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Recruitment DPMC is recruiting a moderator !


Sr. Moderator: DP&MC, N&PD
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Aug 16, 2019
a wooded hollow
Hello everyone,

We are looking to recruit a mod for DPMC. In your application please respond to the following:

1. Time zone and how much time you spend on Bluelight daily

2. Why do you want to become a mod?

3. Any relevant experience (and anything else you'd like to say about yourself)

4. Why are you passionate about drug policy?

Please PM the app to me

It should be noted that the modding responsibilities here are a bit different than the rest of Bluelight. We don't really get flame wars or trolls much. The most time consuming aspect of the job is curating all the relevant media articles. This means surfing the web for inordinate amounts of time. The other time consuming part is maintaining stylistic standards for any posted threads. Unfortunately, this is mundane and tedious (but ultimately necessary). But please don't let the doom and gloom scare you off, the work we do here can be quite rewarding :)

Thanks y'all.

tgh 🌰
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