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Flubromazolam - Retrospective - 6 years with the Knockout Night Nurse

Ill echo this.

I have only ever smoked it. And i think i will only ever smoke it. The insane duration is frightening if taken orally and a slight dose miscalculation and you could be cast as extra in the walking dead for the next 72 hours.

Smoked duration is long as hell too. Never have i smoked a drug where i felt it going strong 18 hours later. Excellent sleep though.

Smoked flubromazolam is for the most advanced benzo users with tolerance. The dose response curve is unforgiving. A good enough hit of it could easily cause a fatal benzo overdose, especially if it has build up in your system from prior doses.

To be crystal clear: avoid flubromazolam unless you are an expert. It is the most dangerous RC benzo by far and unlike many benzos it is easy to die from it alone.

Id guess that a single oral dose of 8-9mg has a good chance of killing a benzo naive adult without medical intervention. They'd have better chance surving 12mg of clonazolam.

What makes flubromazolam dangerous is the pharmacokinetics.

"In the same healthy volunteer study, serum concentrations of flubromazolam were found to peak at 5 hours following the oral ingestion of a 0.5-mg dose. Interestingly, despite a downward trend of serum concentrations a second peak occurred at 8 hours after ingestion"

That is recipe for a delusion of sobriety disaster.
Is this stronger than clonazolam
One time I was getting ready for a 2200 mile flight. Hadn't even left my place yet, decided to take two 1mg etizolam pressed pills. They were stashed near other pressed benzos I had obtained as samples. They were white with TZ stamped on the face. Well, the same source had also supplied me nearly identical Flubromazolam pressed pills. White, marked FZ. I had stupidly grabbed 2 of those, whatever they were dosed at I do not remember. Thank god there were 3 other people traveling with me. I do not remember leaving my house. When I started to come to again I was 2200 miles away hoofing my luggage up a sidewalk, a block away from my destination. Totally blew my mind. I had never blacked out and done so much before in my life. After that they got the nickname "F Bombs". Still have a bunch of those, and so do some of my friends. Practically none of us will touch them
Very interesting post thanks.

I found clonazolam to be overwhelmingly strong even with a benzo tolerance.

I made the mistake of dipping my finger into a 100 mg bag and blacked out for 48 hours. It was probably a 5-10 mg dose.

And I can take 10 Valium 10 mgs and be fine.

These rc benzos are no joke
Clonazolam is super strong, like 500 micrograms is a full dose. Flubromazolam is twice as potent and substantially more sedating. It's one of the very few benzos where you can OD and die pretty easily. Like if you had taken 10mg of this in your finger dip you might have died.

Flunitrazolam is even more potent, apparently, it's about like LSD potency where 150ug is a dose, from what I've read. But it lasts short, whereas flubromazolam lasts a very long time and so does clonazolam.

Clonazolam for a few nights in a row after a borderline amount of etizolam for a while destroyed my ability to take benzos, gave me my first dependence and now I get wicked rebound anxiety from any benzo use. In the middle of a mini-withdrawal from 2 days of etizolam use when I was on a stim binge that ended Sunday.
It is ridiculous how strong these benzos are. I do really like them every once in a while, but if I think about it it does start to worry me that people out there that don't treat drugs with the respect have access to these. A few weeks ago I took a single Clonazolam pill, pressed at 1mg I think, after having drank a single beer and woke up the next morning on my living room floor. I opened a few beers while I was blacked out but didn't drink them... just left them around the house open and full.
I'll still come back around and mess with that benzo though. Just need to cut my over dosed pills in half i guess.
F Bombs on the other hand... well, honestly I wonder if I will ever need such a long acting benzo in my life again. If you over do it with that one you are checking out for a long long time. I may though, still come back around and try like a half or a quarter of a pill. Honestly I never took that one at any sort of reasonable dose thanks to those pills also being over dosed.
That shop (don't think its around anymore, haven't looked in a couple years) must have catering to straight up benzo addicts with the ability to casually take doses at least 3 times larger than mine.

Clonazolam for a few nights in a row after a borderline amount of etizolam for a while destroyed my ability to take benzos, gave me my first dependence and now I get wicked rebound anxiety from any benzo use. In the middle of a mini-withdrawal from 2 days of etizolam use when I was on a stim binge that ended Sunday.

This sucks though. I quite like etizolam, but I can take it 3 days in a row without bad symptoms. Any more than that and I will start to notice that I can't sleep well at night for a few days. I have always been pretty cautious about benzo tolerance though. Doesn't seem like it took a ton of use to get you to that point though.
I have been cautious too. I mean for years I had been using etizolam regularly for sleep, and by regularly I mean anywhere from 3 nights in a row with 3+ days off, or every other night for a while, or 2 nights and 1 night off for a couple of weeks. So basically pushing it. I was pushing it to the max during some opiate withdrawal, still just to sleep, but most nights for a couple of weeks, and then I repeated that behavior for a week with clonazolam and it got it. Etizolam is much safer than clonazolam.
Good point on these ultra strong benzo's ruining tolerance. 1-2 mgs of etizolam suits me just fine when I need it and it is very sparingly. I almost ordered some pellets of one of these stronger ones but honestly after reading this post I think I will leave well enough alone. No need for me to play when the lighter ones work.
I think people underestimate how good etizolam is.
Its the perfect effect, potency and duration for me. These other ones are like playing with fire.
But sometimes I like to play with fire...

Yes, etizolam is the king of RC benzos in my opinion (though technically it isn't an RC benzo i suppose). The most alprazolam like of any benzo ive had (and I've had a ton). It isn't the best sleep and however.

Ultra potent benzos like clonazolam and flubromazolam, the latter of which is nearly 100x stronger than diazepam on a mg to mg basis. Thus 10mg of flubromazolam is approaching a full gram of diazepam.
I also think etizolam wears off cleaner than alprazolam. I wake up after a night of sleeping on etizolam and feel like I didn't even take a benzo. Alprazolam I wake up groggy. Of ourse same with diazepam. But yeah etizolam is the perfect length fof time for my purposes which is sparingly. Benzo's scare me, so one time I had to take alprazolam two nights in a row and worried about rebound. But I understand there it takes work to be dependent. Likee taking it alot. Something I never want to go through. I learn through you all. ;)

The knock out nurse Ratched post was funny. I am amazed at how strong some of these benzo's are. When I was younger I thought taking 10 blue valiums with a few shots of whiskey was strong. People here are ending up in jail because of flubromazolam with no memory. That is nuts. But I always think the dose makes a poison. I bet a very small amount of flubromazolam could be useful. But they seem dangerous. lol
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I agree, etizolam is so smooth, with virtually no negatives. I find it amazing for sleep, 2mg of etizolam will make me sleep a full night through any amount of insomnia, and I have ever taken 3mg and not had it knock me out, regardless of how stimulated I was. And then I wake up in the morning and feel normal. It's rare to find a sedating benzo with such a short half-life. It is even slightly recreational for a benzo.
Oh my goodness, when I think of the amounts I took last year I really feel ashamed now. And I'm happy I'm still alive... But I'm taking Benzos for almost 13 years now - in the beginning "just" the therapeutic ones, my favourite was always Alprazolam. I was so stupid to put my hands on RC-Benzos. This was one of the biggest mistakes I ever did. I'm so grateful and happy I did not take any RC-Benzo since the end of November now and I hope I will never do it again, really...

Stay safe all and have a nice evening :)

I have 500ug blotters of these (got them for free a long time ago from some really shady vendor), so I guess the consensus is that it's no fun and not worth the 'risk'? (my GABA receptors are practically virgins)
When I look at the list of benzos I've taken, Flubromazolam and Rohypnol are ones I have no recollection of doing...guessing it's blackout/knockout city, probably not that fun.
The utility of a blackout / non functional benzo would be handy for amphetamine overdose situations for any hardcore users out there. Like, sometimes ya just done fucked up and did one fat hot rail too many and your dick won't get hard and you can't get your pounding heart to chill. Baisically in for a 10 hour long anxiety attack. That could be a great time to just give in and get mad RC speedballed and chill out.

Etizolam is an incredible drug. I've been using it as a nightly sleep aid on the schedule of about 2 months on, 1 off cold turkey without much issue. No real comedown except the few nights difficult to get a full 8 hrs.

One positive side effect that I've come across while using Etizolam regularly, is that even when I've taken no dexadrine, I wake up like a shot in the morning and I'm not groggy. Rather, the etiz is out of me enough, and the rebound is just so immediate and subtle, that the wired GABAergic comedowney situation acts like a background stimulation, baisically acting as almost as good / effective as being on a stimulant, without having to take any stims.

Oddly enough, I love this. When I've been off for the entire month, I can get to sleep no issue, but waking up then becomes the difficult part instead of getting to bed. I've always wondered if anyone else feels this way about riding the ups and downs for the literal effect that the withdrawal produces.

Compared to Xanex, colanzepam, and Restorol (Temazepam), Etizolam is like all the good without any of the harsh comedown after daily use. I only ever take 1 - 1.5 mg though with 1 10 mg dexadrine in the morning, etiz at night.

The super-powered RC versions sound so dangerous and cool to have for an apocalyptic drug kit.