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DOB-DFLY Effects and Ratings Survey Results

illuminati boy

Aug 18, 2005
amerika's 51st state to the north
Attached should be a zipped file with 5 files in it that contain the data on DOB-DFLY gathered from the recent survey project on largely unresearched compounds.

General information about the survey project on largely unresearched compounds.

This project consisted of posting 28 surveys for about 60 days at 6 different internet discussion boards. 25 of the surveys received at least one response in that time. There were a total of 701 responses to all of the surveys with 5-MeO-DPT receiving the fewest responses (2) and 2C-I receiving the most (123). 11 surveys received 25 or more responses and probably give a somewhat reliable overview of the compounds in question.
There are 3 different types of surveys. The Phenethylamines, the Tryptamines, and the DOB-DFLY survey. The phenethylamine and tryptamine surveys are almost identically with 2 exceptions; the tryptamine surveys have an additional item labeled x01 and a freeform response at the end. The DOB-DFLY survey has numerous additional sections etc. due to it being a later addition. Despite these differences, each subsection should allow for apples to apples comparisons. The only real difference in the data might be a slightly higher skip rate on section 5 with regard to the phenethylamines, though looking at the actual data the difference appears to be minimal if any.

What was looked at across all surveys was 1. What people thought of the compound overall, 2. What people thought about the general pleasurableness of the compound, 3. What people thought about the general stimulant/sedative tendencies of the compound, 4. What people reported in the way of ‘primary effects,’ 5. What people reported in the way of ‘side effects,’ and 6. The number of times people reported taking a given compound.

For items 1, 2, & 3 a ‘score’ can be worked out.

For the overall rating one can either calculate the % of persons that consider the compound ‘worthwhile’ by adding the number of persons reporting ‘B,’ ‘A,’ and ‘A+’ and dividing by the total number of persons answering that item; or one can calculate an ‘average rating’ by giving a score of 6 to every ‘A+,’ 5 to every ‘A,’ 4 to every ‘B,’ 3 to every ‘C,’ 2 to every ‘D,’ 1 to every ‘E,’ and 0 to every ‘F’ (the results then divided by the number of total respondents).

For the overall pleasure direction one simply assigns a weighted score to the responses according to the value to the left (i.e. +3, +2, +1, 0, -1, -2, -3) and divides by the total number of responses. A net positive score indicates a compound that is reportedly more positive and a net negative score indicates a compound that is reportedly more negative. A score close to or at 0 indicates a compound that is not very particularly prone one way or another with regard to pleasurable experiences (it could have no discernable ‘push’ or it could be equally prone toward pleasurable or disconcerting experiences).

The overall energy direction is calculated much the same as the overall pleasure direction, with the difference being that the results will show the overall tendency of the compound toward stimulation or sedation. If the net score is positive it indicates a trend toward stimulation, if the net score is negative it indicates a trend toward sedation. If the score is close to or at 0 it indicates that a compound is not particularly prone toward one direction or the other (this could mean neither stimulation nor sedation or it could indicate that people are more or less equally prone to the experience of either).

Compound specific discussion.

DOB-DFLY AKA Bromo-Dragonfly is a fairly rare compound that is really quite new. It is reportedly very long-lived. There were only a handful of responses to this survey, but this particular survey incorporated a unique format that allows for greater depth of information. If someone were to consider a similar survey project in the future, they would likely benefit from reviewing the particular structure of this survey. This survey only ran for about half as long as most of the other surveys.

Looking at the data here, 66.7% of respondents considered the material ‘worthwhile.’

The overall average pleasure score is +0.5 or about midway between ‘Neutral’ and ‘Pleasant / Mildly Elevated Mood.’

The respondents generally reported that this is a noticeably stimulating compound with a stimulation score of +1.5 or about midway between ‘Slightly’ and ‘Moderately’ stimulating.

The most commonly reported side-effect for this compound was headache, with 66.7% of those responding noting it. 16.7% of respondents checked the ‘No Appreciable Side Effects Whatsoever’ item.

Like most all other compounds surveyed, the most frequently reported number of uses was 2-5 times (50%). Uses reported ranged between 1 and 20 times.

Doses reportedly taken ranged from less than 50 micrograms to a milligram or more, with the most commonly reported dose being 400-500 micrograms.

Most reported using the compound orally (50%), but other routes of administration were also used.

Duration of effects ranged from ‘No Effects Noted Whatsoever’ to 27-30 hours, with most (66.7%) reporting a duration of 18-21 hours.

The one freeform comment was: “very, very dangerous physically and causes lasting anxiety....not really a 'pleasant' psychedelic experience.”



  • DOB-DFLY Results 4.5.06.zip
    19.6 KB · Views: 180


Bluelight Crew
Jan 27, 2003
Does anyone have any new experiences, information, retrospective summaries, or changed opinion on bromo-dragonfly?

It will "be around" very shortly, and I'm wondering whether or not its worth the time for safe preparation, money, etc. I'm not asking anyone to help me pick out drugs. But the information on this one seems to be pretty spotty.

It kind of sounds like its not worthwhile, but then there aren't very many (relatively speaking) reports to use to draw a conclusion.

My cash flow for these sorts of things is fairly tight at the moment, and there are several other things I have an interest in.

I'm also asking because this seems like one of those drugs that, maybe, shouldn't be available to the public due to the large percentage of people who cannot safely handle and correctly represent the material.

I'm somewhat concerned in the next month or two we'll start hearing about dose fuckups/ER visits, etc.


Jun 4, 2006
I had the loveparade blotter that went around, labeled as b-dfly across the internet, and i'd say it isn't really something most people could handle. It was pleasurable at quarter tab doses, and soldering iron to the brain at 4 tab doses.

Of course this is unverified opinion and doses were rumored to be 100mcg. 4 tabs lasted 4 days- was it DOB? who knows.


Bluelight Crew
Jan 27, 2003
Did you get it from someone who has taken it that advised the 1mg dosage? Do you feel pretty confident that it is 1mg?

The dose info on this one seems a bit sketchy.

I'll probably just pass on it, as I don't really want a shitload of doses of it since I'm getting this feeling its something I'd just try once for the exp.


Staff member
Feb 8, 2006
In the mountains
Oh, it won't be just one experience. 2 or 3, I think. Probably 3, with the first at a threshold to low dose to gauge it.