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Game Haiku Train!


Oct 10, 2011
New Jersey
didn't see an old thread but let me know if we need to link back :)

this is a simple but fun one from other writing boards:

post a haiku based on the one above you! try to use the last line of the post above as your first - or something thematically close if you can't.

*Rules updated to preserve the "train" part of this game as much as possible :)

*Haiku is written in 3 lines, each line containing a fixed number of syllables. for the purpose of this game, please stick to 5-7-5 or 5-3-5


silent, not soundless
between beats. a patient gait
to infinity
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our heads are cloudy,
defenses are razor thin
no wonder God wins.


btw everyone, I actually forgot that "American" haiku exists in a slightly different form lol. I'll update the topic for clarity.
both 5-7-5 and 5-3-5 syllable schemes are welcome.
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Slides like grainy sand
Are quite rough for the rear end
Who invented them?

Tone change for reasons
As yet unknown, uncertain
What is a constant?