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Bluelighter's guide to getting raided.


Feb 18, 2001
Well, as some of you know, a *very good friend of mine* was raided recently, along with other friends, and here are some observations of the workings of a police raid, from someone who has been on the recieving end. I will try not to make any legal observations - this is purely from whose who have copped the wrong end of the law.
I choose to start this post..... now.
You hear a knock. Not knowing that 4 or 6 cops are standing on the other side, you open it, to be met with a warrant. What's going to happen to you? What are they going to do, and how thorough are they?
1. The Entry
Expect 4-6 cops to be there. One will be in front, and will confirm your identity. He/She will then present a warrant. You say okay, and they come inside. Once in, they'll set up a video camera, and record you and the officer in charge as he tells you what's going on. The camera does not record the whole search, and will not come out again until the end of the search.
The cop will ask whether you have anything illegal in the house. Here you have two choices if you actually DO have anything in the house: you can either tell the truth, or lie your ass off. If there ARE any drugs in the house, I would recommend telling them unless they're damn well hidden... they probably *will* find them.
2. The Search
In general, theyre pretty damn thorough, seeming to average about 12 man hours for a search, whether that be 3 hours with 4 cops, 2 hours with 6 cops, etc. That gives them *a lot* of time to go through your house and admire your porn collection ;)
Probably the key thing you can do is not to obviously fuck them around and be a smartass. The 12 hours average is for people that are courteous and try to at least *look* honest. If you fuck them around, they could tear the place apart.
In short, you are an *idiot* if you keep anything in the house - this is exactly where they expect it to be. They'll go through pretty much everything, even flipping through all your books, moving furniture, etc. This is where they epsnd the majority of their time. If you DO need to keep a drugs store, DO NOT keep it in your house. By the way, they'll also look in the roof.
They WILL sit on your computer, go through logs (IE, ICQ, IRC, etc). That said, the majority of people on here are far better with computers than they are, so information hiding should not be much of an issue. Keep your histories short, dont use ICQ for ANY seedy purposes, dont keep any dodgy friends on your ICQ list (for their protection), NEVER log anything on IRC, and make sure you use a prograjm like 'Eraser' (free from www.dowload.com) to properly erase your deleted files - when you delete them normally they are not deleted, just hidden from your view. Also check out www.download.com for encryption programs, and a neat lil program called 'Camouflage', which encrypts and hides files into other files, leaving the changed file still working.
DO NOT have dodgy numbers on your phone - they will go through it, write down all the numbers on your SIM card, and investigate those people.
If you simply must have them, one thought is to leave them on the 'phone' phone book, but only have the main phonebook use the 'SIM' phonebook, thereby at least giving minimal protection to your seedy buddies.
They'll check the back yard you holes recently dug, stones to turn over, etc. Theyll go through your garden shed. You get the idea. I would not recommend using either of these places.
They'll pull that camera out again, and film the officer in charge of the search concluding the search, and asking you on film if youre happy with their conduct.
3. Tips for avoiding prosecution and for coming out with your ass as intact as possible[*]DONT KEEP ANYTHING ON YOUR PROPERTY! This is the golden rule![*]Dont lose your head and start babbling crap. Don't panic. They *will* corner you with anything they find in an attempt to make you give them names. If you fold and give your friends up you're a weasel and deserved to get raided anyway - this is how they probably got your name from someone else.[*]If you feel scared then always remember - cops are just like us, only less intelligent. ;) [*]Never give your friends up.[*]Keep your story simple, and stick to it. If you keep adding to it, they'll know.[*]Keep an eye on them during the raid. They will be more than happy to plant something, and might move any dodgy things found into areas where they become more dodgy, eg. (for arguments sake) an old bag of pot into a recently used jacket.
If you keep your head, you'll be fine. If they manage to nail you, get legal advice. From the raids of friends, you *will not* come out any better if you just spill the beans and tell them the whole story.
Another community service announcement by Jakoz :)

By the way... to the person who told them that my close friend was raiding material, you will probably read this, so a message for you:
You will be found.

[ 28 March 2002: Message edited by: Jakoz ]


Jul 24, 2001
Behind Conroy, with a Chainsaw...
Damn fucking straight. Police can smell guilt a mile away, they're going to be able to peg someone who looks nervous and feels guilty, so keep it under control. The way most of the police i've met work is to try and make you so nervous and guilty that they can break you and have you tell them everything. This has been known to work on innocent people also.
So keep your head on your shoulders, don't panic, and be reasonably civil to them if you want them to be civil to you, it might not work, but even if it doesn't you can feel self righteous anyway.
Also, if you squeal on any friend, you're a dirty bastard and deserve whatever the fuck you have coming to you!
-plaz out-


Sep 7, 2001
nice one.
Cops can and do tell you all kinds of bullshit to get you to give up your friends. Don't believe thier lies, you're better off keeping your friends.
Remain polite at all times, Some officers will hit you.


Sep 11, 2000
Melbourne, Vic, Australia
You'd hope by now that people would know not to store stuff in their houses, but this is definitely a good reminder... and for those that are still silly enough to do it, for christ sake don't mention it on bluelight or in the IRC channel.
Excelent post Jakoz... :)


Jul 30, 2001
the only question I have is what sort of rights does it give them pertaining to vehicles on the property? Can they search yours? visitors? what if theyre parked on the street? etc etc.
Things to note:
If you get raided it because they have made up their mind that they will do you for something. If they fail to find anything after hours of searching they most likely will plant something, so as jakos said, its a good idea to keep an eye on them. If there is more than you living in the house try to watch all of them.
When you open the door and get served with a warrant you are allowed to have time to read the warrant and make sure you understand it before they enter the premises. This is a good time to say you dont understand the wording and ask to call your lawyer/solicitor. You are legally allowed to have your legal counsel present before the search begins. This is a good thing because laywers enjoy bgeing a pain in the ass and a good one will read the warrant and then make sure they the police stick very stringently to the conditions of the search. However if you do this they will assujme you are stalling and most likely try to bully you into letting them in.
Always answer the door with your mobile phone with you and remember the fast key press combo to 'delete entire phone book' Im skeptical as to them being allowed to sift thru your cell phone for a house raid, but it cant hurt.
Always keep your blinds closed if you are doing somethign dodgy inside, they will spy on your house before they raid it and take pictures. This is probably how they got the warrant in the first place.
Dont be the only one home. You want witnesses there besides the police because they will lie their asses off and do all kinds of nasty things to set you up if they get the short shift.
If theyre looking for drugs theyll probably bring a dog with them, try to keep you shit bove the height a dog can easily smell. Try to mask the smell, but if the cops walk in and smell nothing but pot pouri in your cupboard your toast. burnign incense is good for this.
Last thing to remember: your really clever hiding place is not really clever. They have been searching houses for A LONG time, someone has prolly thought of that before. The best way to prevent yourself going to jail is to not get raided in the first place. The police need a reason to get a warrant. So avoid things like having people turn up at 11pm at night and leaving after 5 minutes. Dont tell peopel you keep drugs in the house ever. Dont say stupid shit over the phone. hell you can talk about cookies if you want and even if it makes no sense as long as you dont actually mention drugs they cant use that.
take care


Feb 18, 2001
Nice post Corch :)
A couple of thins your post made me think of:
They will search any vehicles that belong to you on the premises. Visitors I have no idea about.
Again, they will search through your phone. I have no idea as to the legality of this, I am only reporting their actions.
I think you may overstate how much evidence they need to get the warrant. Here in Perth, we've been under seige, and 10 bluelighters were raided late last year for nothing more than their email address being traced back to them, and many of those had *not* posted that they had any drugs. Some did not even post that they had used them. I have no idea whether the cops have a sympathetic justice of the peace that they use (it is blocked on served warrants, so I cannot compare the JP names), but they seem to be doing it with minimal evidence.
I forgot to include this in the original post, and it is VERY important. They may be seen in the days previous driving past your house in an unmarked vehicle. This, if it happens, will probably be your only sign that the cops are preparing to assrape you.
[ 27 March 2002: Message edited by: Jakoz ]


Apr 24, 2001
very informative... thanks jakoz, corch.
can anyone think of a reason why the smaller community of bluelightres in perth are copping it, and not larger groups (implication of larger; bigger 'movements', easier & more busts to be made...) in larger cities, namely sydney and melbourne?


Bluelight Crew
Mar 12, 2000
Perhaps common sense will eventually prevail - one point to mention maybe:
Were the people in Perth who were raided all friends? Or were they all part of a BL "crew"? I notice that a few cliquey groups have sprung up around social who actually go so far as to indentify their groups by names or acronyms. Is this not just begging for the police to pressure one person so heavily that they grass on the rest of the 'gang'? Particularly if there were any people in the groups who kept stashes of drugs in their houses?
BigTrancer :)


Jan 7, 2001
Melbounre, Australia
Just a quick question, how did the police get access to your phone and computer... IE (things that have passwords on them)..
Did they make you give them the passwords?
Wouldn't it be easy to "forget" all your passwords all of a sudden?
[ 28 March 2002: Message edited by: ChEmIcaL_NiGhT ]


Aug 29, 2000
One thing that I'd be interested to know is do they reassemble your house once they are done ?
in your mates case..was anything dodgy shit found ?
I'd be interested in knowing what Police do the times they can't find anything incriminating. Do they pack up their gear, clean up the mess and apologise for screwing up your day or do they just walk the fuck out the door and leave you with a weeks work fixing shit up and putting everything back ?


Jul 17, 2000
thats pretty disgraceful of the police.
many people visit this site who have no intention of doing anything illegal, just for pure knowledge. are these people in danger of getting raped by the pigs too?


Jun 24, 2001
[serotone] : the police basically don't fix anything up. Everything was 'examined' (thrown about, ripped open etc) because there was just cause in the first place to obtain a warrant. (remember they have to be granted the warrant in the first place).
One other thing to add is, if you see something that looks like a raid, do not go to the house, even for a valid social call.. You will be intergated for why you are going to the house.. Pockets searched etc..
And by the way, props for Jakoz for spending time for this but most if not all of this is PLAIN COMMON SENSE..
It shouldn't take you reading a post to understand 'Don't have drugs on your premesis and be safe about what you do'
[ 28 March 2002: Message edited by: wazza ]