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Mar 12, 2004
The Performance Enhancing Drugs forum at Bluelight primarily deals with the use of steroids, related ancillaries and other sports and bodybuilding drugs and supplements.

Due to the nature of these substances and the requirements for safe and responsible use, threads here will also cover relevant topics such as diet and nutrition, exercise techniques and regimes, peptides, pharmaceuticals and obviously also their intersection with recreational drug use (the subject that typically brings most to Bluelight). We also cater for training and cycling logs for users to document their journey in a more structured fashion and receive regular feedback.

To ensure an orderly forum, these are the forum rules:

1. No steroid sourcing. Discussion of legal ancillary/RC PEDs sources and supplement sources (such as Whey Protein, Epistaine etc) is acceptable within reason, but obvious shilling will be removed.

2. Discussion of brands (illegal UG labs or legal pharmaceutical labs) is allowed, as is discussion of their purity from drug tests.

3. No shit posting or trolling. Disagreements are to be expected in a forum filled with testosterone but keep the bullshit to a minimum.

4. This is not a forum for TRT discussion - even though many on opiates end up following that path - or emergency medical advice. However, we will allow discussion under the proviso that Bluelight cannot be responsible for any outcomes based on advice given. We will try our best to help but in most cases, your doctor or the ER/A&E should be your go-to on this issue.

5. Try to avoid posting "bro-science" - preferably source your arguments using published research where available, or at least with a semblance of theoretical underpinning.

6. Price discussion IS allowed, so long as it doesn't lead to dick sizing and sits within the general flow of conversation. However, anything that comes off as attempting to shill or source (sell) will be removed.

7. When seeking fitness help and/or cycle advice, please consider providing essential background info such as:

• Age
• Weight/height
• AAS experience (have you used AAS before, what doses, results?)
• Goals (what are you trying to achieve with AAS?)
• BF%
• Diet
• Work out schedule

Violation of any of the above rules may warrant a warning for repeated violations.

For the more general rules of Bluelight, please read the user agreement (BLUA).
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