Forum Focus Month Jan/Feb 2018: Come Discuss Science & Film!

Forum Focus Month Jan/Feb 2018: Come Discuss Science & Film!


This is a new way of trying to promote lesser used (and often once thriving) sub-forums here on bluelight: forum focus months. Basically the idea is to try and give certain forums a bit of steam by cataloguing and encouraging use in some of their interesting and engaging threads.

For January/February, the forums will be Science & Technology and Film & Television.

Both forums have seen quite an upsurge in posts recently, and we'd like to promote both of them.

Science & Technology Active Threads Jan/Feb 2018:
Come and discuss science stuff in the following threads:

BITCOIN Discussion v. 8 Coins on an Old Computer
Why are we so eager to believe in extraterrestrial life?
New Solar System Like Our Own Discovered
Which CRYPTOCURRENCY Will Post The Most GAINS By 2020?
Why We May Soon Be Trapped on Earth
BUYING Bitcoin
Mysterious explosion of c. diff bacteria caused by increased consumption of a sugar
SpaceX to Launch Mysterious Zuma Spacecraft Tonight
Jumpin Jupiter, Juno Gets Eyeful of Gas
Multidimensional Brain!
Major Flaw in Millions of Intel Chips Revealed
The Future of Blockchain

Film & Television Active Threads Jan/Feb 2018:
And come discuss film & television here:

Weirdest films you've ever seen
The Netflix Mega-thread vs MARATHON THE WHOLE SERIES
The Amazon Prime Mega-Thread v. ...Is it better than Netflix now?
Top of the Lake Season 22
Star Trek Discovery
Black Mirror
Thoughts on Star Wars The Last Jedi? *SPOILERS*
Favourite Anime?
Twin Peaks: The Return (2017)
The Deuce TV Series (2017)
The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Stranger Things
Your Latest Random Crush on an Actor/Actress