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Opioids Fentanyl to methadone


Nov 25, 2022
I have not posted in a while about life and all that goes with it ,I have this week to decide if my dose is high enough I'm currently taking 60 ml of methadone,I think it's enough...🤔but hate the idea that I will be locked in at that amount,I guess I will just have to trust in myself.A couple of days ago I was doing dishes ,our neighbors Jerry and his 40 plus year old son were outside staring at our house as usual, with their two dogs that bark at every little movement or sound,Jerry got up and went behind his shed and took a piss,now grant it I couldn't see nothing but his yellow stream hitting the rock pavement,as soon as he put it all away his son went back there and faced my house and brought his junk out and started pissing!That was just too much for me I have a 8 and 5 yr old granddaughters that come over and would of seen it all!I called the cops and their reply was can u prove it was intentional! What the hell I always thought peeing in public was against the law ,so they are not going to respond.😡Then last night,our grandson was coming home from work,he is 19 and works at A+W it was a little after 10:00 pm and a group of five boys around his age,started up with some racial slurs and a fight broke out between our grandson and one of them that lasted about all of seconds before the other four were throwing him to the ground ect..this all happening at the end of our street,when he got home his eye was bleeding and his wrist is all messed up the cops responded and told us that he can press assault charges but they also can,since he fought back!!! apparently the day of protecting yourself is over!We lived here 37yrs but now that some of the houses turned into rentals nasty shit has be begun!I told my husband we gotta sell,and this morning he finally agreed 👍❤️ I'm gonna have to start preparing for a sale and packing which is gonna be hell,!but I have time lots of time!😁
Those cops are racist af. Both incidents the one where you seen your neighbors peeing well he should of been.arrested and charged. The second incident they could of and should of been arrested for a hate crime and assault because of what was said and what happened only problem is would be who swung first.. they are clearly racist adults which is very dangerous for society. Especially the ones with the badge!!!!