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Football Fantasy Football 2022 Regular Season

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I've been getting visions of having one of the polish stoneware dishes we have filled up with a giant pile of cocaine. And serving it like they do in Blow.
Yup - that was me helping out the Greatest comeback ever

and i would've done the same thing for the last asshole that was supposed to get that team up and running

so whether you like me or not personally, i don't really care - but i don't treat anybody unfairly - we've got a great league going and you have a commissioner with 20 years experience that's pretty much seen it all - and i don't need anybody to pat me on the back because i already know - i can pat myself

and as far as im concerned, i made the right call

i didn't give away his team because it was really never even his because he couldn't even say that's the team he drafted - he never fixed it afterwards either - so he couldn't put any type of ownership claim on that team as far as im concerned - i made the right call at the right time and im glad i did it

good luck this week assholes
Good luck Krink.
One thing I noticed.
At the the end of this week.
Either @saucygirl or @darvocet21 will be 1-2 and the other 0-3
Well losing is our original rope-a-dope tactic so either way we're good you have to realize that when you look at a team and you don't recognize any of the players and then you look and see your QB had a season ending surgery and wasn't that good to begin with and your replacement QB was drafted in the 7th pick of the fourth round by a team you're not even sure where it is what kind of League it's in and what sport it plays well you get the picture
Are all the gametimes fucked up because our commish is a west coast pussy ? We all have to suffer because of him?
Is Saucy girl an underage minor because I'm not sure that's appropriate for one thing she shouldn't be on blue light another thing is that ions should have at least a 500 m Exclusion Zone.... LOL

@Fiori di Bella made me stop
Game of the week. Closest matchup. Bottom barrel for sure.
All things considered, you're now a competitive team. UYTE is too fidgety. Hang on the trigger at all times.
But one thing for certain. We need to knock down the browns at some point. He's riding high over there.
I one day we're going to hang out me and ions we're going to play quarters with his moonshine the fruit of his labor the cream of his corn
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