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Heroin Friend Wants to Try Dope But He Takes Xanax Daily...


Bluelight Crew
Nov 3, 2008
Thousands of Miles Away From You
I would say tell him to take 0.25mg instead during the day, and then another 0.25mg at night (after taking heroin) if he really needs to (benzo WD's or whatever, if heroin would cover that, then he should be fine with the dope).


Nov 14, 2006
I know you're previous response to the person who advised not to let your friend try dope, but really that's the only advice I can give. Opiates have ruined a large chunk of my life...Yeah, some people can try it then not get hooked, but heroin is the devils work...it sneaks up on you, and before you know it you're in its wrath.


Mar 2, 2010
All over
I only have anecdotal experience with 1mg of xanax as a tolerant user and morphine and it potentiated the respiratory depression way more than I thought it would, so I definitely wouldn't IV as my dose was just oral.

Is there any way he could possibly take the .5mg in the morning, if that's when he takes it, and possibly .25mg before he does the dope then the other .25mg aferwards if he's feeling anxious or skaking?

It's also true in my experience that benzos and opiates do greatly increase the respiratory depression. In my experience it was with dilaudid and klonapin (don't remember dosages, probably 2-4 mg of dilaudid snorted and 2-4 mg of klonapin oral) as opposed to heroin and xanax. I've also felt the same with a combo of morphine and xanax (don't remember dosages at all), but those are the only two times I've mixed the two, and dilaudid already sucks in terms of respiratory depression (and everything else it does).

I'd say you'll be fine if you start small. If you want to be extra safe then start with a smaller amount then you would normally give a first time user or have him take half doses of xanax that day. Your plan sounds safe though, and your friend is tolerant to xanax and only on a small dose so it should be cool.


Oct 25, 2009
It may be worth mentioning to your friend that benzos may dull his opiate experience. I find that taking a benzo prior to an opiate diminuishes the euphoria. It is kinda a more sedated high. Some people seem to like this effect though ...


Nov 28, 2006
There is only one answer in the interest of HR.

Don't try dope.

This is true.

However, chances are he would be ok. Now, if he had no opiate tolerance and was planning to bang a bag, I would surely say NO BENZOS INCLUDED, what so ever. This is how naive people die. Benzos and opiates are a risky mix, but if you know what you're doing and you know your tolerance/body, it is a very, very euphoric high. One of the best. Throw a little weed in the mix and it's orgasmic.

If I were you, I'd tell him to do the dope well after he's peaked from the xanax, like 6 hours or so after his last dose. Xanax is a fast acting benzo with a relatively short half life. It has a very quick onset and a short duration in comparison to other benzos, but it's also one of the more potent ones.

Does your friend have any opiate history/tolerance? If so, what has he taken before? I would have him start with no more than a bag (.1) of dope. Depending on how good it is, it may be all he needs to be floored. Even though snorting has a much lower BA (Bio Availability) than the preferred route of us dope users(IV) it can still hit hard for someone who is new to the game. Break the bag out into two lines, and have him start with one. It may be a small line, sure, but potency varies and if you get fire dope, then it'll surely be enough for him to feel it assuming he's new to opiates. Take one line, and wait 15m to gauge where he's at. If he wants to be a little higher, take the other line.

It's understandable that he cannot miss a xanax dose, but if he doses twice a day(every 12 hours) then I strongly recommend he does the dope somewhere in between that time frame, and definitely not at the same time. Chances are he'd be ok, but anything can happen, espiecally when you mix new users with very good smack.


Aug 10, 2008
" .. but I will say that it is HIGHLY unlikely that this person in particular will get hooked. I am aware that its always a possibility, but I would be really shocked if it turned out that way."

You tell that he is dependent on benzos but it is unlikely that he becomes dependent on dope ? I would say that the possibility of addiction is increased by your friend's benzo dependency. Don't want to generalize though - people are different.

If you're worried about the benzos interracting with the opies, I don't think this is an issue if he is taking only his regular daily dose. He may skip one dose and just take the H - the anxiety issues should be well covered by the opiate IMO.

Dependence and addiction are two seperate things, since he takes such a low dose, plus only seems to take it twice a day as directed, I would hardly consider him a benzo addict, so him just trying heroin to me, doesn't seem like he'll become addicted. Now if he finds he loves the high and trys to keep going like crazy, that's different.


Apr 23, 2009
I appreciate your concern and understand your point, but I must insist that there is a difference between "enabling" someone, vs. doing all I can to make someone who has already made up their mind, as safe as possible.-

I agree with Sorce. Nobody's holding a gun to his head to make up his mind to start using dope along with benzos. Maybe I read it wrong but I take harm reduction as point blank - not there is no choice but to use and even try and ADD new drugs to your drug problem. Particularly if you or your friend isn't addicted to dope, the best answer IMO is don't use the dope. It will most likely harm your friend if he adds dope to his drug "regimen".