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BK-2C-B (123mg) - First Time - Detailed report


Jul 20, 2016
Central Europe


12:00, T0:00 - BK-2C-B 123mg
22:00, T10:00 - 0,4mg clonazolam + 500mg paracetamol
00:00, T12:00 - 1L, 12% beer
01:30, T13:30 - 500mg paracetamol
10:00, T22:00 - 500mg paracetamol
Hindsight: potency weight of 123mg bk-2c-b roughly translated to what seems compareable to 18mg 2c-b.

Sex: Male
Weight: 79kg
Length: 1,81m

Mainly at home in my apartment, little garden next to it, 25C at that time, very sunny with no clouds.

Allergy Test
The day before I consumed 10mg bk-2c-b, no effects noticed.

Does BK-2C-B turn into purple blubber on contact with water?
I mixed 20mg BK-2C-B with 400?l lukewarm water, stirred for a while, let it rest for 10mins, water gains a milky color, same color substance already had.

The (live) Report
11:30 (T-0:30) - Hadn't eaten anything that morning, substance was taken on empty stomach.

12:00 (T0:00) - Intake capsule with 123mg BK-2C-B (photo related).

12:40 (T0:40) - Spontanious goosebumbs on the back of my head.

12:45 (T0:45) - More goosebumbs on my head, can't say that I mind.

12:52 (T0:52) - Even more goosebumbs on my head, stronger then before, suprised by the unusual effect, made me laugh.

12:56 (T0:56) - Very slight nausea, almost unperceiveable tough, goosebumbs on my head continue.

13:00 (T1:00) - First effects observed, sooner then anticipated, a little bit blue, red and green dots in the field of sight.
The sunrays from outside fall into the room trough a large glas window filled with sqaure shaped led decorations forming the same shapes on the wall in the form of sunlight.
The sunlight created shapes seem to slightly dance up and down on the wall. Goosebumbs on the upper side of my head consist.

13:05 (T1:05) - The fingerpaint stripes on the painting made by my little sister are slowly coming to life, the stripes are slowly moving sideways, vey premature effects stil tough. While I'm typing out this report on my pc I slowly notice the colors of the drugsforum fading into new diffrent colors. The blue forum colors take on red, green and yellow colors and seem to glow strobestyle like a moodlamp.
The site slowly seems to stretch outward and inward again, the letters are moving sideways in a restless manner.
I lay backwards quietly onto the couch, sit back and enjoy how the effects further develop.

13:18 (T1:18) - At this moment I noticed a slight nosedrip oddly enough, goosebumbs are stil present on my head. I decide to sit down in the garden and enjoy my sandy favorite tripwall. The wall forms amusing shapes, I notice a slight tension in the jaws. Concentrating on my pc screen seems to become quite impossible at this point, it doesn't take long before all matter of things in the screen morph and change. I notice the effects are stil building up, the build up of effects seem to be accelerated at this point.

"At this point I can't find any further motivation to continue typing out the report live and decide to finish it later. At this point I stil feel quite sharp and was having a very enjoyable time. The tension and doubts related to consuming a psychedelic I'm unfamiliar with seem to have completely disappeared."
If I had to guess the potency compared to 2c-b at this point I'd say about 18mgs." - Live noted

13:40 (T1:40) - As mentioned, at this point it became impossible to stay behind my pc and keep typing, this because the colors were constantly changing, letters were fiercely shaking sideways across the screen. Looking at the pc just requiers too much focus on one point.
In the meanwhile I had an enjoyable skype conversation with a good friend (this was doable since it didn't require me to concentrate on the screen. Conversation flowed smoothly and need for social contact seemed elevated.

14:00 (T2:00) - Two days ago I had stationed my bicycle near the station after it's chain broke. The BK-2C-B just started peaking but I had sufficient confidence in that I could pick it up without complications. While I was walking there I suddenly had a quite 'jolly' mood, I saw some scouts on the other side of the road with paint on their faces, I decided to approach them and asked them what tribe they were from to wich they replied: 'we're from the scouts tribe'. I told them I was from a farmers tribe that wasn't from around here that normaly lives up way north, I told them all kinds of made up unrelevant stuff. This continued for about 5mins while the group of scouts was sheepishly laughing at what I had to tell.
At this point I realised these poor kids probably had no idea what was going on and decided to leave them alone again and contine my 1.5kilometer walk towards my bicycle.
The whole walk I had a gigantic smile on my face. While I was walking down the sidewalk in the lovely sunrays I saw the sidewalk 'pulling' sideways and falling back in 'normal' postition.

14:30 (T2:30) - In about 2,5hours time the effects seemed to be nearing plateau, from what I had. I was suprised since 2C-B oraly usualy takes about 2hours before I notice anything at all for me. This could be due to the fact I consumed the BK-2C-B substance on an empty stomach this time.
In the mean time I arrived home again, with the bicylce. At this point I started yawning allot, not sure if it was induced by the substance or slight lack of sleep the night before.

Once home again I had some very pleasant and open conversation with my little lady, for example our sleeping rithims with seemed to collide at times. She always wakes up quite early and can't ressist to wake me up aswel. Allot of fooling around and making jokes passed by aswel.
The whole day I'd feel very jolly, happy in a childish way, a feeling I'm familiar with from 2C-B.
My sense of humour seemed to have lifted to the next level, I made some sharp and funny comments even tough I say so myself. The trip brought op allot of positive energy and joy in me.

17:00 (T5:00) - At this moment the little lady left for work and the BK-2C-B effects seemed to be at their highest peak.

17:30 (T5:30) Visuals - Now that the little lady was gone and the effects seemed to peak I taught it would be a good moment to focus on the visuals expess themselves. I took place in the garden in front of my favorite tripwall. The visuals seemed to be significantly less present as with 2C-B (18mg). On 2C-B I'd oftenly see inca symbols (or hieroglyphics), I'd see black and pink visuals aswel. With this BK-2C-B experience I'd mainly see excisting objects change shape and I was unable to produce complete field of sight changes plus there were no symbols created. There was one enjoyable BK-2C-B visual though, the wall seemd constructed out of many sqaure mini mirrors that took on neon pink, orange and others colors.

18:00 (T6:00) Storm of taughts - During the trip taughts and ideas constantly seemd to come at me, u could say my creativity was quite enhanced, I noticed that I'd become quite chaotic due to the BK-2C-B, talking about future plans felt very bizare to me 'things in the future' in general. I seemed only able to focus on the present.
The chaotic aspect of (BK-)2C-B feels quite natural, constantly vast amounts of (visual) information comes in wich is constantly being orderd into a neat clear picture in wich all constant diverse incoming images overlap and ar being knitted into eachother into one unity wich allows us to see visual dept and other details.
A following taught was that all sensoric stimulation is the greatest reward in itself and that the chaotic nature of (BK-)2C-B wich causes extra sensoric input to come in and enlarges our perception is a significant cause why the substance is quite euforic.
In my experience, the stronger the visualisations and hallucinations the more euforic the sensations tend to be. The addition of musical input and propper light exposure could for example.
Humans are biologicaly programmed to constantly seek out sensorical input after all and when people are deprived of sensoric input they start hallucinating to create sensoric input, probably a solid reason why so many people nowadays seem addicted to facebook and such.
Ofcourse these factors have to be put in context and positive and negative associantions count in aswel but that aside.
These were for example taughts that crossed my mind during the trip, allot of other ideas followed aswel. I had for example taught out a new religion in wich ofcourse, Chaos was the highest ranked god since everything eventualy is created out of chaos. Along with this I taught out a complete mythology in similair style to the one of the old Greeks.
I also taught out a campange to promote 2C-B and bring into the world, a very extensive plan wich I invested in about 30minutes of my time.

19:00 (T7:00) Music - Every now and then during the trip I'd turn on some music and went nuts on it (at this time I was stil all alone in my apartment but this didn't seem to spoil the fun at all).

I was dancing quite vigorously in the living room, something I normaly wouldn't do quickly, at this certain moment for a short while I experienced a feeling strongly matching sensations I experience when under influence of MDMA on the dancefloor, quite euforic. The two substances arn't very similair at all but to a certain extend I can understand the comparison at some times.
From this moment on the BK-2C-B effects slowly seemd starting to decline.

20:00 (T8:00) - Nasty side effect - There was a side effect dat BK-2C-B seemed bring up that wasn't very desirable, a side effect I had never experienced on 2C-B before and I side effect I had red about online other people experienced on BK-2C-B aswel.
BK-2C-B seemed to be more activating then 2C-B wich also seemed to affect the vasoconstriction. My blood veins were quite clearly visible swollen, especialy a vein on my right legg, I felt a stinging pain at the location of this swollen vein for a short while.

I've never had this problem with methylfenidate even tough BK-2C-B feels a lot less stimulating. The reason why it was so taxing on vasoconstriction remains a mystery to me. I hope it was just a coincidence but it could be that BK-2C-B brings so vasoconstrictive risk with it.

21:00 (T9:00) - Had a nice chat with the lady next door, I can remember that at some point I couldn't stop laughing. She drops by every now and then for tea, we have a good understanding in general.

22:00 (T10:00) Headacke - At this point I was starting to feel very tired due to the long duration of the trip wich in the mean time already lasted for almost 10hours. A strong headacke overcame me. I decided to take 0,4mg clonazolam and an additional 500mg paracetamol.
Hindsight: It might had been a good idea to have taken the paracetamol earlier in relationship to the heightend bloodpressure.
For me 0,4mg clonazolam is a pretty strong dose since I have no tolerance to benzodiazepines, normaly I never take more then 0,25mg at once. The last time I used clonazolam wich was a 0,5mg dose I fell asleep at 12PM and slept till 4PM.

23:15 (T11:15) - At this moment I was lying in my bed making an attempt to sleep. Even tough a consumed a for me strong dose clonazolam (0,4mg) sleeping was not achieved.
At this moment my mobile phone rings, a friend who lives in the neighbourhood who I hadn't seen in a while due to vacation was just done working and asked if I was in for a drink.
I was stil in a very cheerful mood and told him to drop by. I put my clothes back on again and 30minutes later 'N' was standing in front of my door.
The atmosphere was good and eventualy we drank about 2liter self brewed (Barley) beer (12%). In the meanwhile the clonazolam started to do it's work and resulted in the funny sight of me being unable to keep balance at times.

12:15 (T12:00) - At this time the little lady arrived back home from work, she joined us for a drink, cozy times. At this time the BK-2C-B effects are stil clearly present, the visual aspect seemed a bit suppresed by the (0,4mg) clonazolam. I stil felt a positive boost in mood due to the BK-2C-B, I was quite cheerful.

13:30 (T13:30) - At this point we decide it has been enough for today, friend 'N' goes back home and me and the little lady brush our teeth and jump back into the bed. While back in bed I take another 500mg paracetamol, this seemed neccesary, the headacke was very present.

10:00 (T22:00) The next day - Around this hour I wake up, I notice I slept very lightly and I don't feel very rested at all even tough I slept coninously without interruptions. Right after waking up I take another 500mg paracetamol.
It doesn't take long after waking up and I realise I am stil slightly tripping on the BK-2C-B. Certain objects stil very slightly so clearly moving sideways are noticed. No wonder I didn't sleep very well even tough I took 0,4mg clonazolam.

13:00 (T25:00) - There are stil slight visuals present in certain objects like the striped finger painting altough it is very minimal.

14:30 (T26:30) - The effects seem to have completly disappeared and I am back to baseline. The rest of the day I was stil extremely tired to the point I had difficulty standing up straight. That evening I went to bed extra early, the long BK-2C-B aftermath is the biggest negative point to this substance if you ask me.

BK-2C-B seems very similair to 2C-B with a few significant changes. So is for example the duration significantly longer, it took for me about 13hours before the strongest effects had disappeared and sleeping was at all possible. The next day at 12 (24hours later) some effects were stil slightly notable.
Also did BK-2C-B slightly more stimulating then 2C-B, the trip felt more active then my usual 2C-B adventures, this seemed to correlate with a slightly more elevated bloodpressure.
The visuals relatively compared to 2C-B seemed less present.
It is strongly adviseable to keep some pain killers at hand does one ever plan on trying out BK-2C-B since at the end of the trip it seems to induce a significant headacke. A sympton more people seem to experience on BK-2C-B.
BK-2C-B was very enjoyable and seems to me personaly very suitable for for example a fesitval. It is advisable to consume BK-2C-B easly in the morning (10:00) or to skip a night sleeping if one decides to try out BK-2C-B otherwise sleep quality will be poor. It goes without saying that BK-2C-B should not be tried unless well rested.

The effects are very enjoyable and compareable to 2C-B itself. However, the strong headacke afterwards, long aftermath and elevated bloodpressure altogether are quite a downside.
Even tough I did not regret trying out this substance at all I feel that there are more enjoyable alternatives like DOC wich probably means I won't be trying out BK-2C-B again in the future.
Verdict: 7/10

That wil be all, enjoy and relish wisely.

PS: This is an old and translated report by the original author
03-2019 Edit: Over the years people have occasionaly shown interesst on 'micro dosing' BK-2C-B for wich in my personal casus 15mg seemed like a solid dose without it becoming distracting.

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Jun 30, 2015
Good gravy, 0.4mg clonazolam and a 12% brew and you were still awake? The bk-2C-B must've been something, as that would normally have knocked me well and truly out.

Your experience sounds a lot like mine, except I didn't find it to be all that similar to 2C-B. Not sure why, but I found it dreamier, more disorienting, more tactile, and less visual--basically a different drug experience, but still a closely related phenethylamine one. Twice was enough for me. Nothing wrong with the experience, I just like other things more, most of which are safer and have fewer side effects. Great report--thanks for sharing!


Staff member
Feb 8, 2006
In the mountains
I tried this a few times but never really "got there". I tried it up to 160mg. I did enjoy it but never got to where there were any visuals or really much psychedelic, it was just a mood boost and body high that lasted a long time. I didn't get much and used it all. Seemed like not worth pursuing more as it seems very unpredictable and potentially dangerous.


Jul 20, 2016
Central Europe
Good gravy, 0.4mg clonazolam and a 12% brew and you were still awake?
Twice was enough for me. Nothing wrong with the experience, I just like other things more, most of which are safer and have fewer side effects. Great report--thanks for sharing!
After the 12% Barley selfbrew sleep came relatively easly.
And I agree, for the duration there are better options out there, cheers.

Seemed like not worth pursuing more as it seems very unpredictable and potentially dangerous.
The persistent headacke near the end of the trip was a bit troubling.