Requests Bluelight drug icons project - community input wanted!

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So this tread is supposed to be about community input for the drug icons. Apologies to everyone for digressing so much…
Side note: I wanna make a PocketDrugIcons app where it'll be an isometric view, maybe like a RPG and you get to pick and be one of the legends…

That's great. System of a Down have a tune called "Cocaine Makes Me Feel Like I'm On This Song" 🤣

Oh yeah that's the thing I keep my Cuban cigars in so they don't go stale, lol.

Yes, of course. By the end of WWI, no fewer than four European empires had fallen – the German Empire, the Ottoman Empire, the Russian Empire, and the Austrian Empire.

Hmmm, the Bluelightists mission statement is "Stay On Topic", I keep forgetting and straying way off…
My apologies for getting off topic, although I've thoroughly enjoyed this correspondence. I think you're funny, and I'm laughing at your answers to my posts.
I had some E put away for a special occasion and I had a friend from Atl visit me last week. So I decided to partake to see what it was like. After all it was sitting for over 6 months. I was concerned if it had lost his potency. I'm happy to report, it had NOT. It was certainly the best, and on a Tuesday night. That's always fun.
This has gone wildly off topic.
Yeah it has, sorry. I'll talk the fuckin' ears off a jackrabbit if you let me.

Make a relevant thread on another part of Bluelight please. CEP maybe? The Lounge?
Nah, no thanks, I edited a bunch of that shit down. Sorry bout dat!

Bring it back to the icons.
Are the icons intended to be animated? Maybe just with the CSS "on hover" property…

They look nice, but my honest feedback is that I don't care for the color palette, particularly I don't like the aquamarine (#21e9fb). It's too close to white and I think the lack of contrast could vex people with visual impairments. Maybe make the accent color sunkist orange?

I also think that each icon could be simplified, dropping some of the extraneous data and aim for more synecdoche. It looks bolder, more confident, not like you're trying to mask uncertainty with too many icons. Keep it stupid simple; just remember that simple = good, simplistic = bad. For example on all of them, lose the blue circle background. It's atrocious and makes everything look super old and dated… for reals, the color palette and blue circle background icon scream Facebook circa 2009, stylisically that is. I realize we're discussing the icon of a fuckin' pookie loaded with some rock'n'roll if ya know what I mean. Or 'shardonay' if you prefer, lol

I digress, where was I? Fuck it, I'm on one.
  • So for the bong icon, I would lose the bags of weed hovering by it. Simplify it to the basic shape of the bong, simplify the base of it.
  • Same with the Cannabis leaf – drop the bags of grass. It doesn't help convey shit and icons are pragmatism over idealism, form and function dovetailed.
  • For "glass pipe", just make it the pookie, nothing inside of it, no lighters and torch lighters and shit. Not necessary. A simple pookie illustration conveys everything, though if you insist, I could be persuaded to say that a crack stem, plain and simple, nothing else added, could accompany our aforementioned buddy, Mr. Pookie over there. Say hey to Pookie, everybody. "Hi, Pooks!"
  • The illicit pill illustration should maybe have three different shapes, bc that's how real pressed tablets from the streets look. Think: Teslas, Baby Yodas, Gameboys, and other fancy stamps and specialty cuts from cool dye kits.
  • LSD – just that single bicycle tablet. Who cares about other forms? Can't cover every RoA.
  • Fewer NO₂ canisters. We get it. You could consider a balloon in the icon on one of the tanks…
  • Naloxone – just the nasal applicator. Looks like a pack of Marlboros in the back of that one, lol.
  • Recovery – this one is really nice (minus the background & w/ a palette substitution.
Maybe we need our own mascot, like this one :)

Maybe we need our own mascot
Looks like Pacman's daughter. I realize Pacman was the OG raver, walking around in dark rooms listening to repetitive music, eating pills, and seeing apparitions, but maybe something more suited to a "blue light" like perhaps an anthropomorphic insect since bugs are drawn to lights? Or maybe a lightning bug who inexplicably glows blue?
Little Miss Harm Reduction is ace, thanks for that.

The feedback period on the icons past a few months ago but due to various backend reasons which will become clear soon, icons are not yet published, but we do have 20 of them, and they will be available for use soon.

We also have a list of drug related items that didn’t make it into the first 20 icons, so we can use that as a starting point if we want further ones down the track.
The feedback period on the icons past a few months ago
Whoops! … Yeah I thought my feedback was coming in a bit late, but everyone insisted we stay on topic as it started to veer, which I get, but is there nowhere to view just the icons themselves? They don't have to be in current use on the live site or even in staging, just an SVG file or whatever…

but due to various backend reasons which will become clear soon, icons are not yet published,
You don't know the backend reasons or they're yet to be announced is all? I can hardly fathom, what with this XenForo software no doubt patched multiple times to keep it up-to-date with browser updates since 2010 and trying to maintain cross-browser compatibility, responsive web design, and being mobile-friendly, etc. I imagine it's something of a nightmare at times.

but we do have 20 of them, and they will be available for use soon.
Kickass :rockon:

We also have a list of drug related items that didn’t make it into the first 20 icons, so we can use that as a starting point if we want further ones down the track.
Ok then. Seems like you wear a lot of hats around BLHQ. Do you have an Executive Creative Director or that's you? No judgments either way; I get that this is nonprofit. Just curious. 🙂
Good idea, I had no idea about that. I've been so fortunate all my life to never been in a situation where I needed to know what milligram someone or myself had taken. Looking back now, it seems kind of wreckless of me.
I know I'm late, but can we have a 130-140mg MDMA ecstasy pill icon, so people know the adequate dose of MDMA to get you up.
Well so technically it depends on the user's body weight. A proper dose is really 1.5 - 2 mg per kg bodyweight. Some people actually advocate less. So for example, a person who weighs 77 kg (read: 12.5 stone || 175 lbs.) should take a dose of 115 mg - 154 mg. A person weighing, say, 57 kg (~9 stone or ~130 lbs.) would take 85 mg to 114 mg.

Keep in mind: this is the suggested range for therapeutic purposes. Most people I know take MDMA recreationally, myself included. I like to roll hard when I roll. I weigh ~175 lbs, but I typically take 180 mg first and then a 70 mg booster after two hours. Then I stop and change to other drugs if I want to keep partying. LSD is a common choice and so is ketamine and/or 3-HO-PCP, but if I need to keep my wits about me, I'll opt to vaporize a little bit of meth instead, which I greatly prefer to cocaine. Coke makes me jittery and anxious. I keep my meth dosing low and never IV it, and it's just a smooth stimulation ride that enhances sex far more than coke ever has for me. Lasts longer, and it's cheaper. Meth really gets a bum rap bc of the compulsive types out there who abuse it and give it a bad name.

But I digress. I say adding the mg labels is both not realistic and inaccurate. I acknowledge the intention is noble but I think it's trying to pack too much specific information into the icon/symbol. Just my two cents anyway.