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Getting off drugs tips/techniques that worked?


Oct 24, 2021
What has worked for me regarding a moderate crack addiction.

# Pack rocks into baggies with doses no larger than 30mg and kept locked in an empty toolbox at work. Instead of smoking a .5g rock over a night I restricted myself to taking one baggie home to have one hit whenever I felt. Immediately got my usage down to one hit vs 20 hits in a single day. Realized I felt MUCH better without this stuff on hand to kill boredom and chase a high I couldn't get unless I had a week break (tachyphalaxis sets in real quick for me with stims so 95% of my freebase was wasted chasing a high).

# Leaving the toolbox key at home instead of leaving it at work where I could access the stash everyday killed the urge to smoke after remembering I can't actually open the toolbox anymore to sneak in a cheeky toke after work.

# Set a limit by making a decision to buy/use a certain amount and stop after reaching that amount and not to use/buy again. Crack was quite easy to stop once out of it. Buying more to keep for a special occassion was what kept the problem going. Crack isn't something that can be used like a headache tablet or molly. It becomes extremely compulsive to catch a good buzz and quickly decends into repeated toking to the point it becomes dangerous for health. I wanted to keep a stash to reward myself occasionally so kept buying trying to keep it around but kept failing and only succeeded with keeping it locked up at work. Smoking once a week or once a month became easy by simply blocking access to it ie not bringing my toolbox key with me to work.

# Kept a record of use and spending. This stopped me from lying to myself about my habit. Realized I was blowing through 1- 2 grand on coke each month (I'm from australia so high quality coke is extremely expensive). Hurt to see the actual amount of money spent and wanted to quit this bs.

# Researched health effects of chronic use. Was the first motivation to kick this super bad habit. Serious cardiotoxicity and a shortened lifespan worried me more than meth's neurotoxicity.

# Popped a beta blocker when the urge to use got strong. Quickly made the desire to use go away as knowing doing so would be lifethreatening and plain stupid. Benzos would help kill the urge too and also made crack useless.

# If I relapse I have a failsafe. Banning my access to quality blow in Australia which would be to ask my dealer to block my number and so would mean I no longer have access to the darknet to get coke. Throw away pipes, lighters, wire mesh and ammonia.
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Avoiding triggers is accepted as being key and so throwing away works is good. Spend the money on going for a beer. Even if they don't KNOW, your mates will know and a real fried will turn up and keep you sober... well, maybe just a beer (but alcohol can mess with judgement so keep it LOW).
Finding something that holds your attention more than using....
May be different/difficult at first but it gets easier, imo.
Helping others helps me but I gotta remind myself that I am in need of help myself so have to keep at self care to some degree.
Best wishes with this.
It's a nobel aim and achievable if ya want it.