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Best OTC opiod potentiator?

Also, I think DXM is the best OTC opioid potentiator.

Grapefruit juice and Benadryl are good too.
Dirty_Deed said:
Well I thought I'd just say: Kava extract with opiates works a treat and doesn't feel as messy or seedy as using pharm combos. More clean relaxing, especially opium + kava :)

Peace Out

Kava is known to be very bad on the liver, so I dont think this would be a good combo.
immodium ad was originally going to be the most strongest synthetic opiate on the market but it did not pass the BBB and therefore just tied your bowels up.. pharm company slapped the name immodium ad on it and sold it as an OTC med
Well you learn something every day. It still makes sense that it would potentiate the effects of an opiate, because it is a member of the opioid family, synthetic or not, and combining two opiates is going to produce stronger effects than taking each seperately. There is really only one way to find out. I am going to put this shit to test tommorow. Drink maybe a liter of grapefruit juice, take some antacids so it doesnt fuck my stomach up, take a few Immodium, wait for it all to settle in, and pop the rest of my vicodin.
CYP 2D6 Inducers


Can't exactly say that I'd fancy taking any of those drugs to be honest. The two antibiotics/antivirals are definitely out (have you seen their side effects!) and I'd be wary of carbamazepine & phenytoin as well - that just leaves phenobarb which I might possibly try sometime (got a huge excess of it due to having a cat with epilepsy - each month he's prescribed twice what he actually needs to control it, so at the moment I've got about 2g of excess phenobarbitone) - well maybe a small dose (30mg) to see how it goes; I've had phenobarb before and I can't say that I enjoyed it at all - just felt tired
TMoney - I wouldn't recommend taking imodium with vicodin, it will only add to the constipation. No good will come from that (other than placebo).
ANY OTC muscle-relaxant is a good opioid potentiator.
ANY OTC anticholinergic antihistamine is also a good opioid potentiator.
F&b i read alcohol is a cyp2d6 inducer seems safer than a phenobarb in low dose
Ok, Immodium AD is DEFINITLY a good opiate enchancer. I took 10 mg about 15 minutes after drinking 30 oz of grapefruit juice, and then took about 15 mg of vicodin 45 minutes later, and then smoked a fatty. Not only did it feel more like taking 20 mg, but the peak also lasted about an hour longer than usual. I definitly suggest trying this, but make sure you take an antacid, like tums, before u drink the grapefruit juice, it can make for an upset stomach because of its acidity levels. (Added)--- By the way, What drugs are "OTC muscle relaxers"? I dont believe I have heard of such a thing. The closest thing that can be bought OTC to a muscle relaxer I have heard of is maybe dramamine,,, dimenhydrinate or dramamine II, which is Meclizine. I have never used Meclizine, but dimenhydrinate caused convulsions for me, and diphenhydramine (benadryl) makes me tired from 25 mg alone. Oh, and i did not experience any discomfort as a result of constipation from 5 pills of Immodium. It actually helped get rid of the tummy ache I had from drinking 30 oz of grapefruit juice.
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Consistent daily use of Piracetam (nootropic) is an amazing potentiator for numerous psychoactives, including opiates.
a friend was telling me that eating something high in fat, like a jelly doughnut, will greatly potentiate oxycodone...any truth to this?
Perhaps it is a synchronicity, but I thought I'd put this up here in case you end up like me:

I have (on separate occasions for each) tried all of:
Grapefruit Juice,

With both Codeine and Oxycodone.

I found that these "potentiators" do absolutely nothing but RADICALLY increase side-effects, and I mean vomiting several times over an 8-hour period after ingesting 20mg Oxycodone (the dose I would take normally) with grapefruit juice. The side-effects totally overpowered the high. It has been consistent whenever I use these potentiators with those two drugs.

DXM and Ketamine work better for me, and certainly do lower tolerance. However low doses of Ketamine tend to be stimulating and might distract from that illusive nod - keep that in mind.

I also agree with Jasoncrest's recommendation.

EDIT: Oops, forgot that Ketamine is not OTC in most places!
I hear it is OTC in India, Nepal, (some parts of) Mexico and a few other capitalist-leached countries. I do not know as to the accuracy of this account. I am very sure that Ketamine is VERY popular with ambulent doctors in rural central asia where doctors travel and need to carry something versatile. Of course, nothing would be more versatile than Ketamine :).

I used to live in a developing country in the middle east. Ketamine there is unheard of as a recreational drug - unfortunately in Arabic, "narcotic" and "anaesthetic" are the same word, so its futile to ask ;).
I believe I remember reading somewhere that Loperamide can actually cross the blood-brain barrier with the help of Sinequan/Doxepin. Something about the combination of the two allows amounts of Loperamide to enter the BBB and thus, euphoria. I actually have some Doxepin sitting right beside me now, as well as some Immodium. If I can get enough feedback, I'll try it out and see if it works.
bmurphr1 said:
I believe I remember reading somewhere that Loperamide can actually cross the blood-brain barrier with the help of Sinequan/Doxepin. Something about the combination of the two allows amounts of Loperamide to enter the BBB and thus, euphoria. I actually have some Doxepin sitting right beside me now, as well as some Immodium. If I can get enough feedback, I'll try it out and see if it works.

Loperamide is structurally similar to meperidine.

After an extensive search, I couldn't find the page I'm looking for, but there was a test done on subjects using loperamide and quinidine as a potentiator. The results showed respiratory depression. The text went on to warn of the abuse potential. I know that bluelight has a thread with the link. If I can find it, I'll let you know.

Another chemical, which is similar to quinidine, is quinine.

One time, under the influence of 80mg of oxy, I took some loperamide. I definately noticed a difference, but it wasn't positive. It was a dirty feeling. It's hard to describe.

...I found the article, but I don't have the source. It is a quote from a member on BL.


BACKGROUND: Although the antidiarrheal loperamide is a potent opiate, it does not produce opioid central nervous system effects at usual doses in patients. On the basis of in vitro studies demonstrating that loperamide is a substrate for the adenosine triphosphate-dependent efflux membrane transporter P-glycoprotein, we postulated that inhibition of P-glycoprotein with quinidine would increase entry of loperamide into the central nervous system with resultant respiratory depression. METHODS: To test this hypothesis, a 16-mg dose of loperamide was administered to eight healthy male volunteers in the presence of either 600 mg quinidine, a known inhibitor of P-glycoprotein, or placebo. Central nervous system effects were measured by evaluation of the respiratory response to carbon dioxide rebreathing as a measure of opiate-induced respiratory depression. RESULTS: Loperamide produced no respiratory depression when administered alone, but respiratory depression occurred when loperamide (16 mg) was given with quinidine at a dose of 600 mg (P < .001). These changes were not explained by increased plasma loperamide concentrations. CONCLUSION: This study therefore demonstrates first the potential for important drug interactions to occur by a new mechanism, namely, inhibition of P-glycoprotein, and second that the lack of respiratory depression produced by loperamide, which allows it to be safely used therapeutically, can be reversed by a drug causing P-glycoprotein inhibition, resulting in serious toxic and abuse potential.
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poppy seeds are technically OTC, and technically the tea from them does contain opiates, so technically.....poppy seeds are the best OTC opiate potentiator! LoL
i guess poppy pods would be the best, them being an opiate and all.
I would have to say benadryl and DXM are my favorite OTC drugs to take with opioids. Although I will substitute any other sedative antihistamine in a pinch.