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Interesting Blue Purlieu


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Dec 25, 2003
The house is haunted by a cat,
A cat with eyes of green and gold.
The cat is never seen by day,
But at night it prowls the old
And dusty corridors, and peers
Into the rooms with empty eyes.

The house is haunted by a clock,
A clock that strikes the hours with chimes
That sound like laughter or like tears,
And sometimes like the beating of
A heart that is in pain. The clock
Is never seen, but always heard.

The house is haunted by a dream,
A dream that comes to all who sleep
Within its walls. The dream is one
Of a great city, far away,
With streets of gold and towers of flame,
And people who are happy and free.

The house is haunted by a hope,
A hope that comes to all who live
Within its walls. The hope is one
Of a better world, where there is
No war, no poverty, no pain,
And where all men are brothers.
LOVE THIS! Reminds me of a grandfather clock, and grandads who strike true, there gong of wisdom and life lived striking true within your marrow...also, my take on it was restoration of men...I love it, a silent respect and cry against misandry and through this a restation of women and authentic feminism where all have been lost to PC and incorrect definitions...keep it up