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News Colorado becomes second state to legalize “magic mushrooms”

Germany is going for nationwide legalization though. We still don't have that. The states that have legalized is a great start but we really haven't won yet.

For instance, I live in Illinois. Weed is legal here but, it is still considered illegal on the federal level so, a federal agent could sit in a dispensary parking lot and arrest every person that walks out. That would pretty much be a waste of time because they really wouldn't prosecute any of those people but, they still could be arrested.

Plus, employers can still drug test their employees and fire them for testing positive for marijuana. We have made a lot of progress but, until we have full federal legalization, we aren't there yet. Germany will probably get there before us.
Ye but nationwide is as big as Texas
i read since this stuff was posted that five other states are changing their laws. washington wants to make it so you have to go to a healing center or something and take them if i remember correctly. not sure about the other states, they seemed better.

i just read today that massachussetts is decriminalizing shrooms too. i'd feel a lot better in an apartment growing if they were just legal. lol. i don't want to have to deal with landlord bullshit. i was reading an older post on this board about someone getting evicted because their apartment stunk and was unclean. their land lord noticed this because of a leak or something. it didn't even say anything about shrooms... i was totally set to start growing again once i move out, but that post kind of fucked with me... i have too much to loose... i now have no idea if i will be taking shrooms in the near future if they get decriminalized. the article said you wouldn't be arrested for growing, so if that's true, my apartment might be stinking for a couple months out of the year.
You’re half-right. A microdot was a 90’s thing. It’s ecstasy and acid together in one little pill.

I have not heard of this. Are you referring to people becoming a casualty aka dying from it?
Nah microdot was way before the 90s and were so small one could hardly tell if they hit the mouth or not. MDMA takes almost 100 mgs, already way larger than a microdot.

I believe them to be just acid but were more of a 70s 80s thing.
i read in another article that massachussetts decriminalized up to two grams of psychedelics. you won't get in trouble if you grow TWO GRAMS of shrooms. what the fuck. this is totally worthless. i was just in a super good mood thinking i'd be growing all the shrooms i wanted free of paranoia. doesn't look as good for me now. what the fuck. maybe i'm just stuck in a world of "wow i can't believe weed is this potent and i still get flashbacks from other drugs." i wonder how long that can last. damn.
YA my son has like 3 tubs growing at the moment and i still have 3 full mason jars i grew a few years befor they became legal they are air tight but ive use so many psychedelics (i followed the Dead for a few years)...i dont use but i am happy they woke up...now if they would just legalize Opium i would be stoked.
About time. I've done ketamine treatment for my bipolar disorder, I'll tell you this, my experience, it worked better than any SSRI they tried on me. ✌
I’d argue for every person that gives up addiction due to mushrooms, there is probably another who went psychotic :)

Not at all saying they should be illegal , but I’m not sure one can extrapolate the current results in psychedelic research out to the general population
I seriously doubt that mushrooms alone can cause long term psychosis/ schizophrenia. If that happens, there is more than likely an underlying condition. Schizophrenia can show up in the teens, twenties or thirties (sometimes even later). If anything, psychedelics may trigger or speed up the process, IMO.
I've never heard of anyone going psychotic due to mushroom use. I think that barely ever happens.

I know that legalizing shrooms doesn't do much for the war on drugs, but it definitely does something for people like me who want shrooms and don't have access lol...Except that I'm in NY, but hopefully it happens here soon.
Have you looked into growing your own? Everything you need is easily obtainable and legal to purchase. You can buy the spores pre-loaded into syringes. There are shitloads of tutorials on the interwebs, too. It's not hard to do (hardest part is just keeping everything sterile, which really isn't hard) and it doesn't require much space or energy/ lighting and the supplies aren't expensive. Also, the DEA probably won't be surveilling you for growing personal amounts of mushrooms.
any guides to places in colorado where i can go to a clinical setting and try shrooms again? i did them several times and i was super depressed and lonely and i was crying. im thinking its because i did them alone. perhaps maybe its time to take advantage of this legalization in colorado and actually go to a clinical setting with help from others?? can you guys guide me here a bit, thanks!