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Flubromazolam - Retrospective - 6 years with the Knockout Night Nurse

elves than you would guess.
Great report! I will avoid, but he truth is I avoid bentos and alcohol both due to "paceman" syndrome ;) Near the end of my sporadic use of benzos I swallowed 60 2mg Klonopin. Not a good trip boys. Woke in the hospital, I think they had pumped my stomach or something to that effect. I do think I would have died, but I too have heard that benzos are harder to die from by themselves than you would guess.
Great that you warned the world about this useful DIY psychnurse drug. Def there have been a few times this would have ended a problem mind state. Now I am older and wiser and not so unstable if anyone s wondering :)
Gana receptors are something to avoid manipulating . I was never addicted but became insanely physically dependent. The worst year of my life was spent tapering . Oxy is my preferred drug. Extremely addicted to that one. :)
It was in 2014, now 6 years ago, that I acquired Flubromazolam. The moment I saw the molecule I knew I had to have it, the way the molecule is put together just SCREAMS extreme benzodiazepine. Let me break that up for you:

It has the bromine on the primary phenyl group that is associated with hard-knocking analogues as brotizolam and phenazepam. Then, further augmenting the effects, on the secondary phenyl ring there's the fluorine atom that gives rohypnol its enhanced hypnotic punch. It does not stop there because it is a -zolam drug by the added methyltriazole group.

So here you have, basically, something that is very much inbetween Brotizolam, Rohypnol, Triazolam and Midazolam in terms of structure.

I was immediately spellbound and got it from China while the first reports were still coming in. I needed no reports to see this molecule was a bell ringer through and through, you just about cannot structurally emphasize a benzodiazepine more than this one was emphasized.

This proved entirely the case.

On my analytical scale I weighed some milligrams and dissolved them in an equal number of mililiters of pharmaceutical grade propylene glycol, so 1mg/ml.

For the first test I took a then commonly established doss of 0.5ml = 500 micrograms.

What happened! In 10 min I felt it, it got way strong and within the hour a very powerful sedative effect just shoved me into bed, 2 hours early, and I slept for 11 hours, three hours more than usual, still pleasantly intoxicated for a few hour more.

I had ache that comes from having lain completely still for too long.

This was SO STRONG, I wanted nothing of this dose anymore. I had had the most restful sleep ever but this was SO restful I didnt even turn myself as I shouldve.

The next dose was 0.4ml - 400 micrograms, dosed with a syringe, squirted on the tongue (it tastes foul) and chased with some water. The effect was almost identical.

Blotters nowadays contain 250 micrograms of the stuff.

I tinkered around with the substance and settled around a dosage of approximately 100 micrograms, a standard LSD dose of an RC benzo, or roughly 75-150 micrograms, as my default dosage.

100 microgramps interrupts intense anxiety attacks, sober or drug provoked ones, and typically there's a half hour nap somewhere around 2 hours in.

This stuff, as predicted by the structure activity relationship, is as potent and hypnotic as benzos come.

In oldfashioned mental institutions, think One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest and earlier, the night nurse used to have a knockout drug like amylene hydrate, paraldehyde or chloral hydrate to lay out the most stubborn insomniacs. This birthed the phrase "Knockout Night Nurse".

Flubromazolam has earned the nickname "Knockout Night Nurse" with me, JYI-73 doesn't have a nice ring to it, and with "Knockout Night Nurse" you have the expectation of a swift pharmacological brick to the back of the head, which is TOTALLY what flubromazolam is about.

It is incredibly blatant as a sedative, so hypnotic that it just about feels like you took a barbiturate. This is a nonfunctional benzodiazepine, because even in the afternoon on a low dose you might take a nap and if you take a higher dose that "nap" lasts 11 hours.

I want to emphasize that there is a medical case of potentially fatal intoxication on the books of this substance at a dose of just 3mg. If you have no tolerance this hits you like a ton of bricks and benzodiazepine overdose is something that is most likely to happen with one as highly hypnotic and muscle relaxing as this one. The subjective effects are most like a barbiturate, and therefore the risks are likely higher than those of an average benzo as well.

I've used this one, on occasion, for 6 years now. I always go for the 100-150 microgram range now. I would not exceed a quarter milligram, I respect this drug to the moon and back.

With as little I need, as infrequently as I use it, its likely that Chinese gram will last me and my closest ones a lifetime.

How often do you really need to get batted in the back of the head in life? Not much - and that is really all this drug is good for: subduing raging anxiety and panic attacks and nuking the most tenacious insomias.

Cherry on the cake, it truly lasts 12-20 hours or so, so potent yet so long lived! It puts you to bed and gives a pleasant skew to the first half of the subsequent day.

You MUST liquid dose with this one. The effective dose range is the same as that of LSD and unlike LSD overdoses and drug mixes are not benign.

Proceed with caution, in the knowledge you're working with the ultimate in sedation that benzodiazepines can offer.

Tagged by Xorkoth
If you are already taking a benzodiazepine, is there a time frame in which you should space out taking it if adding this, as to not run the risk of OD, even if 100-125 microgram range? I am speaking specifically about Clonazepam-which no longer works due to tolerance but have to take it or withdrawal.
Any truth to what people were claiming not too long ago in regards to flubromazolam -regarding the reports of flubromazolam causing permanent tolerance to other benzos, or that it does something to the brain that drastically increases your tolerance to other benozs?.

Any truth to this?
Wasnt my experience. If you take normal doses like 125mcg once in a while its super hypnotic but theres no notable difference with oher benzos.

The trouble with benzos is that once you upped the dosage the lower ones losew appeal. You solve this simply by NEVER upping the dose.

This is how my grandma used her nitrazepam for 3 decades and i my bromazepam for 2. Just take one pill a day and no more. If you dont up the dose your tolerance will plateau. if you don't, it won't.

People say "physically addictice drugs lead to increasing the dose." No. YOU do that. not taking more is fully up to you.
I don’t take rc benzodiazepines because I don’t have the patience to deal with overseas vendors or the dark net and Bitcoin. But before all that when it was really easy to just order etizolam over the internet with regular cash I went a little crazy. I loved etizolam taking an insane amount each day. I always wanted to try other rc benzos but never really had a chance, which is probably a good thing. Luckily when the source of of etizolam dried up I was able to find a physiatrist who put me on klonopin for my undiagnosed anxiety.
Oh, I should add, I quit all drugs and disposed of my stash, including my flubromazolam.

While this is a very risky drug, I have sat on 5 grams of the stuff, 50,000 of my standard doses of 100mcg (the China 5gr minimum order quantity was cheap) for over 6 years without any od's, blackouts, trainwrecks, redose or other issues.

The Knockout Night Nurse has been good to me from beginning to end because I treated her with a shitton of respect.

Some people CAN sit on 50,000 doses and not get in trouble.

It was good while it lasted.

Zero regrets, glad to have known her.

I can sit on benzos, too. Some people can't, though, and they should stay far away from this one (and clonazolam). If you find benzos recreational, this one is super dangerous because of its extremely high potency, amnesic nature and long duration. Personally I don't like benzos as recreational drugs, just as tools for insomnia and drug comedowns, and interrupting panic attacks (I always bring some to festivals and have helped people out of bad trips a number of times).
Personally I don't like benzos as recreational drugs, just as tools for insomnia and drug comedowns, and interrupting panic attacks (I always bring some to festivals and have helped people out of bad trips a number of times).

I'm like that too, a medicinal user, not a recreational one. I guess thats why we can sit on it, to us they arent candy but medicines.
The trouble with benzos is that once you upped the dosage the lower ones losew appeal. You solve this simply by NEVER upping the dose.
Wise words and it goes back to what I had said, any poison can be useful if done wisely. 100mcg of FLub is a small amount and I can not see how that could cause the same issues as someone downing say 5 mgs.

I too am one that can sit on benzo's. Still only use 1 1/2 mgs of etizolam on occasion and only take 2mgs coming down from a trip. It always works. Never went higher than that and never did it a lot at all.

We always see the posts of people that take 1 mgs of alprazolam for the first few weeks and by end of 2 months taking 10 mgs or just handfuls. And I suspect doing that even once is a good way to kick up tolerance.

I will say I am surprised at how many people just start taking benzos everyday after all the warnings and people talking about withdrawal that lasts a long time. Especially for what they deliver, unless you know how to control your use or keep it low and medicinal they seem like one of the worst deals someone can enter. But controlled use can and has been helpful when needed.
I am surprised at how many people just start taking benzos everyday after all the warnings and people talking about withdrawal that lasts a long time.

Benzo addictions can be among the very worst of drug addictions. If you are addicted on a high dose and run out you can literally seizure to death if its not treated.
Yeah it's crazy how horrible and dangerous the withdrawal is from drugs that have such mild effects. And also that for such mild effects, they cause such massive behavioral changes in some people.

As for people using them daily despite warnings, it comes down to the fact that for people with anxiety disorders, benzos, from what I understand, are incredible drugs, because they're so good at removing anxiety. The sudden cessation of constant anxiety is a powerful high. I have talked to people who say that benzos are their favorite recreational drugs, and it's always because they're the only drugs that make them feel like most people feel normally: calm and at ease. Unfortunately, they also demolish inhibitions and give delusions of sobriety, and, as mentioned, produce a horrific physical dependence.
As a hard-core, long-time benzo aficionado, my ears perked up when I read Asante's most descriptive line:

"So here you have, basically, something that is very much in between Brotizolam, Rohypnol, Triazolam and Midazolam in terms of structure."

My next thought was, of course, I want it. I need it. I must have it! But as I read on, I was reminded of my past experiences with midazolam and Pacman syndrome: Back in the 90s, I took one 15 mg tab of Flormidal to experiment. Didn't feel anything and got impatient so took another one. Fortunately I was on foot. I walked into a Walgreen's in downtown Monterey, handed in a prescription (for 60 mg codeine tabs, I think) and had a seat in the waiting area <Black out> Woke up in an ER peeling electrodes off my chest before I walked out of there. It took me two days to find my car. Didn't get my codeine script either. By the way, I have other similar stories involving midazolam, one, an unintentional ER visit by ambulance: I was applying for a job as a graphic designer at an educational book publishing company. Wearing a tweed suit and bow-tie, portfolio in hand, in the outer office waiting to be called in for an interview, I figured a Flormidal or two would render me calm and glib. So very wrong I was. Peeling off electrodes again! Had to hunt for my car...again!

The only way I can take triazolam, midazolam, or flunitrazepam is with a concomitant stimulant, preferably cocaine nasal spray (from the dark net). Otherwise it's like, make out your will, dude. This reminds me of a time when I had a bottle of 40 10 mg Valium. I was in the back seat of a police car, handcuffed behind my back, yet I managed to consume the entire bottle because I knew I was going to be locked up for a while and I didn't want a possession charge. I had a pretty good benzo habit going at the time, but didn't feel any withdrawals until—get this—ten days later. I was moved from a 20-man tank to solitary because I had been trying to instigate gang wars due to the auditory hallucinations I was having. Those, plus lucid dreams that would break through my waking consciousness so I was in a waking dream, talking bellicose gibberish and making a fool out of myself. That was how I found out about the half-life of diazepam (not my fav. benzo): the hard way. Years later, after having learnt a bit more about my shortcomings as a benzo freak (Pacman syndrome, etc.) I find myself still alive and not in jail, and just a wee bit wiser.

That said, I still want to try this one. With my nasal coke, of course, or maybe some nasal ketamine. At home!
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I'm assuming this drug would not be appropriate for a long, slow taper? Detox can't handle me so I have to take matters into my own hands. I've never had pacman syndrome.
It sounds to me like the extreme potency and strong sedation might made this one difficult to use for a taper
This thread has been advertised on the front page of BL for like a year now. I don't see how it contributes in any way to harm reduction. There are numerous posts educating otherwise blissfully unaware people of even more dangerous ways to consume this extremely dangerous drug, which I'd never even heard of before stumbling on this thread.

I'd honestly like to hear the justification for advertising this information.
Jesus Christ man!

When I'm handling it for volumetric dosing I literally look like I'm prepping for Ebola exposure. I never understand why people have the urge to just dip their finger in SUPER POTENT POWDERS and lick their finger. Flubro is the one of the most potent benzos and the LD-50 is not too hard to reach by dipping your finger and licking it.

I'm glad you're alright though.
i have 2 times that i wish i didn't either lick my finger or snort what i thought was 2.5% fentanyl /inositol mix the later first i found capsual of powder in my mom's car on pasanger side i smelt tasted tiny bit thought it reminded me of the fentanyl mix so me and my girlfrend did half each maybe 30-60mg hard to say but after we passed out i wolk up the following morning to my phone ringing my coworker had misplaced his key so i had to get to work as quickly as possible my drove me there there was a line of people and me and my coworker were taking care of people (selling/filling ecig/e-juice) after i couldn't remember most the 2-3 hours i was working the next day i do an inventory to see how badly i messed up i was shocked to find it perfect somehow i worked on autopilot. i felt impaired for good 48 hours took saturday evening still felt on monday at work. it turns out that was pure Flubromazolam was leftover from making a solution it was broken down from being in car during summer if it wasn't broken down from heat i probably would have died. the other time was fentanyl HCI vendor had 100mg in bag way too big had to use brush ended up getting some powder on my hand and licked it not thinking much until sudenly i felt not right but a second after that thought crossed my head LIGHTS OUT and then wakeing up Cold As Hell with a 45 being removed from my IWB holster and my fav Kahr pm9 black dlc W/ Crimson trace laser grip also no longer in my pocket holster. sad day did not leave the private residence while intoxicated and was not messing with them either but gone my kahr about $900-$1000 and Smith and wesson 1911 commmander e-series aluminum/scandium alloy frame $1300 but hated the way it shot i was better with the pm9 before laser grips. i think i got all the stupid out of me LOL.
Thank you for a well written report, simple but well written and that's enough for a good trip reports in my opinion.

I would like to add my own experience which is mostly related to the withdrawal. It was also 6 years ago this year, so 2015. But I wasn't as careful as you with dosing. I got them in pills, they were said to be pressed to 250 microgram. I had some minor experience with higher pressed once a few week or months prior to this so I was careful with the dosing and took only half, 125 micrograms, and only for sleep. Like you wrote, it's a non-functional benzo and that was really the case for me as well. So only as a sleeping pill.

I checked my mail correspondence, the site no longer exist but I ordered 50 pills and I probably didn't take just a half at night because they were gone in maybe two weeks. I recall sleeping like a baby, it felt like the most restful sleep ever. And I also got probably 11 hours, at least, probably more.

Anyhow, what sticks out about this was the extremely horrible withdrawal which isn't like any other benzo withdrawal I've ever experienced, and I've probably experienced most of them. The withdrawal probably lasted for maybe a week tops before I could go back to sleep. I was working at this point and I have seriously no idea how I did even dare go to work and how I even managed to with the weirded 'no-sleep' at all.

What happened at night when I was out of flubromazolam was of course insomnia, extreme insomnia. And when I started getting some kind of sleep or whatever to call it was when I started having this same scenario play over and over in my head whenever it felt like I was almost sleeping. The scenario was simple, the same thing over and over and each night for a few days, my uncle (may his restless soul finally have peace where it now is <3) which I had almost zero contact with at this point was taking pills in this scenario, and I can't recall in what way he was involved but the environment in the scenario/dream what the exact same each time it replayed in my head, a deserted and decayed house which must have been quite a good looking house once in a time (if it would have been real of course) with empty rusty swings and a white picket fence. You know, the typical kind of "fallout"/dystopia kind of scenario. I don't recall much this long time after,

But this wasn't the worst, this feels like nothing compared to what I was feeling inside my head. At the same time as I was trying to sleep it felt like my brain was PHYSICALLY split in two parts, one part (which was quite small) that was my normal brain and just wanted quiet and to just sleep. And the rest which felt like probably 90% of my brain which played this scenario over and over again. It felt like my brain was physically split it two parts, if it sounds horrible it's because it was.

I'm not as good at writing reports like you and some people so I won't add this to the trip reports or Erowid or Psychonautwiki but if there's an interest I will. You called it a knockout night nurse and wow that really sums it up really well.
Dude I can't believe you just described that phenomenon, I get something so similar from pretty much any GABAergic rebound/withdrawal, when trying to sleep. I've never been able to describe it well. It has happened from phenibut/gabapentin withdrawal, as well as GHB (really bad with GHB), and benzo rebound/withdrawal. It is like my brain becomes incredibly obsessive-compulsive and I start having a semi-dream where I am still somewhat awake but it consists of replaying a tedious and complex/abstract/strange scenario, or like I have to solve a puzzle that gets more complex the more I work at it. It is extremely annoying and somewhat alarming feeling and it makes it so hard to sleep or feel comfortable. So hard to describe, and weird, but your account is the first I've read that seems to describe something similar.