College College / University Graduates - Do you Regret Ever Going?

I think college is great for people that it worked out for. College isnt meant for all and some people would be much happier being an electrician or carpenter... Me I love chemistry and it has kept me out of trouble and in living a fruitful life with a wife and kids, but my story isn't the same as someone who instead of studying for years and being lonely and miserable, they could have had a great time working a regular construction job then open up there on shop and make millions a year, cause plumbing may not look glamorous but how much does someone pay when you need to get your toilet unclogged etc, it's like 300$ the second they walk in the door. Every old lady out there or yuppies who dont know anything about electrical or plumbing have to pay ALOT of money for the simplest of fixes.
Do you regret going to college/university? If so WHY? If not then WHY?

I'm completely in the middle on this one because I took a Bachelors in Business Management and Marketing. Completely outdated course and basically useless.

However, those 4 years of my life were some of the best. I made friendships that still hold extremely strong to this day (10 years later).

BUT, I had a fucking huge student loan to pay off, which if I had sent that money on self-education would have taken me much further much quicker.

What's your opinion and if you're at college now are you thinking its worth it or not?
I don't regret it at all. Being a student is hard for me, but I have no regrets that I decided to get my degree. I study finance and it's something which has always been interesting to me. I also have a few extra courses which help me to learn something from different spheres. But I also have a job to be able to pay my bills, and honestly, sometimes I want to give up on everything.
But I have a goal, and I do my best to reach it. I face difficulties from time to time, especially with writing, but there are sources, like this one which helped me with my last task, and those examples gave me ideas which saved me from missing deadlines. And I know some other sources like this one, which helps me a lot with my studies.
And also I managed to meet amazing people, who helped me with my studies, and who are also my good friends and they just made the whole experience better.
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I became a drunk, so I regret it in that aspect but sober now, just perscription drug, legit but controlled, they are harder to quit
I am very sorry about this! Now, I would get a good job much faster thanks to the university. Maybe I'll go back to university to finish it. Now it's much easier because there are services such as write my paper for me that can make studying much easier and that's cool. All I had to do was choose the profession in which I would like to study
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