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Football Fantasy Football 2022 Regular Season

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Mr. Krinkle

Apr 2, 2005
So im setting up the fantasy football league again for this season

i really want it to be 100% BLers - let me know who's in and who's out

we can play for a couple bucks or we can go free, just bragging rights - it's up to you guys, but im down for whatever

Let me know who's in

im thinking so far we have:


and then me - im still cool with @ions brother playing - he was in it all the way til the end....

hopefully @alasdairm plays this year?

that would be 7 teams and we'd only need 3 more

let me know if anybody's interested

definitely earlier than that - probably something like 10am PST / 1pm EST and most likely on a weekend - i prefer the weekend before the season starts but i'll accommodate you all
it went like this last year:

@VerbalTruist had the best team by far and treated me like shit all regular season - and then i made the playoffs as the bottom seed...#4 - and then i upset @VerbalTruist in the 1st round (i played lights out and he somehow laid an egg) and then i beat the #2 seed for the championship

i love that story :)
Yeah… We’ll see how it goes this time. I’m definitely in. I know that I could rope in one more person. Definitely don’t want it to be 8. 10 is good. 12 is better.
You could play…
Thanks for the invite but I wouldn't be able to watch the games. Not free anyway.

Plus I don't gamble ( as a rule ) and really don't get into sports much. I used to ( in my 30's and 40's ) . Had one bf that loved football and we went to a lot of the Dolphin's games. And another later that was into Baseball and we would go see all the Jaguars games. This is when I lived in FL from 1978-1999.

But thanks anyway and good luck this season. Maybe the Lions will do something this year. Yeah, right !
10 is perfect - it gets really slim at 12 and at 8, you play each other too many times

alright well we're working on it early enough that we should still be able to get 10 teams


you guys interested?

who was "X gonna give it Tua" ?

that guy was good - he should come back too
That was one of my best buddies growing up. He'd probably still be down to join up, we usually are always in at least one league together. The other person was someone I thought of last minute because I think someone else here dropped out. He said "ok if you play in mine, I'll play in yours". I played his, he barely touched ours. I even dropped money into his. Annoying.

But I'm making it a rule I can ONLY do two leagues this year. If I do more I'll fuck it all up. I always say yes to one thing or another, but this time NO.

Yeah since it's early enough I think we can at least get ten.
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