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Bluelight Crew
Sep 22, 2009
San Diego, CA
Prohibited use of CD

  1. Any discussion related to drug testing
  2. Source discussion, specifically:
    • soliciting or offering to provide psychoactive substances or related paraphernalia, such as:
      • seeds
      • glassware
      • vaporizers
      • grinders
      • scales
      • grow equipment
    • linking to domains affiliated with the sale of psychoactive substances or aforementioned paraphernalia
    • providing references to links in order to attempt circumventing the 'no sourcing' rule
  3. Requests for the community to identify a substance visually
  4. Price discussion of substances or paraphernalia
BL, as a harm-reduction resource, is not here to enable you to skirt state, federal or international laws and discussions that veer into that direction may be subject to moderation.

ID threads are prohibited as it is not possible to accurately identify a substance visually. BL is not a substitute for medical treatment in emergent situations.

CD Guidelines are effective for all posts within the subforum, rules within the BLUA also apply. Please review both if unfamiliar.
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