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bk-MAPB and bk-EPBP


Jan 15, 2013
I have seen bk-MAPB and bk-EPDP a few different places, but I can not find a Wiki or any experience reports at all.

Here is all the info I can find on them:
bk-MAPB iis similar to 5-MAPB, it was thought to be analog of 5-MAPB.
The physiological and toxicological properties of bk-MAPB are not known yet.

bk-EPDP is similar to ethylone and dibutylone, it was thought to be analog of ethylone and methylone,and stronger than dibutylone.
The physiological and toxicological properties of bk-EPDP are not known yet.


Does anyone have any more information? Or has anyone tried either of them? This is the first thread about either of them I am pretty sure.
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Found this on Bluelight, but it has no replies, it's called: bk-EPDP Testing Now

Note: this is a ongoing experiment still taking place. 30 mg seems like a good dose. Doses compound. 60 mg taken in portions, with 50 mg taken within 3 hours and another 10mg at 9 hour, kept me awake from 10:30 am to 5:30 am. Nice energy. Clear headed. Take orally, don't sniff it's inactive.

I received some recently. My choice would have been Hex-En, but I was informed it was out of stock and that this was a analog as well as dibutylone. Since I gave away 50 grams of Dimethylone. I wasn't about to buy dibutylone. Since my choices were slim. I didn't want a pvp analog or mephadrone analog. I do however want to try 4-Meo-pcp since it's the closest to MXE I know for sure I can get. But I wanted something like Ethylone, so I chose Bk-EPDP. This is where it gets a little fucked up. There isn't any dosage information or experiences anywhere except when you google it a supplier claims the dosage is between 1-5 mg and to choose your dosage wisely.

I tasted a little on my tongue, no burn, not strong tasting either. I have a nice mg scale. I weighed 5 mg and sniffed it. No burn. I waited and sniffed 5 mg more. (Next time I'm starting with an oral dose when testing a new rc. It just seems more professional, and less like a hype would do.) I had no effects sniffing it. Over 3 hours I sniffed 75 mg to no effect, but maybe a slight mood lift. Almost no perceivable difference.
Over the next hour or two I sniffed 100 mg. I was thinking it must be like Methylone or Ethylone with a 100-200mg dosage. Big mistake. My first warning to anyone is that this substance is not active in a good way when taken intra nasally. And the dose is much lower than Ethylone orally, so far to my knowledge, and It is not safe in Methylone size doses. This means for sure it won't catch on as a commercial replacement.
So this is what happened after near 200 mg sniffed over the course of 5 hours. First I began to feel like a terrible person, and text about it with a friend. This was some kind of mood induced by the bk-epdp. Thinking about it brings some back, as I write this, while I'm on a oral dose I'll talk about later. I almost don't want to kill my buzz by explaining the the torture of the next 12 hours of hell I experienced under the influence of 200 mg sniffed. The funny thing is it was something like 4 hours after my last dose I started to experience the worst feeling I ever felt and it lasted 12 hours. I had this stress, a physical pressure sensation, in my head. I couldn't sit stil. I would have to get up and pace. I need lorazepam, but the only way I could get it was to call 911 at this time. I resisted the urge to call 911 all night. I never wanted to so bad in my life. I couldn't enjoy anything. Everything was difficult, because it caused a headache to focus on one thing to long. I would yell 'how long will this last' and 'arrrr. Fuck this shit' and ' I can't believe I haven't given in yet ( to 911) this sucks'. Writing this is killing my buzz. I'm going to pause. Anyway this miserable feeling lasted over 12 hours. I said I wouldn't try it again but I did a day later.

I first tried smoking a little off foil. Then a small amount oral. It seemed to have very little effect smoked, but oral produced effects pretty quickly. I have not exceeded 35mg oral in a day so far. This morning the effects are most present off 36 mg taken orally in two doses an hour or more apart.It's a very subtle high. Increased energy and motivation, but not to pushy. Tingling all over my body as the effects kick in. It's mellow and barely noticeable but present feeling of euphoria is nice. I'd like to take more but I don't know at what dose the anxiety kicks in. This drug is uncharted territory.

So in conclusion so far oral shows the most desirable range of effect. Not sure what the dose should be, or how much is okay to take during a day. I may push it further than 36 mg today, but it might not be good since I have no benzodiazepines on hand. It doesn't seem like the effects will ever be as strong as I desire and pushing it will just bring about a bad reaction. Don't waste your money.

Further research today: shows some empathogenic quality when replying to people's posts on Facebook. My replies are more mushy. Ive dosed about 50 mg oral over the period 5 hours and am 6 hours into the experience. Meaning doses compound. I've also drank 3 tall cans of PBR which increased the feel. I've been reading The Archaic Revival by Terence McKenna for 30 minutes or so and enjoying it greatly. Earlier I was listening to Lil Uzi Vert on soundcloud and enjoying his form of hip hop artistry. I've got a rolly feel from it. Would still like to take more and feel more, but that's the party animal and self medicator in me. I better be careful. More updates soon.
CAS NO.952016-47-6

A different Molecule (bk-EBDP not bk-EPDP), but also probably related.
EBDP has a wiki and was written about in PIHKAL (under the name Ethyl-K), but not bk-EBDP and not bk-MAPB or bk-EPDP


DOSAGE: (greater than 40 mg).

DURATION: unknown.

QUALITATIVE COMMENTS: (with 40 mg) There was a paresthetic twinge in my shoulder area at about an hour--other than that, absolutely nothing.

EXTENSIONS AND COMMENTARY: And that is as high a dose as has apparently ever been tried with ETHYL-K. The compounds with the hexane chain (L-series) rather than the pentane chain of the K-series have been made, but they have been spun into the recipe for METHYL-K.
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guys i would like to describe my experience of bk-edpb or whatever the fk it is called. I did not order this product and in fact was awaiting the arrival of a batch of 4cmc. I have been off alcohol for 9 months and had occasionally taken 4cmc because of its almost identical MD effect. When it arrived it was a brown powder as opposed to the usual whiteness of the 4cmc. I contacted my vendor and he assured me it was 4cmc and just a different color. You might be able to guess what happens. I immediately took 200mg dose of the BK thinking it was 4cmc, followed half an hour later by another 100mg i would say.
At first i felt great for 10 minutes, believing that I was about to really enjoy my night. Queue the worst two hours ever. I had agreed to go into town with my girlfriend to meet her friends and was on the verge of collapsing the entire time I was there. I could not talk. I kept breathing deep and trying with all my mind to calm my mind. It was the most awful experience ever. I knew when i first felt strange that I had taken something that was active at a far lower dosage. I scared my girlfriend out so much, nearly passing out in the taxi on the way home. I stumbled into my apartment taking deep breathes, assuring myself that I am a seasoned RC veteran of many years and that it would pass shortly. I took 6 valium and shook helplessly on the sofa for an hour praying that I would not suddenly have a heart attack or something of the sort. I eventually calmed down a bit to an extremely uncomfortable dull sense of paranoia and anxiety. I could not even speak. I was so scared and my girlfriend, who knows nothing about drugs, was in so much shock and scared because, although she had seen this happen to me before when ive taken a bad turn on a pill or something, she was only with me for the last two months of my drinking and drug binging before i sobered up.

I luckily had a sample of hexedrone which i had read good reports. In the midst of despair and angst i decided to fight an unknown with another less unknown, albeit only slightly. Thankfully the hexedrone calmed me almost immediately and i have been taking 10 - 20mg doses of this for the last few hours. I think it is a great substance, knowing that it will wear off soon without that moreish compulsion to continue until it is gone. In hindsight, it was stupid of me to take the 200mg of a substance simply because my vendor assured me it was something else... but its not the first time that I have done something like this. I find the hexedrone to be incredibly good at focusing the mind, extremely coke like and a saviour in my hour of need.

I do not know the full repercussions of this near OD and the fact that Im taking small bumps of hexedrone to get through it. I feel fine now though so i will worry about the rumored headaches i have heard about hexedrone a little later. I have a sample of u47700 but i think it would be very dangerous to try this just to get to sleep. From what i have read there are many fatalities from it so far and i have only tried heroin once. Im not a fan at all and would prefer the horrible headaches to anything else.

I am glad to be alive through yet another close OD on RC's. Something similar happened to me when i took too much apvp or something from the apvp family which had my heart racing so fast i thought it would explode. I have my AA meeting in a few hours and i will go and tell me group about my crazy tempt of faith and how my higher power saved me yet again. I will try and find the strength to flush everything down the toilet i think. Although for some reason this just seems like the hardest thing in the world to do. A friend of mine took 30mg of the BK-EDPB and had a great time so maybe it was just the terribly high dose i took that had me close to deaths doorstep.

Be careful with this BK-EDBP. I think it will take some lives simply because it appears like 4cmc or bkmdma and i can see a lot of people making the mistake of taking too much...I like this hexedrone though as it is short lasting and really gets the mind focused.
I'd be really curious to see if the beta-ketone is more or less prone to 5-HT2B heart damage than MAPB. The extreme potential for mitral valve prolapse kept me away from MAPB but I tend to take to beta-ketones like a fish takes to water so I would definitely be interested in the receptor affinities of this one.

I would avoid any beta-ketone of an already nasty chemical...