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Hash vs. Wax vs. Oil - Clarification please!


Oct 6, 2013
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So obviously as the legalization for marijuana has progressed, the way in which we consume the substance has progressed as well. Nowadays everyone is dabbing and smoking wax, so can you bluelighters please clarify if my understanding of the different materials is correct?

This is how I see everything:

-Hash is a much more potent version of weed, that comes from pressing kief through a pollinator or something of the sort to get the trichomes out. Hash is still in a powdery form

-Wax is more potent than hash but not the same as oil. I have heard of bubble hash and different types, not sure if that means something different? Also I'm not sure how wax is produced. Usually put on top of bowls and smoked

-Oil is hash oil (BHO) that is made through extracting the thc from plant material in a tube, then you boil the strained excess materials and after the butane has evaporated you're left with the sticky oil. This is the stuff people ball up and dab through oil rigs

Are these definitions atleast someone correct? Am I missing any other forms of concentrates, and what are some other slang words for these different substances? (I've heard of honey oil, ice wax, budder, etc.)
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Bluelight Crew
Jun 28, 2009
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Hash simply means concentrate. It's an ambiguous term used for all cannabis concentrates.

"Ice wax" (bubble) is a type of hash. So is finger.

"Wax" is a type of hash oil. So is shatter, etc.

"Hash Oil" can be made from many things including Butane (BHO), Isopropyl, CO2 and many others.

Think of it like this, if the product turns to liquid when you burn it, it's a type of Hash Oil. If it doesn't then it's a type of Hash.


Bluelight Crew
Mar 23, 2012
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Wax is BHO. So is shatter IIRC, i've not had the privelige of sampling any just yet, it's pricey, and relatively new. Also only 2 MMJ Dispensaries carry any. Oil is sort of a general term for hit quality cannabis concentrates, including wax, shatter, and certain kinds of hash. Hash is the rocky, lesser form of oil.

Blind Melon

Feb 9, 2006
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This is what I've been taught:

Marijuana: The Cannabis Flower You Smoke

Kief: Tricombs/Crystals that have been shaken off cannabis buds

Hash: Lower grade would be pressed kief, higher grades include CWE (cold water extract) or Bubble Hash Hash is not made with a solvent

Oil/Wax/Shatter: Much more powerful than Hash, these Cannabis concentrates are extracted with a solvent like isopropyl alcohol, Co2 or Butane. The higher the potency the better the purge. These products can be upwards of 80% THC


Feb 10, 2014
%Hash -described more of a process of achieving concentrated cannabis glands but they are all concentrations of glands.

Wax is Butane extracted glands (or other solvents and potentially CO2) that is not completely purged and intermediate and some say unstable form. Looks like plant fat that is creamy and golden and as it oxidizes it browns. Its hard to work with and messy for as far as some are concerned, but the argument over potency continues.
Shatter is heat purged and molecularly stable, it looks like shattered glass or amber. You can make shatter from wax if you continue to purge with heat.

ISO is isopropyl alcohol extraction.

Tip for hashers: use fresh uncured/undried product for higher yields (some report up to 30%%)).

Its the cold that separates glands from the plant; not friction from ice.
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