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cocaine come down


Oct 7, 2001
how does the cocaine come down feel? i dont feel that erowid gave me any good answers to that...
ive only taken cocaine while being high on x
It feels like no matter what is available to do, you don't feel like doing it. You're uncomfortable and could use another line.
e rep described it really well. Its like a mental clouding where you're not sure what you want to do, but you feel uneasy about doing almost anything. The only thing you're really up to doing is another line. You also might find yourself searching everywhere for those crumbs that you're sure you dropped on the floor last night. I know they're around here somewhere....
it feels like absolute shit.....but hey throw some heroin in that line of coke and you have no comedown nor do you crave anpother line after line......speedball baby
A shot of Vodka after doing a line really helps me... I don't feel the comedown from the coke as much, because I still have a tiny buzz from the shot. The cocaethalyne in my system also helps :)
Coming down from coke totally sucks...at least for me it does. I get REALLY depressed and even cry sometimes after a long binge.
Some advice: if you're going to do coke, don't do it while you're doing E....it TOTALLY kills your roll! You're better off rollin' anyway....waaaay better buzz!
I don't think its so bad. You definately want more, but it just feels like everything is slowing down/sagging.
Its not terrible. Is there such a thing as a good comedown?
how does coke kill your roll on ecstacy? ive only taken little coke at a time, never felt any real feelings from it.... one time i took some coke when rolling and i never got any real peak,... it was like i felt happy for some hours but no real peak
I don't know how or why...it just does. I have had a few times when I was rolling nicely, did a nice sized line of coke, and WHAM!...no more roll! :( Learned my lesson! Smoking it does the same thing. Coke overrides most everything I've mixed it with.
If you drink with your yay, you won't experience the coke come down. Instead, the short-lived coke high will be extended because of the booze, and when the coke wears off, you'll still be feeling the effects of the depressant, ehnce no come down... but beware! People tend to drink a lot more when they're on coke (which can be VERY dangerous), so when that wears off, they'll be super shit-faced... it's hilarious.
everybody.. wish me luck that i don't blow thru my stash before new years
It's been said that the high isn't what keeps the user on the drug, it's the comedown.. actually, I just made that up, but the idea is fairly accurate - the high is only so-so, no biggie... but that crash just sucks, and thats why so many get psychologically hooked - rather then deal with the crash, they use more coke...
If you want to avoid the crash, well, thats what benzos are for! Seriously, like as little as 1mg Klonopin taken right before you do that last line, and you will be feeling good until you fall asleep ..
I don't really use coke anymore, but if I do then I require myself to have benzos on hand.. (or better yet, opioids) ..
the comedown from coke is not worth the high IMO. but that is just me, and obviously others don't agree. and drinking just makes it worse. not only are you fiending coming off the coke, but you end up hungover and dehyrated cuz you drank so much. id just get some meth instead.
How does it make you feel in the head?
After say meth, pills, weed etc i feel really FUCKED UP in the head.
Is it the same with coke?
Originally posted by Danthemanz:
How does it make you feel in the head?
After say meth, pills, weed etc i feel really FUCKED UP in the head.
Is it the same with coke?

It would depend on how much of it you do, and it would depend on the person. I find that after a night of coke binging I just feel worn out and want sleep. If you keep going into the next day, obviously your brain is going to get alittle exausted and your going to start "losing it".
Comparing it to an LSD trip is a little much, but it's definitly uncomfortable.. it's really just a total mental drain..
Wait, why the fuck are we trying to explain this? We are trying to explain a feeling, and this is not easy.. look, the cocaine crash isn't fun, no one likes that aspect of using coke, but just go out there, have yer night of fun, and then see what the "crash" is...
Phreex couldnt have put it more simpler when I go out I usually buy $100 bags which I HAVE to do THAT night because I dont want no binges to go on.
I dont know if this is true but a few of my friends say they have chest probs efter doing lines me I dont have that problem .
It is prob def true though that once you start coming down the only thing you want is another line to get you back up as no other drug will really get you feeling like a coke high will.
Me I tend to drink or smoke to make my comedown easier. Being very drunk/or stoned IMO is a way better feeling than just a staright coke comedown.
The more you do, the worse it is. After an 8-ball day (don't ask...) it felt like death...
The solution?
Wait until you're definitely descending, then take a pretty good bump of K - repeat as necessary.
Ketamine overrides a lot of drugs, and it seems to completely mask the comedown.
Yeah, but do you want to go from a coke crash right into ketamine land? Even if you only do a little, you still get the somewhat wacky effects.. personally - I have said this before, and I will say it again, for drug crashes: BENZODIAZEPINES.. they nix the anxiety, bring a little light into yer day, and then let you sleep pain-free ... pain killers are also fun and effective..
Coke is great and the comedown isn`t that bad either compared to a lot of other shit,but the urge for more is huge!
THC is good because it puts you in a pretty happy state.
Rohypnol is the best,give it a try!