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Television Breaking Bad

...and Jesse plays marathon rounds of arcade-style shooters for the remainder of his days. What does this guy do with his spare time these days, anyway? You know, without the meth and all?
^ Is the show going to end after this season?

I guess if it's finishing up they might kill Walt, but if there are more seasons planned I doubt he would get killed, but who knows.

Maybe they might chuck in a surprise and Walt kills Hank or half the DEA or something. lol

P.A jumped in before i saved my post.

Yeah, about Jesse, no GF, no meth taking/making, maybe he just plays vid games all his spare time as you say.
Even though Walt tries not to be overly flashy, the cars he bought are still ridiculous. Why didn't he just get a Ferrari or something?
fuuuuck, RIP :(

everyone keeps talking about the ricin cig, isn't it just a glass vial with ricin in it that's small enough to fit in a cig? I don't think anybody can actually smoke it and get poisoned.
I felt so badly seeing Mike go... kinda knew it was coming though. :(

Now does Walt (or the news) tell Jesse and Saul what happened with him, or does he get rid of the body and say that he gave Mike his bag and he took off?

the extra-large head makes him even more adorably spastic.
PROBABLY reading too far into this but what Mike was watching when they served the warrant... was that just foreshadowing his own death or a suicide by a cop (Hank)? I mean, you'd think Hank would have killed himself when he was paralyzed if anything... Mike was probably just being a dick or Gilligan thought it was funny, or both... but you never know. =D
Yea it was tough watching mike go. Im thinking walt will dump the body and make like he skipped town. And even worse is the feds robbed his bankroll twice. BUT he was still alive at the end. Anyone think he will somehoow get help?
I thought it was kind of funny how after Walt shot Mike he seemed all upset and was like, "Damn, I just realized I didn't have to shoot you. My bad"