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Jul 28, 2004
Relevant articles for this thread are always welcome
Feel free to post a link below :)

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These threads are always fun to bump:

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TED Talks. Click here for videos of people discussing the farthest out there science, social, and futurist ideas

PhysOrg. Large science news website, with all the categories you could want

Links to science-related YouTube channels

EEVBlog - which stands for Electrical Engineering VBlog, the host is an engineer with a degree in electrical engineering. Makes videos about electrical engineering-related stuff, debunking stuff and so on.

Thunderf00t - PhD chemist who works at a nuclear reaction. Very well-versed in all chemistry fields including biochemistry, physical chemistry, physics, astrophysics, atomic/particle physics etc. Makes videos debunking pseudoscience and pseudoscientific "innovations", a strong oppotent of religion and creationism. Also makes very interesting videos about scientific research he does. He is the scientist who figured out what the exact mechanism involved in alkali metal-water reaction is, which was posted in Nature Chemistry in 2015 revealing that every other scientist and teacher up until that in both universities and schools had been teaching it incorrectly!

PBS Spacetime - mainly astrophysics, quantum field theory, and general/special relativity - related channel explaining recent advancements in aforementioned fields. Requires a moderate to advancement understanding of both fields but very interesting nonetheless.

TheBackYardScientist - a channel for more entertaining science-related content that doesn't require advancement knowledge of scientific fields.
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Jun 4, 2017
I'd really recommend NileRed and Cody's lab, two great science-related YouTube channels.