 🤣

I moved this to BoBL