News DRUGS - the musical - on the upcoming Overdose Awareness Day (31 August)

Hello to the Bluelight community

On 31 August, it will be International Overdose Awareness Day. The tag line for this year's campaign is - Don't let a day go by without doing something to #endoverdose

It could mean having naloxone handy, or using a reagent test kit or fentanyl strip on your gear, or avoiding use when alone where you may not have someone able to call for help if things go wrong. It could be advocating for safe consumptions sites and drug checking services in your part of the world. Or just sharing solid harm reduction advice here at Bluelight.

Over the years, and especially the last 12 months, we've tragically seen some of our Bluelight friends die from overdose. So let's spread the word and look after each other as best we can - we know harm reduction can save lives.

And on that note, we want to let you know about a Canadian initiative supporting harm reduction called DRUGS the musical! It's a fundraiser for Canadian harm reduction groups, as well as an online performance that will be broadcast on Overdose Awareness Day (31 August). See the info below.

Excitingly, our very known @Outlier will be part of the performance for the December show. We at Bluelight look forward to joining other harm reduction organisations to support this cause later in 2021.

More info about Drugs The Musical copied below!

Take care everyone


DRUGS! (The Musical)

Joe Amero is a Toronto based comedian and Social Worker. He's a graduate of the Longform & Improv conservatories at The Second City Training Centre where he co-created his prolific troupe Pepperoni Pizza Cats.
Joe is an alumni of Bad Dog Theatre's Featured Players and has enjoyed performing stand up and sketch comedy as well as appearing in films. Joe is a survivor of addiction and is beyond grateful to spend his time these days with his loving family.

DRUGS! (The Musical) is the follow up to his sold out one person show Blood.

But this isn't about Joe Amero or even DRUGS! (The Musical).

The whole idea was created to raise awareness through education and de stigmatize drug use by celebrating the true and steady soldiers on the front lines doing the real work and contribute to their amazingly worthy cause.

ALL the proceeds from this campaign will benefit Canadian Harm Reduction efforts and initiatives.

Harm Reduction (as defined by The Canadian Drug Policy Coalition ) is a comprehensive, just and science-based approach to substance use. It represents policies, strategies and services, which aim to assist people who use legal and illegal psychoactive drugs to live safer and healthier lives.

Thanks you all in advance for your contribution to this undeniable, evidence-based intervention and the amazing people practicing it and saving lives every day.

Check out all the partners here (list with links to each partner across Canada)

Our goal is to hand them $1000 each to aid in their amazing work (but we're fairly certain they'd accept more)

Please donate today


You can also follow DRUGS the musical on Facebook
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I had a friend die right in front of me I hit him with narcan shot and he was still out his girlfriend did mouth to mouth then we ran down the road to get some narcan spray I had that goes up your nose he's ok now but be careful in Texas cuz I did a shot and didn't even make it into my bed my mom found me passed out in the kitchen I've just been taking small doses of it but people who are just starting out y'all gotta be careful cuz that shits some fire I've been using it for like three months after getting out of prison it's hard to stay sober once you start so any advice to anyone who likes opiets don't get addicted I know it's the best high ever but addiction is a mother fucker!