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Game Haiku Train!

Mister cactus shares his crown
And wishes you well
And wishes you well
All of you, ghosts in the shell
For sure give 'em hell

Got bent and can't spell
She said, follow me to bed
Ground floor to my head

Broke the spell, wished well
Bounced on a one night pickup
And I got lit up

Christmas tree spliffa
Gettin' whip like a blizzard
The Bass Boss Wizard

Too many Haiku
Too many coo-coo cachoo
So how do you do?
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purchase copper cup

vintage i put gin in it

the fly green danish
"The fly green Danish
Putting our game in anguish!"
– Disco Bish, taintless

Grown a new poem
Walaikum like you know 'em
The last line spoken

Pine cone moral code
Implode like World Trade Seven
Real Decoy Heaven

Real McCoy Step-in
Should've known to get steppin'
Fast thinking weapon

Got keys in the mail
Deliver at eleven
Seventy seven

Start from the last line
of the poem left behind,
build, count… maybe rhyme?

Ya dig, looney @2ns ?
Making animal balloons
Good to see you soon

Start each from the last
Line the last poet did blast
Published at long last

Counting like a fiend
Not trying to make a scene
This has been a screed
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purchase copper cup

vintage i put gin in it

the fly green danish

For this game, you must use the last line of the haiku preceding you for your first line.

For example (and continuing):

Something sharp and cold
I grasp the icicle hard
Ice talon tendrils

Ice talon tendrils
Worm the walls outside the house
Seeking warm new hosts

So, the next person needs to start with "Seeking warm new hosts"
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(Note: a 'triple beam balance' is a scale, not an Olympic gymnastic's event, lol. To be fair, I switched the word order to rhyme)

You can't touch your toes
Between them nobody knows
Divided it shows