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Going to inpatient treatment?


Jun 15, 2021
How can one initiate this? I've been on the psych ward before whilst younger, but all were in the back of an ambulance. Circumstances have led to me becoming suicidal, just.... bloody dark. It's the level of melancholy that is almost physical (you can feel it around your neck and in the gut and sinuses, almost like a cold). Lost all appetite and interest in anything. Anyway what was I saying?
Oh yes so do I just go to the public hospital? Do I have to go through another Dr?
Basically, I don't want an ambulance. It seems too dramatic. It's not needed I will catch a taxi wherever.
I don't want to die just yet because I love my dog, but I've come very close to the end a couple of times and can't trust myself to not do attempt again (this time the how-to is much more solid), especially if I open a bottle of grog.
Hope this makes sense.


Moderator: TDS, NMI
Staff member
Feb 25, 2021
Get someone to care for your dog and then just go into your nearest hospital ( into the Emergency room dept ) and tell them what you have just written here. They have mental health professionals on call and one will come and see you. They will listen and evaluate and then do what's best for you.

Take into consideration that if that hospital does NOT have a psych ward, and you have no transportation, then they will transfer you to another hospital via ambulance. They have no other way to get you there. So if you can, go to one that has a ward on site. If you can't get to one that has one bring along a friend or family member that can drive you there.

How long you stay will depend on the level of care you need.It could be a few weeks to a few months. I commend you for taking this step to getting your mental health back. Good luck.