Downtime This April 2nd-3rd For Upgrade & Relaunch



As some of you may have noticed, Bluelight is currently falling apart.


I sense a chorus of agreement so we felt that rather than continuing to use outdated forum software, it is high time to upgrade. This plan has been some time in the making, and it pleases us to be able to announce that the time is NOW %) Well, the time is Tuesday 02/04/2019. On that date, Bluelight will be offline for 24-48hrs. During this time, we will be migrating our entire database over to a new home using new forum software provided by Xenforo.

If everything runs smoothly, we anticipate being back again and open for business no later 04/03/2019.

You will of course notice some significant stylistic and functional changes at our new home but you will still find your old friends and forums there.

See you on the other side :)
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Greetings, Bluelighters! 8( I haven't been posting for a year or more, and am glad y'all are still here. I love the look of the new software. 🙏
I haven't been on since 2001 thought the place was gone. But I'm very happy it has survived. I wonder what has changed.