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HgH storage, peptides questions


Feb 14, 2019
I got 5 blue top hgh 10 ui vials left, however I ordered them from China maybe 1-2 years ago. Would these still be good? Someone told me it’s good you just need to refrigerate them once they are constituted (bac water added)

Also has anyone used any of these peptides?

CJC 1295 w Dac
Melatonan 2 - I wanna try this one
PT 141 - also thinking of ordering this too
Selank - definitely ordering this one

For the growth hormone peptides, would it be smarter to just bite the bullet and get real hgh?

Any advice is appreciated


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Jul 23, 2009
Personally I keep lyophilized powder in the freezer til ready to use. After recon'd keep in fridge.
I've used MT2 quite a bit (I think I was on it for like 2 yrs non stop basically) and ghrp 6 for a few blasts. Ghrp6 I'd use for appetite bonus but between using ghrp 6 and 2, I found the results lackluster even when combined with cjc no dac. Hgh I felt out performed it in every way. If you want more info on MT2 there should be a post with a shit ton of replies in here somewhere. I'm pretty sure I put almost all of my experiences in it going from 1mg/day down to 100mcg/day to give you an idea of what results I got in those ranges.


Oct 5, 2010
I have used 1 year old UGL green tops, and they worked well, but they were kept in the fridge.

I used CJC 1295 sporadically for improving sleep quality and general well being, 0.25mg 2x weekly SubQ works for me.
It has a very long half life so you don't need to inject it more frequently than that.
Seemed potent enough for me at that dose, noticed accelerated beard and nail growth and lethargy after 3-4 days from the first shot, and also about 2kg of water weight in a week.
Never used it continuously though.
0.3mg 2xweek produced a bit too much lethargy for me.
For what it's worth, I think I respond very well to Ghrelin agonists, MK677 literally grew my hands by one glove size in width, added 1.5" in waist circumference (not fat, it grew my hip bones), permanently changed the way my pecs look like (the upper pec was always noticeably thinner now it's almost the same), grew the lower part of my sternum longer, made my orbital bones thicker, healed a couple of joint pains I had, reduced a 20 years old scar on my head to a quarter of its original size in width, length, and thickness, all but removed my crows feet and all this in a year.

Your body will increase Somatostatin release when it senses that there's a lot of GH being released, so if you want to use GH releasing peptides I suggest you stack them with Huperzine-A in the morning and Melatonin at night as they both are Somatostatin inhibitors, and they made a huge difference for me, they put me into heavy hand tingling territory.