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Opioids Dilaudid/hydromorphone MEGA THREAD and FAQ

Dilaudid 2/4/8mg IR tablets
Hydromorph-Contin 6/9/12/18/24/30mg XR capsules with tiny beads

Decent oral formulations, especially Dilaudid 8mg & Hydromorph-Contin 30mg “Red Rockets”

Pharmaceutical Dilaudid HP Forte 250mg Powder for compounding (inject that powder like candy lol)

Sandoz Pharmaceuticals tiny 10ml glass vial. Hydromorphone 1,000mg / 10ml vial (100mg/per ml) simply amazing HM multi-use vial. I have Depo-Testosterone IM in a small 10ml glass vial and it’s sooooo discreet and easy to conceal in one’s pocket. A freaking 1,000mg of Dilaudid in a tiny 10ml vial

What would I do for 500-1000 vials correctly stored for long term storage as per advice by the lead chemists on Sandoz production line. And an additional 100kg sealed drum of sterile HM lypolized powder for compounding

Dexedrine & Desoxyn 5mg tablets
Diazepam 10mg & Lorazepam 2mg
Methylphenidate & Phenmetrazine powder
Oxycodone HCL 100kg sealed drum of pure powder
Methadone 100kg sealed drum of pure powder

100 million in liquid cash, custom compound in Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Florida, Arizona, Texas

A fortification under the compound with underground shooting range, high security pharmaceutical vault etc…..with a typical modern mansion built above, outdoor 500-1000 yard range, old cars and structures built for live fire exercise

Barrett M82 .50 Cal long range precision cannon
Remington M40A1
Colt M4 Carbine
Springfield M14 DMR

ATV, horses, trucks, I want a modern mansion equipped with every XXX toy and CII you can imagine lol
"1,000mg of Dilaudid in a tiny 10ml vial”

You know hydromorphone is wicked water soluble. Yup, concealing an IV solution that would dilute into three shots would be soooo easy.

As is crushing 30 tablets or so and placing it in a 20-mL nasal spray bottle w/ saline solution. Shit is useless orally and IN isn’t much more than 1.5 - 2x better, topping at what?About 60% b.a. but it hits fast and is easy to carry around.

As for API from your other post … I hear ya, I used to handle 1Kg bags of CII single compound APIs in a product development lab, mostly d-amp, hydrocodone and morphine. Back when the DEA logs were maintained and audited by one and the same. Easy to take some out and add a sticker of equal weight to the bag and… no tracing the “loss”.
Hey yall,

Got prescribed 8mg dillies as a "safe supply" while Im upping kadians as fast as my doc will allow (which is slow as fuck).

Been smoking and shooting fent for 5 years straight, up to 3g/day IV. Now my veins are a disaster, havent found one in days and they wont up my kadian script more than 100mg / week which is fucking retarded for the tolerance I have 😤🙄. Currently at 720mg kadians/day and still sick. They get me good for 8h then its withdrawls again.... every fucking day...

Doc said I could smoke dillies but didnt know how when I asked for details.

I tried a q pill on a foil, went from white to brown to black almost instantly, tastes like shit, couldnt get enough in my lungs to even hope to get any effect.

Whats the deal here ? Are they smokable or not? Is there some whitchcraft processing to do hours/days ahead like when I was IVing them?

Fuck I miss my fent. Trying to go clean / on script to get my life together and now im learning so many different ways to do other opiates which seems so dumb to me.

Anyways, the goal here is to manage withdrawls but I also wouldnt mind actually getting high specifically tonight 😅

Couldnt find any info about smoking dillies on here, dont know if its a no go / a hastle / not worth it?
I've had plenty of experience with dilaudid pills whether it was snorting them or dissolving them to IV. Tho I had 1 experience that absolutely blew me away and showed me the full euphoric rush dilly is capable of. I was hospitalized with a large abscess in my thigh from IM drug use which I waited way too long to get treated for until I couldn’t walk and it was the absolute worst pain of my life. When I went to the hospital, they immediately admitted me and first they gave me just ibuprofen or something. I was crying in pain but since I told them the truth on my drug use on how I got abscess never in a million years did I expect them to give me ANY opioid at all. My sister finally talked to the doctor about my pain and they actually gave me 2 10mg Lortabs. I was quite surprised, but I figured that was a fluke. It obviously had zero effect on my pain due to the severity of pain and my tolerance. The nurse who then took started wheeling me up to my room upstairs told me not to worry as soon as I get to the room the doctor has ordered IV morphine for me. WTF!?!? Did I really hear her say morphine? much less IV morphine?? It can't be true. Well, it sure as fuck was true. They gave me I believe 5mg morphine IV. Now with my tolerance it wasn't heaven, I barely felt it, but I did feel it and the morphine was prescribed "as needed by request every 4hrs". Well, you better believe every 4hrs on the fucking dot I called the nurse to tell them I was in severe pain. I didn't even have to lie as I was in severe pain. So, I spent the night and was scheduled for conscious sedation surgery the next day to drain the abscess. I told the nurse the morphine wasn't really doing much and that was the truth and very evident to the nurses and doctors that my pain was severe and real. This nurse who'll I'll owe for the rest of my life then told me that I should request something called "hydromorphone" when I see the doctor for surgery as that tends to work much better for some people. I couldn't believe my ears so as soon as I was rolled into the operating room, I had 2 conversations with the doctors. First with the anesthesiologist, I was afraid my tolerance would make their conscious sedation drug doses ineffective so I made sure to mention my tolerance to her and she just replied "Don't worry honey, I read your chart and brought double of everything” Lol. Then I talked with my main doctor and told him the morphine wasn’t working and that the nurse suggested I ask for hydromorphone. He just replied "ok". Ok?? ok what? Is that a yes, no maybe?? I didn't really have time to dwell on it as then the anesthesiologist injected me with a vial of fentanyl, I believe 200mcg and a vial of midazolam maybe 10mg. I didn't feel any rush or effects like I expected to, but before I even realized it, I noticed that I just woke up from a short nap and they were beginning the procedure. SO, I was fucked up that’s for sure and drifting in and out of consciousness just how conscious sedation is meant to be. The procedure was they had a cat scan machine to see exactly where the abscess was and then had the biggest fucking needle I saw in my life. Must have been 6in+ long and I don’t know maybe -18gauge lol. It was attached to a syringe barrel that I believe held 100 maybe 500ml. So, he starts pushing that needle into my leg where the abscess is. AT first I didn't register a change in pain but right when I guess he was gonna enter the abscess chamber I was hit with pain the likes of which I never felt before. I started groaning in pain and tears were streaming down my face. The anesthesiologist instantly sprang into action and within 5sec pushed a 2nd vial of fentanyl and a 2nd vial of midazolam into my IV. That seemed to do the trick as I seemed to have passed out momentarily. The next thing I remember was them saying "man you sure can smell that" when they hit the abscess and started pulling out fluid. The smell hit me a second later and it wasn't exactly nasty like I expected just very chemical. I repeated all fucked up "yeah you can smell that" and nodded off again. They ended up draining 1 and a half syringe barrels of liquid. The abscess was the size of a grapefruit they told me and the exact amount I forgot but 1.5 syringes so if it was 100ml then 150ml, if 500ml then 750ml. I don't know.

I next wake up back in my room and the nurse comes by to check on my pain. I was in severe pain, tho it was a different type of pain then before, no longer the throbbing pain, but different. It still hurt like a fucker but the type of pain was sharper but much more tolerable. There was definitely a huge relief from having the abscess drained. So again, not lying I told her it was a 9/10 pain. Then she said the words on a fucking angel "The doctor ordered the hydromorphone for you so hopefully this will help". It was 2mg on dilaudid into my IV. And opioids are supposed to be injected IV very slowly over like 30sec+, but this nurse and every nurse there for that matter instead push it all into the IV as quickly as it'd go. 1-2 seconds tops followed by a saline flush to get every molecule in me.

Now I’ve IV as much as 10 or 12mg of dilaudid from pills before so I thought what I’d feel is significantly less than that rush. Boy was I wrong. I went from crying and groaning in pain to the most intense, ecstatic, euphoric state of nirvana my body n mind had every experienced in life. And remember I was an opioid IV user for a good 15yrs by this point. Holy shit, I started laughing in fact. The nurse was like "well it looks like that’s working". For some reason that 2mgof hydromorphone perhaps because it was pharmaceutically meant for IV and injected into a good and definite IV line gave me a rush and euphoria that was 100x more intense than any I’ve felt injecting dilaudid pills. Before or since. In fact, when I finally had a rare chance to obtain dilaudid pills years later and did an IV dose that was much higher than 2mg I was very disappointed as it was NOTHING like that experience. I spent 10 days in that hospital room receiving IV antibiotics and of those 10 days the first 7 days, yes 7 entire days! I was prescribed IV 2mg hydromorphone as needed by request every 3 or 4 hours. In those 7 days I literally only missed 1 single dose of that hydromorphone cause one night I asked for something to help sleep and they gave me Ambien so I slept thru my dosage time.

Now they had to draw blood like 3x a day and it was becoming impossible with my veins so they put in what’s called a PICT line. What that is is a long spaghetti looking thin flexible tube with holes all along it that by using an ultrasound machine they inserted into a deep vein in my biceps and the end of that tube went all the way to almost reaching my heart. On the outside of my biceps there was a port connected to it and they told me from that port they can not only administer all the IV medications necessary but also draw as much blood as needed cause for some reason every time they drew blood, they needed to find a new vein. This Pict line can stay in a person for up to 2 years straight!!!

Ok so here I have the most direct and reliable access to my intravenous system I’ve ever had especially with fucked veins like I had. I was getting IV dilaudid every few hours and its rush never lost its power, but I started noticing that it was just that, all rush. The greatest rush imaginable, but after the rush little nod and wore off quickly. Well, I needed something with legs. Long story short I got a bunch of dope delivered to me in my hospital room hahahaha. Even tho I was bed bound as I couldn’t walk, I was able to acquire the supplies between my friend bringing the D and what I found in the room to be able to cook up/dissolve all that D at once in a measured fashion into several 5 and 10ml syringes so that 1ml was an exact dose I wanted. I even micron filtered it all so the liquid was absolutely clear of particles. Then right after I'd get my dilaudid IV and the nurse would leave my single occupancy room and close the door, I would have a 1ml syringe that I was able to screw into one of the ports and inject AND flush with saline within 3sec. So, as I was halfway thru the dilly rush which was pure electric, cold, and energizing I would get hit by a 2nd rush from the dope which was warm, relaxing, and comforting. 2 rushes at once and the dope kept me good for hours. It was probably the single best week of my life when it comes to drug use/highs. Without a doubt I’ll never find myself in a circumstance like that again. This was in the early 2000's back when the medical establishment was heavily focused on pain management and making sure people have their pain fully treated. Completely different world than today. Shit even back then as a junkie I didn't expect so much as a Vicodin yet this hospital took pain management seriously. Such a thing is absolutely impossible today. Due to the opioid crisis created by fucking big pharma now people in serious legitimate need of real pain control aren't given any. It’s absolutely sickening in my mind that people in serious pain caused by lifelong conditions or things like cancer or severe injuries, things that are blatantly obvious to everyone that it’s a legitimate and seriously painful condition that requires the use of any and every pain control medication in whatever dosages is required to treat that pain. Yet these people are given a shot or Toradol, basically fucking a stronger ibuprofen, maybe a tramadol or Vicodin prescription if lucky even tho their pain is so severe that the hydromorphone and diamorphine every 3hrs IV regiment I was receiving would just barely make life tolerable for them. Yeah, I’m ranting but this holding back of medications that are needed needs to stop. Instead, it’s now spreading to other drugs of abuse such as benzodiazepines are becoming nearly an impossible prescription to get unless you've already been on it for years. Now I’ve been reading that starting with the covid lockdown what’s become popular is people being diagnosed with ADHD as adults and thru tele doctor visits at that. ADHD if it wasn't diagnosed in you as a child then you were never gonna get diagnosed with it no matter how fucking severe your symptoms were. That’s just the way it was with that. But with pain and benzo medications off the table it looks like it’s gone from perhaps 5% of ADHD cases being diagnosed in adults to something like 30-40% of ADHD diagnosis are now made in adults. Pill mills slinging adderall are basically repeating the oxycontin pill mill scene of the early 2000's. Don't get me wrong I'm all for access to drugs for recreational use, like duh. But the reaction to it is too severe and makes normal people suffer. Perhaps the fact that I never relied on doctors to get drugs, I always had easy access to heroin (which is cheaper and better than oxy) benzos, and stimulants that I think it’s ridiculous to really try to get your drugs from doctor shopping. Anyways that’s my rant.

So yeah, the point is that the pure dilaudid was unlike any dilaudid pills I’ve ever had, it’s just almost 2 completely different drugs. One more side story so my hospital bill JUST for pharmacy (the medications basically hydromorphone I got) was $70,000!!! Yeah, fucking nuts. Then my last night at the hospital I noticed that the hydromorphone came in these little glass cylinders that they would put into this metal plunger syringe type device and push the hydro into the iv like that, then afterwards that cylinder was discarded in the sharp’s container in my room. A container that was completely empty when I entered the room and now was almost full to the top with dozens of these used hydromorphone ampules all of which came from me. I knew for a fact a there would be a drop at least of liquid left in each ampule because I saw it when they would finish injecting. SO, in the middle of my last night, I gained access to the sharps container and there was something like 70 ampules in there. Took me a few hours to drain out the drop or 2 of liquid that was left in each one but when I was finished I had almost 2ml of liquid. So basically 2 doses or 4mg hydromorphone bonus. Well, I made sure to use that Pict line 1 last time. That is my story of my experience with hydromorphone.

There's really no point in me posting this it’s just a story I remembered and thought I'd share, if anything my only question is why was that 2mg IV of hydromorphone so ridiculously stronger and better than even 10mg shots I made from the dilaudid pills? I still can't figure it out, my best guess is that somehow the majority of the hydromorphone simply wasn't drawn into the water into the shot and remained in the filtered-out talc from the pill.
Canadian manufactured Purdue Pharma - Hydromorph-Contin 30mg “Red Rockets” are the largest XR dose available which contain lots of tiny beads inside the large red capsule

You can pulverize the tiny beads into a fine powder converting it into HM / Dilaudid 30mg IR which is a VERY large dose administered intravenously injected using a micron filter, which could/would OD an opioid naive individual

I had a script for Hydromorph-Contin 9mg XR blue capsules X 2 daily in addition to IR Dilaudid 2mg tablets X 4 daily, before daily Methadone 80mg

Oxycodone IR 30mg is WAY under the potency of Hydromorphone IR 30mg

Those “Red Rockets” HM 30mg XR are Highly desirable ….in the same way OxyContin 80mg greenies were (original formula).

Dilaudid 8mg IR tablets are like Gold X 4 daily, in addition to 2 capsules of Hydromorph-Contin 30mg XR would be a solid daily regiment for an opioid tolerant patient

Methadone 80mg daily taken in morning 8am, with an extra 20mg as needed daily at 5pm for breakthrough pain is my current regiment and is a potent long-acting mu-agonist that’s surprisingly euphoric and pleasurable

……it’s just a shame oral Hydromorphone is a “waste” as nearly 70% of the oral dose is destroyed by first pass metabolism (your liver) and the only way to administer HM is injection or an oral syringe up ur bum-bum according to all opioid users.

Sexiest HM product I’ve ever seen is Sandoz Pharmaceuticals 1,000 Hydromorphone in a tiny 10ml glass vial - Dilaudid HP Fort, an astonishing 100mg of Hydromorphone in a single 1ml syringe. This tiny little 10ml vial is small enough to keep in your front pocket. I’d kill to be on Sandoz production floor while they’re packaging newly manufactured vials in cardboard flats,100 vials, 50 lower deck, 50 above …like a box of chocolates lol ….Google this product and see the pic…..adorable little glass vial with red label IV/IM/SC injection 1,000mg vial / 100mg per ml

Slightly more potent by weight than Diacetylmorphine (Heroin), Hydromorphone (Dilaudid) is a heavy hitter and extremely highly desirable, side by side to Oxycodone & Diamorphine. Dilaudid is like Gold.

Morphine Sulphate is so 1900’s lol ….. Diamorphine/Dilaudid/Oxycodone/Methadone…and at the bottom Demerol which is like a Speedball, an mu-agonist opioid with dopaminergic stimulant properties DAT & NET

Controlled substances are so freaking Amazing……delicious food & cooking, hi-end firearms, luxury hi-performance automobiles, erotic crazy sex, great music and even better drugs lol….my brain processes them all in the same way. To me, it’s all pornography. XXX deviant delicacies fit for a King :)

Oxycodone & Methylphenidate (Ritalin) ….only 2 drugs to give me significant euphoria. Those two together would be insanely pleasurable….Speedballs are amazing
Hi, I have 6mg Hydromorphone red capsules full of white beads and wondering should I / do I need to "clean/filter" out any of the carrier or buffing agents present in the crushed up powder or is it all just Hydromorphone? Asking as I've been thinking of using them in a nasal spray or rectally? I've insufulated them regularly and have a months supply extra to experiment with as my new script is the 8mg x 3 a day 8mg IR ones that I prefer over the 6mg ER ones as they give me worse constipation and honestly don't manage my daily TMj/Whiplash/neck injury pain. Thank you. Or is there better ways of doing my 8mg IR than just dry insufulating. Eating orally is utterly useless for me as I've naturally had a high opiate tolerance and can easily fully function, work, cook, clean, take care of family and house while insufulating 4mg at a time and between 24mg-32mg daily. Any help would be greatly appreciated.thanks again.
I find hydromorph IV the closest to heroin as it can get
You are correct.

In Canada B.C they script out injectable Diamorphine (Heroin) and Hydromorphone (Dilaudid)

In a medical journal they conducted a large scale study giving subjects either Diamorphine or Dilaudid

Most study participants could NOT differentiate the difference between the two.

Injectable Hydromorphone (Dilaudid) is frequently provided to patients with out the stringent restrictions required for importing Diacetylmorphine (Heroin) from the main Swiss Manufacturer

A beautiful glass jar of 10 grams / 10,000 mg of pure Diacetylmorphine DIAPHINI

Oral tablets 100 or 200mg IR & 200mg XR ......which im sure are crushed and slammed anyways

Sandoz Pharmaceuticals
Hydromorphone HP FORTE
1,000mg / 10ml vial

Slap me silly.....

I have 10ml glass vials of Depo-Testosterone IM....Soooo freaking tiny i could carry all day snug in my sock with 1cc 30gauge rig IF it were Sandoz Dilaudid lol. They even have a plastic protective case that holds several loaded rigs.....little washroom break, come out glowing and floating back to your work area....or most likely, out back in the sun for a smoke and a drink lol
That's why i keep shooting my hydros sadly, zero self control and i'm not touching fent