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The Harvard Psycedelic Club by Don Lattin is a must read for fans of Ram Dass or even Leary

anything from Ram Dass or Alan Watts, if you like spirituality/philosophy

and of course Hunter Thompson

I like this John Grisham book I'm reading right now called the Summons
Just wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions as far as what some good books may be. I haven't read anything for awhile and am in desperate need of something to read.

My favorite authors are Irvine Welsh, Chuck Palahniuk(obviously), Craig Clevenger, William Burroughs, Hunter S. Thompson, and Ken Keasey.

Any advice is appreciated.

The Lord’s, And the New Creatures by James Douglas Morrison

Songs of Innocence and of Experience by William Blake

Columbine by Dave Cullen

Helter Skelter by Vincent Bugliosi

The Satanic Bible, The Satanic Rituals, The Devil's Notebook, and The Satanic Witch <3 <3 <3
by Anton Szandor LaVey & Family

Love & Support,
Have you read those Satanic pieces dishearten?

Absolutely :)
I would never represent anything I haven't read or written of course.
These ones in particular are very close to me, these past few years especially The Satanic Witch.
I have everything I've been able to purchase in print and limited edition by LaVey, Barton, Gilmore and other members that have put afew things together such as Satan Speaks where many members are involved..
I started purchasing them one by one over ten years ago and love and have been captivated by them all.

Gilmore's work such as The Satanic Scriptures is definitely a tribute to his true teacher (Anton Szandor LaVey) and friend that helped him find himself where he is today, and I hope he writes more like that one in particular which I'm sure he will as the new Black Pope.. I feel the torch was past in the best of knowledge and right.
He has a genuine 21st Century perspective and has been equally loyal to the COS and it's core principles without changing or mixing things up to where I do believe LaVey would have been very proud.

The reason I added these to the list is because over any book, these have effected me the most and I'm proud of it, they are are either going to be really interesting and perhaps life changing, or you may not be into it and may not understand or want to..
But as they say-- don't judge a book by it's cover;
These are perfect examples because of the stigmas and cliche stereotypes.

If anyone wanted to read and try to understand what a quality Pagan society actually is, especially by getting past what they have only heard from the oversimplified black and white culture-- these are great to start breaking the mold with.
I have pentacles all over my room including a few tapestries. .
I prefer mine pointed side up tho lol.
I have a poster called virtual infinity and it's a never ending picture that mirrors itself with 5 point stars in it.
I think we may have something in common..
You ever use herbs and essential oils for anything?
I'm no "witch" but I've practiced the craft years ago.
Finish this rede if you can:
"Bide the wiccan law ye should,
Three times bad three times good,
Eight words the rede fulfill.."

Lol. Where have you been all my life girl?

Has anyone here read the bokk Bood meridian or The evening redness in the west?

This novel Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy is a very hardcore book in a sense of the events and descriptions that happen. Descriped as the authors "magnum opus" (as opposed to his ither works such as the road.....no counrty for old men...)is a very captivating book IMO. Im wondering how many have read this book and what do yall think of the characters expecialy Judge Holden? I apprecaite any responses and keep reading.:)
also for those intrested in reading it ill give you what the back of the novel says without giving away any spoilers so you can get a sense of what this novel is about. This is one of the best novels I read in a long time...and i love to read.

Based on historical events that took place on the Texas-Mexico border in the 1850's, Blood Meridian is an epic novel that traces the fortunes of the Kid, a fourteen-year-old Tennessean who stumbles into a nightmarish world in which the market for Indian scalps is thriving.
It's an incredible book, no one can deny that. Judge Holden is without a doubt (to me) the most original and captivating character created by any author in the second half of the 20th century. McCarthy has a penchant for penetrating the historical unconscious of America, and Judge Holden seems to be one of those archetypal figures who embody certain aspects of the American attitude in an incredibly intuitive way.
I agree with you brickslight about Judge Holden....he is a original character who certainly is scary and truly gets his pound of flesh.....a very true work of art....and another character that sticks out in my mind is John Joel Glanton....he seemed to start to take in nature and see it in the judges persceptive to a degree....The Kid was another that shined hope into the novel.....but the judge is defitnaly a mystery in himself and the fact the book is supposedly 90% true due to historical facts its crazy to think about....truly a book that is captivating and a will be talked about for a long time. So many characters meant so much in the book even the fool....worth reading again in maybe a month or so.
That's an amazing book. Gritty. The dynamic of the characters worked really well. Maybe because it's based on true events? I find that even if you have never experienced what another person writes, if it's true, you can really relate to it.
I just finished Interview With The Vampire written by Anne Rice. I loved it. It Is the first book in a series she wrote known as Vampire Chronicles. Has anyone else read any of these books? I plan on taking a trip to the library today and seeing if I cannot find the movie as well as The Vampire Lestat, the second book in the series.
I'm trying to get back into reading some science fiction. Anyone have any good recommendations, like Summer Prince or Stranger in a Strange Land? Want some really trippy stuff. Someone told me Old Man's War is good so I'm starting that, but need more for after.
Übermensch is a sci-fi mindbender

WTF. Seriously. I was high and bored yesterday on reddit, saw some author doing an AMA and purchased the book cause whatever. Ended up reading the whole thing in one sitting and WHAT?

The story was good, but weird as hell. Far future, dystopian, hard science fiction. Its about a biosynthetically engineered genderless posthuman willing slave named Id, who serves a godlike Master in some screwed up version of the future. They do all kinds of random ass stuff, opening dimensional gates, growing wings to fly, and going on fantasy quests to kill dragons. As my buzz wore off I started to feel kind of fucked up, high and hallucinogenic anyway reading this, haha.

Don't know if I would recommend it for most people. Here's the link though if you want to go WTF http://www.amazon.com/Übermensch-Mathew-Babaoye-ebook/dp/B015YYGEQ0
Books I've read lately/am reading. Mostly all addiction memoirs:
Tweak by Nic Sheff
Beautiful Boy by David Sheff
Leaving Dirty Jersey by James Salant
Permanent Midnight by Jerry Stahl
Polishing the Mirror by Ram Dass (spiritual)
Wasted by Mark Johnson
In Dubious Battle by John Steinbeck
Fences by August Wilson
I'm surprised it hasn't been mentioned yet but anything by Ellen Hopkins is great. Specifically her Crank trilogy. It was written based on her 17 year old daughter's introduction and demise with meth. I'm reading the second book right now and I'm hooked.