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Gabapentinoids Gabapentin - Taking the “fun” out of Stims ???

Dextro .45

Apr 15, 2017
I love using Gabapentinoids, as a substitute for benzos & Etizolam. I use Phenibut 1.75 grams every Sat or Sun to enjoy the weekend fun. I have Pregabalin & Gabapentin also, which I use Gabapentin 300mg capsules (900mg max usually after dinner/night), recently daily.

I am on daily Methadone 80mg and take morning Ritalin 20mg (also have Vyvanse / d-amph)

I’ve noticed that my morning Ritalin 20mg doesn’t have any noticeable effects AFTER using nightly Gabapentin 900mg for several weeks. It’s not tolerance to the Ritalin because I’ve been on it for years, and still get the slightly pleasurable alert motivation after my 20mg IR dose for a few hours.

I have read that Gabapentinoids inhibit the release of excitatory neurotransmitters (producing a calming effect) ….so after taking daily Gabapentin for a few weeks, I’ve definitely noticed my morning Ritalin dose has no measurable effect. I ceased taking my Gabapentin for a full week already and have noticed the pleasurable alertness of Rita coming back again….interesting observation.

I take daily vitamin B-Complex/zinc/fish oil with dinner daily and then few hours later a tyrosine & phenylalanine (Vega Sport Protien mix) which all helps maintaining healthy levels of CNS monoamines / amino acids, etc

Has anyone else noticed that while taking regular Gabapentin / Pregabalin (excluding Phenibut - GABA-B agonist dominant) that stimulant meds don’t have the same effect??? Methylphenidate (Ritalin) or Amphetamines (Vyvanse/Dexedrine/Adderall XR)


Mar 29, 2014
Definitely following. I’m in the same boat (suboxone, Concerta, Ritalin in the afternoon to supplement, and gabbapentin 3x a day) I would love to know if the gabby p’s effect my stims, because they’re honestly the most important of my listed medication.)


Jan 23, 2020
The Land Of Nod

I noticed no significant interactions with gabapentin & methamphetamine or ephedrine. In fact, I found with low stim tolerance, gabapentin + ephedrine produced marked CNS stimulation and even nice warm body tingles and sociability. The gabapentin actually smooths out a lot of the rough edges, but doesn't eliminate the alertness or euphoria completely.

Maybe it has something to do with Ritalin being a dopamine reuptake inhibitor? I notice the opposite with buprenorphine & ritalin. If I use ritalin and then take my buprenorphine the next day, the bupe will have less pronounced effects. And normally I'll get a small mood & motivation boost a little while after my daily buprenorphine. This to me made me wonder if Ritalin blocked the dopamine release of my buprenorphine. I've noticed this with full agonists as well. Now opioids + amphetamines causes potentiation.

We must keep in mind that that stimulants like Ritalin & cocaine work differently than stimulants like amphetamine and methamphetamine. The former being dopamine reuptake inhibitors and the the latter being releasers of these neurotransmitters. I'm not sure how this could play into Gabapentins pharmacology but it might.
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Dec 20, 2017
No lol. Gabapentin weirdly enhances everything I've found. It's like the benzo-like mild weed. Weed enhances everything for most as well.

It's just gabapentin tolerance escalates faster than anything. I would get a script for it quite honestly if it weren't for that aspect. Stimulants already cause diminished returns from use day after day quite rapidly, but gabapentinoids seem to just stop being as effective when used religiously :/ Wonder how others feel about that gabapentinoid resistance.

psynce of sound

Aug 14, 2014
In it's most basic sense the Ca+ channel that Gabapentoids block will cause a reduction in the process of neurones communicating. This has some variety to it but largely that's the basic idea.
Some people find it to enhance some things, Some find them to reduce the subjective effects of se things.