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Jul 12, 2006
Melbourne, Australia
Australia/Asia/NZ/Middle East Drug Discussion Forum Guidelines

Posting Guidelines – The DO List.

DO post as "on topic" as possible.

2. DO include references to factual information where possible.

3. DO stay discrete, and remember that anything you post could be (and probably is) being read by Law Enforcement!

4. DO respect all posters right to have (and express) their opinion without fear of judgement, as you would expect them to respect yours.

5. DO post media articles that relate to drugs in this region, but please post all articles that relate to drug busts in the relevant Drug Busts Thread.

6. DO keep private conversations off the public forum.

7. DO think before you post... you'd be surprised.

Posting Guidelines – The DON'T List.

All members of AusDD are also bound by the Bluelight User Agreement. We feel it is especially important to mention the first agreement as it directly applies to your conduct in Australian Drug Discussion;

BLUA said:
Rules have been established to protect Bluelight and its members against abuse. Use of Bluelight for any purpose that is unlawful, or in any manner which could impair the operation of this site or any other party's use or enjoyment of this site, is strictly prohibited.
Specifically, you may not:

use Bluelight in any way, shape or form for unlawful purposes, including, without limitation:

attempting to solicit or obtain contraband substances or substances of a quasi-legal status or information on how to do so;

posting or exchanging any information on ongoing or future criminal activity, any information which can be construed as discussing such activity or actively encouraging others to engage in criminal activities;

ask for advice regarding drug tests;

use ineffective self-incrimination avoidance terms. Terms include but are not limited to: SWIM; my dog; etc.

1. DON'T solicit the sale of prohibited substances online. This means no dealing. Bluelight is an information resource, not a place to get or sell drugs. An extension to this guideline is that we don't allow sources for anything to be posted. This means no URLs for online supply, no listing of sources to buy or obtain ANYTHING.

2. DON'T post articles on, or make direct reference to drug marketplaces on the Tor browser. If you find an article on this topic that you wish to post on Bluelight, Drugs in the Media is the appropriate forum to post it.

3. DONT request information on the availability of street drugs, pharmaceuticals or anything else. (The exception here is HR-related products, for example, reagent test kits or clean injecting equipment.)

Any further threads on the topic of chemical glut/shortage/availability will be closed or deleted immediately. Please refrain from making these kind of threads, because it's all about who you know. The people who post these kind of threads leave themselves open to solicitation by email, and the people who respond with varying comments predictably reveal themselves to be in regular contact with drug dealers. I think people can see the logic in this one.

4. DON'T post without searching first; many topics have been covered and discussed in minute detail. Note- this applies to using the search function, as well as checking the Australian Drug Discussion Directory.

5. DON'T ask for someone to email you on Australian Drug Discussion. This is often a very suspicious way to draw attention to yourself and even if it's just a social reason that you want to get in touch with the person, it's better to check their profile and email them on the address listed, if they have chosen to make that available.

6. Be tolerant - don't immediately jump on little slip ups, we all make mistakes. Abuse or harassment will not be tolerated on the board. Point someone to this Guidelines thread if they seem to be naive to the way things work here.

7. DON'T get offended if your post gets deleted or edited. The moderators are just doing their jobs (99% of the time ). If your post disappears, feel free to PM a moderator to find out why, but please DO NOT repost the same material. It has probably been deleted for a reason (which will be primarily to protect Bluelight, or you).

8. DON'T post bragging about how much of a substance you've had. If someones claimed to have taken X amount of a substance we don't want to know if you've had more. Theres no need for a dick sizing competition so if thats all a thread is it will be closed. These threads have little chance of promoting any worthwhile discussion.

9. DON'T post brand or company names of Research Chemicals or "legal high" substances, this includes, but is not limited to, codeine preparations and brands of poppy seeds. The exception to this rule would be if one wants to post a warning about a severe adverse reaction to a branded product or sourced studies which reveal important information about the relevant product.

10. DON'T post in relation to synthesis of drugs, legal or otherwise. Extraction techniques like those used to extract DMT or codeine are allowed but how to manufacture drugs like meth is not.

11. DON'T post photographs of a quantity of drugs that could reasonably/legally be said to exceed a personal use quantity.

Forum moderators reserve the right to make judgment calls and the rules do not cover every conceivable situation.

Here is a link to the Pill Info Request Guidelines which outline the rules of the Pill Info Requests Sub-Forum of Australian Drug Discussion.
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