Recruiting Have you taken a new psychoactive substance in Canada in the last 12 months?


Nov 18, 2015
West Coast North America
Completed this a while back- a well-crafted questionnaire, would highly recommend.

EDIT completed a second time

Also: I keep reading the thread title as "have you taken a NPS in Canada in the last 12 minutes?", so that's where my head's at apparently
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Apr 4, 2021
Note to Canadian Bluelighters who are considering filling out this survey:

As mentioned, Health Canada has previously partnered with Bluelight to survey Bluelight's users on their use of novel psychoactive substances. At the time, concerns were brought up that the survey results might be used to support legislation banning novel psychoactive substances in Canada.

Despite its innocuous name, Health Canada plays a similar role to the DEA in the United States when it comes to the scheduling of drugs. Just like the DEA in the United States can unilaterally "emergency schedule" a drug without government legislation having to be passed, Health Canada can unilaterally decide to prohibit a substance without any legislation. Unlike with "emergency scheduling" in the U.S., however, Health Canada's bans are permanent.

A few days after the 2017 survey closed, Health Canada banned a class of NPS including the compound U-47700. Part of the rationale for the ban included:

Just a coincidence? Maybe. And the role that the survey would have played in this decision, if it did play a role, would likely have been minimal. But I still think it's worth taking into consideration before deciding whether or not you would like to share your NPS experience with Health Canada.
U-4 series was trash same with that 2 something one the benzomidozoles tho got a buzz like oxy n strength of fentanyl. They found it in confiscated fake tabs