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Football Fantasy Football 2022 Regular Season

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Thinking about trading Cordarrelle Patterson if I can get a better defense going on. Wonder what would be a fair trade? Think I should just keep him?
How I feel about week two.

I think I may just run my team the way it is now, since idk what I'm doing, and I'm over 200 algorithm points for week three
I'm projected to slay Alex and get more points than krinks.

My D is nasty, gunna cause some injuries
I’d take bosa now over my linebacker reddick. But I don’t think that trade have gone through for one of my safeties. Too late. I have to see how Joey b did.
isn't it great tho when it comes down to the Monday night game?

so was i the only one who had a waiver request on Tua? holy shit i just cleared up my QB issue

@Mysterier ya know i would've traded you Stafford for Tua if you really wanted him
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