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  • Trip Reports Moderator: Xorkoth

DiEt-Fencamfamin - N,N-diethylfencamfamin

It's true that fencamfamine is slightly better than camfentamine but I didn't note a huge difference. It's the fact that both have mild opiate activity (as cypenamine does) so they are much less stimulating.

Of course, it's been decades since I've taken a stimulant. I struggle with anxiety and the last thing I need is an increase in stimulation.

The last entactogen I took was MDAR which is notably better than MDMA although it's never been commercially popular because the patent route isn't too friendly and as far as I can tell, modern RC vendors don't do much research into finding better syntheses. Seems dumb. It might cost you $2000 for a qualified medicinal chemist to find and document an improved route... but if it then means you can buy the target compound for $2000/Kg LESS because you provide a cheaper route, it pays for itself very quickly.
You would run into complications trying to use the usual aminorex analogue route for that, wouldn’t you.
Oh, fencamfamine and camfentamine were both VASTLY superior to any amphetamine or cathinone I have experienced (and I have sampled many different ones. Both are vastly more lipophilic (than amphetamines and cathinones) and so the action is almost entirely on the CNS and not the body.

Many reports suggest that the subjective effects of fencamfamine are more akin to nomifensine than amphetamine and while I haven't tried nomifensine, it also demonstrates that a tertiary amine can produce an active stimulant.

In fact, I concluded that the aromatic amine that made nomifensine toxic isn't required for activity - it's added to alter the pharmacokinetics of the drug. Diclofensine has a methoxy moiety and likewise I do not believe it's required for activity but acts as a sacrificial moiety (a weak point in the structure that the body can easily metabolize).

More recent compounds such as JNJ-7925476 and McN5652 further demonstrate this AND within their patents the QSAR is examined. The latter has a para thiomethoxy moiety and like the simple amphetamines, this ring-substitution yields a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor. So I would be extremely surprised if 3,4-MD ring failed to display triple reuptake inhibition.
Camfetamine imo is not better then dextro-Amphetamine. Although their productive energie makes a em a bit alike. Cathinone, and their cousins miss this concentration. That 's why I used the term sloppy stims.
Well everyone is different. It's quite simple to compare the LogP of camfentamine and amphetamine to show that the former will migrate to fatty tissue (the brain) in a much higher percentage than amphetamine so the body-load is substantially lower.

But if you don't suffer body-load from amphetamine, I imagine they feel the same.

Good old fashioned phenmetrazine is the best stimulant and infamous for causing the very first European media drug panic in Scandinavia. In the early 50s anyone could just buy it from any pharmacy and people discovered that IV, it's pretty impressive (more so than methamphetamine I'm told). So it became first prescription only and then subject to specific laws. All within 8 years.

Sadly, phenmetrazine is substantially more complex to make than amphetamine. Which I think is a pity.