News Bluelight Research on Ketamine as a Treatment for Depression and PTSD

Bluelight Research on Ketamine as a Treatment for Depression and PTSD

Bluelight would like to congratulate Tharcila Chaves and her colleagues on their recent publication: The use of ketamine to cope with depression and post-traumatic stress disorder: A qualitative analysis of the discourses posted on a popular online forum. The paper was published in The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse.

The abstract is quoted below:

Because of the shortcomings of traditional pharmacotherapy for major depressive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), there has been growing interest in the rapid mood-enhancing effect of ketamine.

To analyze what has been posted about ketamine use for dealing with self-reported depression and/or PTSD on one of the biggest international message boards on the internet.

Qualitative study with online observation of threaded discussions on Bluelight. In-depth online searches were conducted in 2018. Twenty-nine threads, with a total of 708 units of analysis, were selected and subjected to content analysis, where, via a coding process, the units of analysis were organized into nodes.

Despite having several negative effects (e.g. dizziness, nausea and inability to talk), the examined discourses suggested that the use of ketamine to elevate mood was both efficient and worthwhile. Intranasal use was the most common route of administration mentioned. We traced how the mood enhancement caused by ketamine is perceived: the loss of pleasure disappears, as well as the depressed mood; the markedly diminished interest in activities vanishes and motivation comes back. From all the posts analyzed, only two reported negative outcomes (i.e. no mood-enhancing effect). The most mentioned adverse event was damage to the urinary bladder and the kidneys in cases of misuse.

Although online research of user-generated content has its limitations in terms of reliability and validity, the present study adds relevant information on the use of ketamine for managing depression and PTSD, whether this use is done legally or not.

Annotated version of the final paragraph in the conclusion of the article is quoted below:

Ketamine appears to be a potential tool in managing depressive symptoms. The increasing popularity of ketamine clinics and the FDA approval of esketamine for TRD (treatment resistant depression) say a lot about the current status of off-label ketamine: it seems to work in several situations and people are already benefiting from it (not only people living with depression or PTSD; another popular off-label use of ketamine is for treating chronic pain). Ketamine has the potential to benefit a big group of patients who do not respond to the available therapies. It is considered by the World Health Organization an essential medicine and restricting it has harmed patients, with no reduction in recreational use. More scientific research is needed, naturally, but there is already a substantial amount of data suggesting that ketamine is effective and safe. “If they don’t bring us the treatment, we will make it ourselves”, a T1 member stated (Bluelight quote from thread no. 1). From the black market to the white coat, ketamine as a mood enhancer has been presenting positive results in handling depression and PTSD, giving a novel approach to the pathophysiology and therapy of these conditions.

I think we should be proud to have contributed to an article that advocated greater availability of ketamine as a medicine for depression and PTSD. :)

Note that the full-text article is behind a paywall, but if you have issues accessing and want the pdf, send an email to [email protected]
Shit if I weren't taking the CBT route I might look for some don't think they have it aorund here yet tho
Micridosing psychedelics. If optionable, it's still way too untried overall I think.

I reckon so many people, struggling mentally in ways, haven't ever considered or know not of this, may benefit profoundly from this practise.
Not exactly though.

One fascinating phenomenon brought out fully through social ketamine use.

Group K-holes.

Together. Like sucked into the same imaginary hallucinatory bubble.

Mutually cognizant, in an apparent real time sense, of the trip.

Like eg. Touring round a Safari Park. Three K-holers (in a house), every cage, car tun, giraffe, monkey.

As if life. Talking, pointing. Remembering after, sharing that, consistent.

A united hallucination.

So it's a bit different to really being plainly detached/disconnected.
Wow, I’ve heard of that with DMT/ayahuasca but never ketamine. You have any reports of it to share?
Wow, I’ve heard of that with DMT/ayahuasca but never ketamine. You have any reports of it to share?
I am by nature an extremely independently minded person, so individual but never aloof, closed, distant.

Just in my own reality, together with others. Not disconneected though.

So, how it played, I always took insane amounts of exstacy and LSD and shrooms over weekends, like 2-3.5 grams original MDMA on a weekend, 2-3.5 grams ket, loads skunk, as much acid as around, afforded, lots skunk.

I was very close & comfortable with all friends. But I went on such a trip always, I kind of maintained a rare conscious fluidity through all levels of hallucinogenesis. And I took my own mental space, never cutting off, being cold, over raves, nights etc.

Always fully returning.

Crazy tripping too.

But I had taste of genuine legit ESP nature basically group hallucinations on Ketamine.

Nothing easy or distinctive enough to describe or remember atm.

But one definite distinctive phenomena with ketamine.

It was 2002 when I first began taking it the United Kingdom was aflood with ultra pure as in pure basically ketamine at the time veterinary to begin with then strangely replaced entirely by pure pharmaceutical ketamine in 2003.

It flooded the absolutely brilliant and thriving firmly established illegal United Kingdom rave scene which took place in warehouses quarries farm barns all sorts of places.

Even under a huge motorway bridge one time absolutely brilliant echoing basey Soundsystem beautiful green nature either side on some wicked white butterfly ecstasy pills and the most ridiculous non-stop five hour cannabis Chillum smoking session I ever had.

I was incredibly incredibly high on five ecstasy pills and cannabis usage rarely attempted and I was due at work at Tesco Superstore 10 am that Sunday I made it to work despite being so high on weed alone when I finally sat back in the car at 9 am under this bridge buzzing my nuts off I was too high too get out of the car at that moment and I was exceptionally gifted at being capable and mobile on extraordinary quantities of substances always

And I worked my shift without drawing attention lol.

Anyway the Ketterman burst onto the scene at that time around the illegal rave parties which were perfectly suited for its use.

I went to one in 2002 in a disused army barracks out in the country with loads of bunkers everywhere and little rooms underneath with sound systems really peaceful place that's the first place I tried Ketamine myself.

And that is where I noticed this exact feature I want to describe hear another ESP aspect of it in a group but slightly different.

I had taken three absolutely incredible ecstasy pills mind blowing after days of using cocaine and taking other excellent ecstasy pills with good friends and brilliant skunk always and I was in the best "place" you need to be in.

I had heard exciting tales about this ketamine stuff and was interested to try some I had the opportunity here some friends agreed to trade me for the two ecstasy pills I had remaining.

3 lines, about 300 mg total, back seat car quiet dark night, happy as larry, sky high weed exstacy.


Another time for full recount.

But, the phenomenon I clocked sternly.

My two friends sat in the front seat of the car and after I came round from the insane hallucinogenic k hole bit for a while we were all consciously together in a k hole and we had met on a wavelength.

So I was having a vivid hallucination looking through the windows of the car which was parked still that it was driving and moving through all sorts of lanes and roads and countryside with different fences and hedges around and very specific pylons and all sorts of scenery and real life like motion.

I spoke to my friends in the front about this Anne pointed out some of the scenery and asked them if they were seeing the same track because I knew this was a hallucination but it was bizarre because of how real it was yet inside the car things were as they really were. And my awareness of self was there to have this conversation know who I was and what was real and not.

They agreed firmly that they were saying the exact same road track and scenery and we were able to point things out but they were probably used to this.

Every single time I went to a rave which often began at midnight many times outdoors with cars to return to the times on loads of ecstasy and LSD as soon as ketamine was taken that car was driving and it was unbelievable because you just need to look out the window and it was absolutely real.

The motion and the details and the constant variety of scenery replayed from the imagination.

It would drive backwards if I was looking backwards at times even just a play with my mind haha.

Step out of the car and there's no moving scenery at all just regular fully kaleidoscopic hallucinogenic world of young dumb AutoTripper lol.

Real united formed hallucinogenic journeys and connections really achievable though.

Good vibrations, mood, ambience, meaning in occasion etc with good friends will facilitate too.
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Yes, travel is very difficult for Americans. First of all, it is very expensive because to get to Europe, for example, it takes a long time to fly, and I'm not even talking about the price of the ticket. Secondly, they give very few days off, and if they give a week or two in Europe, the Americans have miserable 5 days, maybe a little more.
Yes, travel is very difficult for Americans. First of all, it is very expensive because to get to Europe, for example, it takes a long time to fly, and I'm not even talking about the price of the ticket. Secondly, they give very few days off, and if they give a week or two in Europe, the Americans have miserable 5 days, maybe a little more.
So simply, that applies here how at all??
If il remember correct it's the antagonist activity on the NMDA at low doses ie. 30mg every couple orr few days ... For depression resistant to SSRIs there are many reports of the therapeutic benefits of Ketamine...
Then there's k holing and the recreational and therapeutic values.... But I became a zombie...
Mxe... Very interesting too.... Would love to trip in good company....
SSRI's fk Me up as well, Suicide in a pill. I'm a Combat Veteran in TX and I would like to try this without the $1200.00 Price tag that comes with it.
SWIM - "I use .1g / 100mg of ketamine when feeling depressed, It would honestly make me feel better.
That person was very depressed and would use ketamine and start dancing and being happy, without a care of what made him upset."
This person also says that K-holes only have a bright light.
I also suffer from what you refer to as dysthymia. I had always recognised it as endogenous depression but your term, albeit new to me, seems most fitting.

I, like yourself have sought to alleviate the so very incapacitating condition that depression is, with the use of drugs, predominantly amphetamine. However, it would seem that the speed currently available is nothing like it was pre millennium before the Government regulations had mandated and manacled the BMK catalyst.

I am currently on a Dexedrine prescription but, to be honest, that doesn't quite cut it and I don't have the pleasure of delving too far into the world of dissociatives and the novel psychedelics that I can but read about.

Truth is, my agenda here is quite simply this. I am looking for a contingency plan and a way to supplement my chemical requirements to both arrest my depression and provide me with the quality of life which is so desperately lacking.

I feel I have told you enough for you to get an idea of my motives, given our like mindedness thus far.

Am literally at my wit's end and being not very tech savvy makes life so much harder for me to negotiate!

Yours sincerely

My word! Has no one even heard your lament?! I am so sorry that no one has replied to such an honest disclosure and even began to help you with this contingency plan of yours. I imagine it is a matter of life or death, metaphorically speaking, to you. I would love to help you in your endeavours but I myself am in a similar rut and have been scammed four times thus far so have decided to play the long game. Good luck and here’s hoping that Christmas brings you the package which quenches your appetite as I can tell that you are a non drinker like myself. Nothing worse than being straight surrounded by pissheads
I IV ketamine a few times a year, always load a 5ml barrel with 5ml of 100mg/ml, you get really high and go into real k holes not the fake one "Brah" last night said he was in, Do not do it alone as you will be surprised how fast that plunger hits and you have around 5 seconds of semi conscious oh shit I better prepare for this one.

SSRI's fk Me up as well, Suicide in a pill. I'm a Combat Veteran in TX and I would like to try this without the $1200.00 Price tag that comes with it.
Hey brother, combat vet here, and I've got lots of shit wrong with me, mentally and physically..My VA psychiatrist thinks infusions would help. I can keep you posted maybe. I haven't got an appointment do i