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Hearing Peoples Thoughts On LSD


Oct 1, 2009
East Coast Beachesss
This never happened to me, but my cid provider was telling me how when she takes a large dose of lsd she can sometimes hear other peoples thoughts.

Do you think this is actually possible? Or just your mind hallucinating the voices?

i was sitting for a guy who took 5 hits yesterday.

he thought he was hearing my thoughts.

Ive had what i thought was ESP with a friend back when i first started taking LSD. We were both on a high dose though and i think i couldnt tell the difference between when i was thinking or talking out loud. So sometimes when he would respond to me it would take me by surprise because i hadnt realized i was talking out loud.

That was just the rational explanation i could come up with. maybe it was esp.
I find I can effectively communicate with others who are on acid while on lsd without many words being said... Or using terms that there is no way they could have related it... but they followed it.

Truth being? Who knows.

Perhaps it's just on LSD we can pick up better on gestures and facial expressions and changes in energy/vibe of someone to understand what they are thinking about. That combined with knowing someone or knowing how their mind generally works could do that pretty well.
i agree with ^
it definetely helps me pick up on subconscious body language a lot better. especially if the person you are with you know very well. when i communicate with another person who is on acid i feel like we have a better sense of communication with other and i can better understand theirs ideas, and even share their emotions on the topic.
good thread, i look forward to hearing what other people have to say about this....
At hookahville I had the worst trip on 4 grams of mushrooms, I freaked out thought I died, saw everyone as demonic and saw the camping grounds as a evil carnival of "black magic" crazy right? But during my trip I was having horrible hateful thoughts about people and mad anxiety about everything I was absolutely terrified and I sware that about 4 to 6 of us were interconnected in a telepathic circle and this one guy was more aware of the telepathy than the others and he was communicating to the others that I was being so hateful, and thinking such horrible thoughts and I could hear him telepathically communicate to them it was like we were in this chain of telepathic communication with thoughts instantaneously communicating between us like a we were all telepathic spiritual psychonaut sorcerers... obviously I was tripping but damn did it feel realer than real. Its like the vibes that were going on inside me were painted on my body language and face and I just couldn't hide any of the horrible shit manifesting in my mind and anything I thought they also knew... the idea of a private world inside my head was gone everything seemed to psychically manifest to everyone around me and it was the same with them and their thoughts/body language. That whole night everyone seemed like dream-Buddhas with supernormal powers, I mean I am very into Eastern Philosophy, and interested in dream yoga the ideas of no-self, I believe in siddhi's that come from yoga and meditation, I am interested in ideas such as reality is really just energy vibrating at a dense vibration and that we are really just one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively so I can see a lot of that just projected onto my reality and probably holding no actual substance but hey it was a good trip.
"Jesus, Did I Say That? or Just Think It? Was I Talking? Did They Hear Me?"
I believe in ESP. I think that we naturally have the ability to pick up on each others thoughts.

However, depending on your state of mind, you could just as easily be projecting your hopes and fears as you are actually picking up on something real. Learning to separate imagination from intuition is something that takes training and skill.
i have schizophrenia and i hear voices from time to time.. i find its easy on LSD to hear echoes of people's voices you have heard recently.. like visual tracers - other senses leave the same brief sense memories.. hehe..
one time though the voices told me something i couldn't have known - they informed me that the 9/11 attack was about to happen in new york.. ten days later it transpired... i don't know what explains this - but it could have been something bleeding through from other living people's thoughts i suppose...
My friend once told me that LSD deconditions you - after taking it this is my favorite way of describing it. In case you dont already know, 'Conditioning' is a whole branch of psychology that essentially programs your mind to think/respond/act a certain way to an associated trigger stimuli.

I have never taken anything more than a "moderate dose" but even at that level it has the ability for your mind to assess the things you take for granted, or automatically proceed in doing without thinking. Its hard to explain because its all about your individual 'self' seeing through bullshit you should never have become attached to. A trite example would be seeing through an advertisement, or thinking you "have" to do something or buy something, and realizing you have been tricked or duped - which you promptly laugh off.

To my experience, LSD is a stimulant and feels like one, but unlike stims like amphetamine you can laugh you head off and really enjoy life. I took it in the winter once and felt extremely hot on a cold day. The stimulation can entail jaw clenching and get to point where you feel over heated mentally. Don't expect to fall asleep on it.

Talking to people is easy, but the fear that they will "find out" your on something is very realistic because it turns your eyes into saucers. Eye contact is seamless.

Lastly, if you haven't done it, and don't take a heroic dose, then get ready to realize that LSD is the most blown out of proportion thing in the drug world. You literally feel sober on the stuff at times, sans visuals, and your thought process is as clear as bottled water - it makes things more real instead of less.

Again, I disclaim I never ventured into epic doses, and I don't doubt the stories about seeing sounds and tasting colors.

Remember; If your tripping... watch your step!
I find I can effectively communicate with others who are on acid while on lsd without many words being said... Or using terms that there is no way they could have related it... but they followed it.

Truth being? Who knows.

Perhaps it's just on LSD we can pick up better on gestures and facial expressions and changes in energy/vibe of someone to understand what they are thinking about. That combined with knowing someone or knowing how their mind generally works could do that pretty well.

I believe this is the explanation. When Im around others while on Acid I can read emotions and facial expressions better than any other time. i always seem to know what to say as well
Whoops... I misinterpreted the title "Hearing Peoples Thoughts On LSD" and thought the thread was derailed from ops question.

My limited experience never let me. I once swore my friend and I were finishing each other sentence in our heads while on DXM - and that's about it. I can say though that I can relate to the people talking about how you kinda feel like your talking vs thinking boundary is blurred on LSD.
For me it kind of reminds me of the idea of universal concousness, however I believe instead of all humans being naturally linked at birth, I believe its more of its bred into us through socialization as a child. We generally agree with whats right and wrong and those who commit crimes based on societies standards had either a moral or social standard ignored through some traumatic events while younger or some how some where so over emphasized others where ignored. IE the guy who robs a store to feed his family. Hes doing it for the well being of his family but hes stealing, one moral>than another.

To avoid becoming to far off topic, it is this socialization that generally leads to most people having very similar thought patterns and thus leading to being able to "read" or "hear" each others thoughts.
Yes,it it real.... people say that it is just hallucination.I think that these paranormal things are happening on very deep sub atomic level.If you heard about super strings,you know what I am talking about.One of the newest scientific fact is that our universe have 8(!!!) dimensions on super string level,these dimensions are somewhat conected but we are far away from understanding.It this world,there are too much things human brain can never understand.Drop 2000mcg...you & your best friend and witness truth.

Hi BL,I love you!!! :D I wasnt here very long time,life is boring bad trip without talking about mechanic elfs,hppd n shit like that :)
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Thank you everyone for your time to explain this to me. After reading what everyone has wrote I feel like I have a good understanding of how this could happen.
Idk man me and one of my reeal good friends used to jamm on high doses and I swear we would read eachothers mind's while playing.. like randomly at the same time switch keys and tempos simulataneously and it wasn't rare that we would end on the same note without planning it...

I know on DMT you can kinda communicate with eachother without talk, telepathicaly might be the word?
Don't know how big of a leap I'm making here but isn't this a consequence of mirror neuron activity? In some cases I'm sure it plays a significant role...

But I also know what it's like to have very parallel thought patterns with my tripping companion, last time it happened was on ketamine. It's extremely hard to put into words but it is like there is a shift from discussion to dialogue that goes way beyond what is commonly achieved!
Is this a reflection of the similarities of the topology of information processing in different but like-minded brains? I don't know, but what we are stunningly good at is adaptation, it evolved into tuning actually... so that for all intents and purposes concepts meld intersubjectively and high communication takes place.
We do have our imagination to thank for it, I'm not talking about the fantasy part of it but the part where you can begin to see what the other means, thereby duplicating ideas. Remember that a very big part of communication is non-verbal!!

If you align your signal and cue processing then you are pretty much complete! Because if all is duplicated then you don't hear peoples thoughts but you fill in what you suppose the other is thinking, because you are going through the same input processing that person is.
With the power of the mind, fully enabled by LSD and mushrooms, these things are real!

But it is all too easy to interpret this stuff as ESP, because it virtually is (but not truly) and we have this stupid selective perception that mutates into superstition...