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Alcohol Does drinking bud light make you a homosexual? A thread

whats best beer in all tited muricaaa
I actually don’t mind Bud Lite. I just ignore all the stuff going on. But usually I get Rockshore.
German beer ftw. I dont advise beer for me, u know but u dont bc others are far more vital in 24/7 life but I had a edelstoff that was like tree branch sort of and other few just had malt bread taste plain.
I know Budweiser is a weak and watered down version of beer but it's what I was raised on.
If I order a beer it's bud.
merican, member? Ha
Who gives a shit honestly like what the fuck who cares
That's my whole opinion on the big, manufactured, trans/gay/LGBTQRST "crisis".
Who in the fuck cares what anyone else does or thinks or changes in their sex life? If you wanna have sex with goats, have at it if the goat is consenting.
My opinion on folks who worry about it all so much?