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Human Interest DPMC VIDEOS Thread


Bluelight Crew
Oct 16, 2003
Post any drug related videos here with a small description.

Have fun :)

August 2022 mod edit:

New threads which use an older video in the OP will be moved into this sticky. Videos for the OP are fine if the video covers recent news.


😎 tgh
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Ah that last one got me all excited! Seen the first one, it was interesting, second one is too long for midnight, third one is giving me trouble (didn't work on Internet Explorer or FireFox), and last one was great lol.
Terence McKenna

Seeking the Stone: Part 1

McKenna presents profoundly compelling ideas that challenge our beliefs and encourage our participation in the creation of a new social reality. Importance of the psychedelic experience and how it ties into human nature is also discussed. Will post Part II soon.

Tucker Carlson throws representative Soudner (R-Indiana), into shit pile of his own making.

^^ Holy shit Tucker did a great job tearing Souder to parts. It's great to see this happen to Souder, ecspecially since he's my Rep.

He made Souder sound as if he had no idea what he was talking about (which he probably didn't). I ecspecially like the end where Tucker asks Souder to clarify how today's pot is like coke/crack and then his embarassment of a response when asked "How many people died last year from marijuana?"

Mark Souder is such a joke, I don't understand how anyone could be so uninformed and ignorant.

Also, where did they get all those clips of people smoking bongs, pipes, rolling joints, etc. that they play on 75% of the screen while they talk? Funny shit!
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