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Recruitment EADD Mod recruitment

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Mar 7, 2011
The Belly of the Beast
Hey folks, we are recruiting some new mods for EADD. If you are interested in applying, please send an application to me, @deficiT.

Application should include, at minimum:

Where you're from, what related experience you have that could be beneficial, how much time you can dedicate to modding, and what vision or ideas you might have for the subforum.

Hope to see some applications!


Bluelight Crew
Nov 9, 2013
the piss artist formerly known as stevesircull (th
I offered to help the other night after seeing what happened to Chinup, concerned about AB suddenly finding himself on his own. I genuinely meant it as I really care for this forum despite everything, suggesting I just try it up until Christmas just to settle things down with the time limit giving me focus.

It did not of course instantly register, but it still did not take long to recognise what a fucking sap I am - my concern for AB suddenly having no forum colleague is only based on how I may feel under such circumstances - to believe that he needed the help without even waiting to see is about as condescending as it gets and even if that were the case thinking that I could actually be of help just based on the fact that I have been in the role before is pretty grandiose.

And of course that is all well before we get to the unacceptable manner in which Chinup left the role. Jumping in her grave would do little to enamour me to the few members that still suffer me posting at all. I managed to do this before due to a solid and open channel of communication to senior volunteers whom I could both bounce off and lean on, but whatever breakdown led to Chinup being treated as if she were impossible to manage is something I hope is of real regret.

One vision I would have doing it again is to maximise the transparency of content moderation without of course breaking the confidentiality that's vital in TPH (or whatever the current forum is) for thrashing out decisions in as least a judgemental environ as is possible.



Mar 5, 2011
I too considered reapplying. But as Stee said, I also don't want to be jumping in Chinup's grave like a dirty necrophiliac...
Chinup won't mind, get yersen in that grave quicksharp (soemone's gotta do it apparently, and better the devil you know etc)

Weren't you some kinda higher (sic) mod? Why did ya jump ship anyway?

You got my vote anyways, stee too (mebbe you could share a modstick)


Bluelight Crew
May 12, 2010
Weren't you some kinda higher (sic) mod? Why did ya jump ship anyway?

Hoh yes! I attained the dizzy heights of SMOD status don't ya know?

I was never quite sure what the 'S' prefix stood for though:

Sycophantic Shit Stabber?

Anyway, jumped ship due to raging alcoholism clouding my judgement.

(Plus the fact I couldn't be arsed)
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