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At least if I were to leave this world tomorrow by God my kids know who Truman Capote was. . .
They have leather-bound volumes of Mark Twain... they have volumes of Robert Frost ..... they recognize things their contemporaries have no clue about.
They know Emily Dickinson; they are equally outraged n disgusted as I am by the works of Sylvia Plath. They know enuf about Shakespeare and John Donne.

My kids didn't hear any of this in high school. None have as yet formally attended college though all 5 are in the proper age range.
They work. But they know the big names throughout literary history (These were a splatter-pattern of examples) , because of me.

So if I die tomorrow; I've done my job.
Tolstoy is REMARKABLY insightful. Dost..... I cant even spell him: I think.I read some short stories or an abridged version of one or more of his works.... I dont have clear memories of it.
I am embarassed to admit my depression has kicked in lately and left me kinda NOT doing any serious reading and even less serious writing.
I jotted some notes regarding holiday plans....simply so I don't forget what I've decided on or been told. (*freakin BRAINLESS in depression! )
And (****hides face in shame) last night I dozed off to a gossip -rag chunk of the yellowist journalism I've ever held in my hands! A neighbor dropped off what she referred to as some 'ads and coupons from Sunday papers' so I accepted the stack graciously without inspection.

Ugh! Four or five editions of (am I allowed to name it?) A mainstream gossip rag. That's the best description. It all belongs in the recycling bin. It was just sitting next to my Comfy Spot last night so I thumbed through....and I thought , upon waking from the unscheduled nap, "dear God I need Help."
Currently reading the awesome of this:


I read another book by the same author in which he debates Deepak Chopra and totally fucking owns him. Great thinker and great explainer of science.
what happened to the “what are you currently reading?” thread? anyway ...

i have to return some videotapes.
thanks yo! search function is driving me crazy. would only turn up a reported post from the thread that was deleted so it wouldn’t link.

duras with her infamous mother and two older brothers,1906. after looking at the photo for too long, i notice the terrible dodge job done on her face.

in addition to the two pictured brothers, she had two older half-brothers on her father's side.

is frustrating trying to find out much about her that's concrete. one of her full-length biographies is based of her books, which is nonsense. reviews of the other say it makes a real effort, but that it's full of unexplained contradictions and "don't expect miracles." i guess i want to read the latter, by laure adler.

many describe three of her novels as autobiographical, but they're not autobiographies. this confuses people and creates lots of litter to sift through when searching for information about her person.

she's quite facetious. and got short with the press. she wasn't going to explain anything. quotes attributed to her that are actually her -- as opposed to one of her characters or narrators -- need to be taken with a grain of salt and lots of (unprovided) context.

“The story of my life doesn’t exist.” --The Lover
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Ok let's start here: does anyone have a Favorite author??
Mine (past) is Truman Capote
(Contemporary ) is James Rollins
Top poet : Robert Frost (past)
Poet (Contemporary ): Bob Dylan

Favorite contemporary author: Joyce Carol Oates
Favorite past author: Edith Wharton, H.P. Lovecraft, Dickens
Top poet: Emily Dickinson
Poet (Contemporary): None, I rarely read poetry
Going to add these:
Favorite “top 3” fiction genres: Literary fiction, Historical fiction, Gothic fiction
Least favorite fiction genre: Bodice-ripper Romance
Favorite “top 3” nonfiction genre: Memoirs, True Crime, History
Least favorite nonfiction genres: Autobiographies of “Hollywood Celebrities”
Name 3 books you loved but don’t know anyone that has read them:
“Slammerkin” by Emily Donoghue, “Asylum” by Patrick McGrath, “Glamorama” by Bret Easton Ellis

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