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Opioids Big and Dandy Loperamide Adddiction Thread


Thanks ashla,
I'm keeping it low (8 mg) so when/if I decide to quit subox, that should help. Thanks for your support!!!! K

to you ksflorida the only thing i would advise you now is not to go to high on your suboxone and get the help you need, goodluck if you need someone to talk to i am here
^ Be careful the kind of stuff you advise. Someone taking 150 loperamide pills chasing euphoria is pretty dangerous. (and stupid IMO)

True, and I certainly wouldn't advise anyone do even 1 lope. They asked me a question about my experience. Anyone as stupid as I was to try this is going to try it regardless of what I say.
I don't want to freak you out or anything, but there was a guy on here like 4 years ago, and he had been taking loperamide at high doses and developed problems with his appendix (or some organ). Its quite possible that loperamide had absolutely nothing to do with his appendix, but he seemed convinced that it was the cause for some reason. You might want to search for that post.

Thanks! It is definitely not a good thing to be doing to myself.........
hopefully OP can taper loperamide like I am doing with suboxone. Having withdrawl sucks, but you have to deal with it one of three ways substitution which does not address the problem, cold turkey which teaches you a lesson, or taper which takes massive amounts of self control and you 'feel' withdrawlish longer than a cold turkey wd
Sorry it's taken me so long to respond. I am busy with a 3 year old and a 6 month old and don't get much time to myself on the computer (fyi, I'm a girl, to whoever said "he").

The effect I get from them is basically the same as a low dose of traditional opiates. For me, energy, mild euphoria and a numbing sensation. It is longer acting and there is not a rush as with rx. It isn't that I crave loperamide, I just really want to change a feeling for the most part. And there they are otc and all. I am sure I should just quit, but there are circumstances that make that difficult right now, and the w/d from loperamide is longer than rx opiates (except of course for methadone).

Johnny blue:
Thanks for clearing up the acronyms ;-)

I don't know all that brain chemistry stuff you are talking about, but I had an interesting experience with nubain while taking loper and the antagonist effect (at least I think that's what it was).
Thanks ashla,
I'm keeping it low (8 mg) so when/if I decide to quit subox, that should help. Thanks for your support!!!! K

to you ksflorida the only thing i would advise you now is not to go to high on your suboxone and get the help you need, goodluck if you need someone to talk to i am here

I disagree. If you have been giving up Buprenorphine to go back to Loperamide, it sounds like your dose isn't enough to hold your cravings and assorted psychological symptoms of dependancy and addiction. 8mg is a low to modest dose of Buprenorphine compared to most Buprenorphine maintenance patients. While this debate goes around in circles, the advice given by the drug company that manufactures it, the doctors that wrote the protocols for Buprenorphine maintenance, and the doctors that prescribe it, all agree that the right dose of Suboxone/Subutex is the dose that keeps all withdrawal symptoms at bay and handles cravings for a full 24 hours.

Access to treatment staff, less synthetic pill binders/fillers, longer half-life, more potent agonism (including CNS penetration) makes Buprenorphine ideal for treatment, especially for your kind of situation. If it isn't adequate, you may need a dose increase. Worry about quitting when you are ready for it, first you have to worry about being well now.
Im addicted to Loperamide as well, take 48 pills to get high and im tired of the same ol bullshit ...I want my life back....I tried quitting cold turkey like a month ago and I swear the withdrawals where a thousand times worse in my opinion then my hydro withdrawal when I got off of that and have remained off of. What do you people recommend I do....I want to go through with this as painless as possible.
and I know I'm addicted to a rather stranger opiate...and this is like my third or fourth response to anything...I happen to be college educated lol....and Im going to start have withdrawal from loperamide abuse tomorrow....I haven't taken any today but tomorrow I will weap. Started with 96...now tapered down to 48 and wanna start today at 24 then 12 etc. Would any of u suggest this method? or just quit cold turkey and take like 12 when im feeling absolutely like poo? :|
holy hell, I think you are a mess mentally just letting yourself down 50-100 pills a day, I mean when you were taking 10 what made you need 20? Jesus Christ bro... If your really soo soo fucked, just take the number you are eating everyday and decrease it by one daily. That couldn't be too big a shock and should allow your shitter to readjust... I'm NO DOCTOR THOUGH! All I can say is you asked for it, now man up and deal with it.
optimum, that gives you 48 days in my little recovery program...
Well if you don't want to switch to maintenance then a taper would be your best bet. A rapid taper would be finding the dose that holds you (not gets you high). From there every couple to every few days decrease your intake by a couple pills until you're down to nothing. You still may expirience some form of wd but it should be a lot more comfortable than cold turkey now. I'd say try 24 pills and go up till you're comfortable then only go down from there.

Following acute withdrawal is what some say is the hardest part (including myself). PAWS or post acute withdrawal syndrome is a bitch. It can last for months or longer and can include major depression bouts. Basically you're not physically withdrawing but your brain still misses it. Here's where you really start rationalizing using and the reason that maintenance is the easiest option for most. Not to give you a grim outlook but, its good to be ready.

If you do taper or cold turkey be sure to find a new hobby or interest to occupy your mind. The idle hand is the devils tool after all. Of course if you or anyone else needs any support you can always PM me / wall o' text
thx I appreciate it.....Im on such a high dosage that when I was originally taking 96 pills then tapered down to 48 which in turn comes to 96mg of loperamide overall....I didnt have to take it everyday....I took it every other day because I guess my body had some left over from the day before. The next day I dont feel high like I did the day before using.... just normal...come the third day though is when I start feeling the W/D ninjas......so today is the day where I dont need to take any but tomorrow instead of taking 48 pills which is 96mg ill take 24 which comes to 48mg....cut the dosage in half.....ill keep informed day by day until im better because I feel like this website is my only chance at a freed mind once and for all...I appreciate all of your concerns.....PS...im new at this just signed up today so Im kind of elementary when it comes to messaging people privaley etc. etc. lol
Well welcome to bluelight. Actually you're a greenlighter still so you won't be able to private mesage anyone yet. I think its 50 posts till bluelighter. Anyways feel free to email me I think it should be available but if not let me know and ill PM you it
Glad you responded. I have only ventured that high twice and isnt this costing you too much money? (like every other form opiatesque drug) My advice to you is to stay away from opiates and taper your loperamide intake
its mental rather than physical so much but take it slowly because the body will not respond well to that. Keep us updated

And I don't think you are one of the few people that get high off it, you are just taking enough so that a mg or 2 crosses the bbb. I do not have the source but something like .012 % of loperamide crosses the bbb (without anything else to help it).....trust me it is true
Wow thts a very low percentage if you ask me.....Not really sure why then when I tried to kick this F****** stupid habit that I had the worst withdrawals ever. For example, the first/second day I was restless in my bed tossing and turning slept for an hour....but prior to that...when i get withdrawals Id say the worst part is the chills/immense sweating that takes place...no muscle aches or any of tht just those two and extreme fatigue. VERY VERY and rather uncomfortable....which is why I went back...but all you guys are advising the tapering route which Ive already started....what I really wanna do is get out of this prison faster by instead of cutting the dose down to 24....do it at 12....double from wut I was taking ....I feel fine now but tomorrow Im going to see if that will work. The faster I feel better the better for me and all of you guys for I hope im not wasting peoples time lol. So far its been my first day on here and Ive gotten more responses already then predicted...this website is a savior so far thx!!
today I took 24 which is 48 mgs cut my dosage in half...felt euphoric whith a signifcant lower dose then what I was taking originally...thts a good sign.....now the day after tomorrow I will try 12 then 6 then 3 then free.....wish me luck guys!!....I wish all of u the best
from what i understand it is long acting (not sure when through the bbb) so watch out for uncomfort in a few days, should be tolerable though if you cut this much
hey guys...yeah im feeling the discomfort today...its okay though ....I will get through this...today was the day I was supposed to cut to 6 pills wait a day then 3 pills then done...instead I just choose to quit altogether lol.....ughhh I constantly have goosebumps and Im very fatigued ....does anyone know how long these symptoms will last anyway???
A slower taper would have had you feeling comfortable for longer. The withdrawals depend upon how long you've been using, but I would say with a long acting opiate they last about 4 or 5 days, and maybe about 3 days with short acting opiates.

Then comes the PAWS (post acute withdrawal syndrome) and they can be just as painful as full on withdrawals.