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Game Haiku Train!

Grow your own fungus
Shrooms get tasty by sun kiss
3 grams down the hatch
Eyes of wonder left
Day trip, skies of mother’s breath,
Ketamine sunsets
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Ketamine sunsets
Ganja garage band jam man
DXM couch lock
An intrepid flight
Smile on the plane through pain
Nodding to the guard
Tyres spin in the night
Skert skert, donuts for the cops
Catch me if you can
Catch me if you can
I am a chameleon
Both the shade and light

(That haiku you hmmed of mine @Madness was a reference to Mercury being used with felt to produce hats, the producers of which would become "mad as a hatter" from mercury poisoning. The caterpillar ref which ties in is a ref to Alice and wonderland where the caterpillar offers guidance to Alice in Wonderworld)
Both the shade and light
Grey all matching im dashing
Mixes we're mashing